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Fathers day is fast approaching and it's time to find those gifts for that special man in your life. Are you sick of buying the same old same old? Then look no further as I've got a pretty niftty selection that any dad would be excited to open on the 17th June. Please not I was sent these products for my gift guide but all opinions are my own. 


Wither it's little gifts that your dad will cherish such as some delicious jelly beans or a mug that describes him perfectly, scribbler has your back. From witty cards to fab little treats you're bound to fine something that your dad will love this fathers day, find a card that will show him just how much he means to you or why not go the funny route and give him a good chuckle this July. 

Their cards feel great in terms of quality and I really like how bright they are with fab designs on them, I personally love the 'taco' themed dad card as it's so eye catching and the procrastinating mug is just on point. To shop the fathers day range at scribbler head on over to their website, or pop into your local store for the full range of cards and gifts.

*Browns Family Jewellers

If your dad is a lover of the finer things in life and loves a good watch then definitely check out brownsfamilyjewellers who have a wide selection of watches to choose from and at fabulous prices as well. This Daniel wellington watch is the perfect present to show your dad just how much he means to you, because let's face it, those dads out there who are absolute heros deserve the best. This watch from Daniel Wellington is such a beautiful sleek design that is of the best quality, the strap feels sturdy and the watch face is beautiful crafted. Here's a direct quote from a younger dad who has fallen for this watch hook, line and sinker - " The watch is very comfortable, it feels good on the wrist and the wrist sizing is perfect for my wrist, in wearing this I have had a few compliments from people asking about the watch as they find it very modern and stylish but also a timeless piece (no pun intended) It's one of those watches that make you feel good when you're out, it completes any outfit"

It is such a statement piece that looks so on point in my opinion so I can see why this would be a hit amongst dads of all ages, if you fancy seeing your dads face as he opens this beauty on fathers day then head on over to to check out the rage. 


I don't know about you but I really like to find those different kinds of gifts to get when it comes to special occasions and fathers day is no exception, Leon treats his dad well every fathers day, after all, it is his hero, so naturally I like to source gifts that he may not have thought of himself before and this is where a subscription box comes in. TOPPBOX is a personalised grooming subscription based box for men which is filled with different goodies each month. This box comes with around 4-5 products each month and has a value of around £50-£70 meaning you are getting a great bargain at only £19! So if your dad is the king of grooming or may need to up his skin care game then TOPPBOX has come to the rescue! Treat your dad to a few boxes and then if he loves it enough, maybe he will keep it going! Keep your dad looking and feeling fresh this fathers day, head on over to and check it out for yourself.


In the run up to fathers day I have made a point of asking all the fathers I know what their ideal gift would be and the overall consensus was something they don't have yet, no more ties and probably something a little fun and this got me thinking, what's out of the box that provides a little fun and can have everyone laughing.... A VR Head Set! This Virtual Reality Head set comes in at an amazing price of £24.99 from PREZZYBOX, it's fun for all the family if I'm honest, we have been having so much fun, downloading games onto our phones and trying this out, it really is a good laugh watching someone try to walk about a room with this on. It's such a great little thing to have and I'm sure if your dad likes a laugh then he will appreciate this, Stephen has just been in awe of it and has downloaded so many VR Games for us all to play. This VR Head set is compatible with pretty much most Smart phones, We have personally used it with the Iphone 7, the samsung s8, s7 and J3, so I do imagine it would work with most if not all smartphones on the market right now. If you feel your dad would be glued to this then head on over to to order yours!


Does your dad love to take care of his teeth? Is he obsessed with keeping them looking perly white? then check out the Uber Sonic Club which is a subscription based service for all your tooth brush needs! Basically you start out with the starter pack which comes with the Uber sonic tooth brush & free teeth whitening with the first refill pack. What I really like about this is that it's always free delivery and you can cancel at any time! It's a great service for keeping your teeth happy. I will have a full review on this coming soon but for now i'll keep this short and sweet. It's an amazing service and I'm so glad there's something like this out there on the market. It's a great choice if your dad fancies a nice, new electric tooth brush that will keep his mouth feeling fresh and offer the opportunity for trying out a whitening kit. If you feel this would be something your dad would enjoy opening up this fathers day then head on over to

*Old English Company 

If you are looking for simple and aesthetically pleasing designs for your dad this fathers day then look no further, The Old English Company have a huge range of gifts on their site, so if your dad has an office and you feel he could do with a little spruce up in there or if your dad needs a new mug that he can take to work with him to make his colleges jealous then you are going to find it on The Old English Co. If you fancy reading about their products and what I think about them in more detail check out my Review


Got a dad with a top notch beard? Then how about getting him some well needed Beard Oil to keep his face looking and feeling epic. THATCHFACE is a lovely family run business who pride themselves on using great quality ingredients to help maintain and nourish any beard. What I really love about this company is that it was started in Ben and Leanne Cleavers kitchen one night and it's blossomed from there, THATCHFACE also give 10% of their profits from each beard oil sold to mens cancer charities, to read the full story on this and get to know the company a little better head on over to 

So why is this a great present this fathers day? Well, it will help your dad keep his beard tamed with amazing smelling oils (My favourite is Wild Zest). Stephen has been putting this to the test over the past few weeks with his mighty beard and I can assure you the difference is just amazing. No longer does he have wild, straggly, wiry hairs that annoy me when he kisses me and he smells good to boot. Stephen suffers from psoriasis and hasn't been able to use a lot of beard oils in the past as it has irritated his skin and caused a flare up but when using this he's had no problems! RESULT! I think this would be a great little gift for you dad this fathers day if he has a beard, help him tame it and keep him smelly super fresh. - 


Does your dad like to listen to music? Is he one of these guys who sits on his phone or iPad watching his own thing whilst everyone else is doing something else? Because I know a few dads like this and they always have their head phones in, so if it's head phones you are after this fathers day, check out RHA, A fab little company who are from Glasgow and provide top quality headphones and personal audio. 

There is a huge selection on their site of different types of headphones but I think these MA650 wireless bluetooth in ear headphones are an absolute beaut set. They are so comfortable to wear, connect with no problems and look very stylish to say the least. These headphones would be perfect for anyone on the go as they are sweat proof & Water proof, power all day with 12 hours playback and come with a three year warranty among other cool features. I would highly recommend these for any dad who would love a fab pair of headphones in his life. Head on over to their website to find the perfect set for your dad this fathers day -


Is your dad a hard worker? Does he constantly bust his A** and in need of a good massage? Well Naissance have you covered with this fabulous 'Work It Out' gift set which comes with a massage oil and hand massager so he can work into his muscles and get all relaxed or maybe he could get your mum to give it a go ;) Your dad deserves to feel pampered as well! I have to say, this little set is just perfect, Stephen is a builder/labourer/joiner (basically he does a lot on the sites for work) and when he comes home at the end of the day he's done, completely done and I don't know how many times he has moaned about a massage so this has been amazing to have around, the massage oil smell is heavenly, it really takes you to that place of relaxation and you feel like you are in the spa (yes, I had to give it a go!) and the hand massager is great for doing it yourself or even getting someone else to work into your muscles. I do think this is a great gift for any man who feels like he needs a good pamper night and I'm sure there are a lot of dads out there who would be over the moon to get this little set on June 17th. Head on over to the Naissance Amazon store and check out this awesome gift!

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*All products were Gifted, however, all thoughts and opinions on these products are my own and I don't feature anything I wouldn't personally recommend - Please note there are NO affiliated links in this post*