May To Do

Hello and welcome back to another To Do list! April I fell was such a great month for me, I managed to get a lot done like decorating my room, sorting the house out, getting back on top of my college work and more, long may this continue!! 

I was also quite happy with the fact I got most of my to do list ticked off and then some, I just feel that April was an overall great month for me. Now it's May and it's time for another To Do list, I just hope I get it all completed by the end of may.

● Start Driving Lessons Again  - I've been out of driving lessons for a while now and I'm finally taking the plunge and starting them again. My anxiety got the better of me and I kept thinking I wasn't good enough to be behind the wheel but that's all changed now that I'm in a better frame of mind.

● Treat my gran to a day out- My grans had a rough time lately, her health is declining again which is horrible to watch, she never puts herself first either and constantly works her butt off in the house so she really deserves a treat. I'm planning on a cinema day with her, Get some lunch and buy her a new spring coat.

● Sort my hair out - This is probably going to be the toughest out of all the things on my to do list because I LOVE my hair, well, I love the length of it and I'm hella proud of my hair journey but it's gotten to a point where I really need to style it. Last time I got it but was in November at the Nelson Brown event and I only went for a trim and some long layers but it's all grown out now and I feel like I can't do anything with it so I'm going to get the chop.... I'm not sure what style yet but I'm biting the bullet and doing it.

● Buy new leggings - I reallllly need to buy some new leggings. I was silly and got a hole in a pair by climbing the fence to my house instead of waking an extra minute round it.... silly! Then my other ones from H&M got paint on them when I was doing Leons little play house so new leggings are a must.

● Plan an outdoor photoshoot - I've got a few photo shoots to do for college and I really need to plan an outdoors portrait session, I just hope I can find a day with nice weather and some models haha

● Get a new purse - Lately I have been lusting over so many purses that it's actually ridiculous. I don't really need one but I do want one as I feel my current one looks too winter like if that makes sense haha so I would like to get a new summer purse. 

● Buy some Flowers - So I did get some flowers, it was just a little bunch and they didn't last long at all which I was annoyed at but I managed to get some none the less. 

● Get some new Jeans - This one I finally managed to do! I have been needing some new jeans for a while and one day I had the morning off college so naturally I took advantage of that and went shopping. 

● Clear the rubbish from the house  - During April we did have a huge clear out, we got all the rubbish gutted from the house and started some decorating projects started. 

● Get a new bedding set  - I didn't manage to get some new bedding but I did manage to get all my room decorated so... I'll take that over new bedding since I got a whole new bed.

● Go a long walk  - We managed to go one long walk in April which was quite nice, It was fun to chill out and forget the world for a while.

● Make some more plans - If I'm honest I feel my plans were sort of the same as any time before, I did do a few things like go for dinner and such but I didn't do much else.

● Sort out my desk area  - Well I got this done! as my whole room got done I made sure to do my desk area as well so it was lovely and clean.

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  1. This is a great way of keeping motivated and getting little things done! Good luck with your May to-do list! x

  2. I thought these would be some huge goals, but I love it that you kept it simple and actually achievable! I should take some extra driving lessons as I haven't driven in 2 years now and I basically don't want to get in a car without extra classes. I'm also planning on buying a bag soon and I need some change for my hair. We can do this list together haha

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

  3. It's always good to have a list to keep you focussed and such a good feeling when you tick the tasks off.

  4. Writing a to do list is a great way to get things done. It looks like you're in for a busy month - Have fun choosing a new hairstyle :)

  5. What a lovely idea a monthly to-do list is! Mine this month would be 'sit down woman before you fall down!' haha

  6. You've just reminded me I need to sort my hair out. I've not had it cut since Christmas!

  7. Oh, it’s so lovely that you are going to take your gran out for a lovely day out together, I hope she has a wonderful day. Good luck with with the rest of your list, I’m sure you’ll smash it xx

  8. This is a good idea to do, it would keep my focused on what I needed to get done. But I also like that you have included nice things to do too

  9. I need to sort my hair out too! After 4 years without a proper cut it’s something I really need! I have though managed to plan for the big things for the next 12 months so that’s exciting!

  10. Oooh, I can't wait to see your new hairstyle! I hope you and your gran have a lovely day out too, what you've got planned sounds wonderful. And I guess you can tick your new purse off the list now - yellow is definitely your colour, haha! x

    Lisa |