Mental illness is Made up

Did the post title grab your attention? Good, because today I want to raise the topic of Mental Health. 


A Weekend Away in Style

Who here loves a good weekend away? I know I sure do! I'm constantly dreaming of where to go and what to do, I really get a buzz out of planning trips and lately I have been planning a little get away to Edinburgh with little bear, I mean, the Edinburgh Fringe is starting soon! (3rd of August) When I'm planning a getaway I always look at the hotel first because you can't have a good getaway without somewhere fab to stay, right?


Poundworld Closing Down Haul

You may or may not know that Poundworld is closing down, it's a shop that I've been fond of for a while since I was able to pick up much needed items for £1! Although when our local Poundworld started upping a lot of the prices and I could no longer get any of the things I used to buy at a £1(I mean, it is called Poundworld?! Like... what?) I stopped shopping there as much. But when they announced the closure of their stores and a huge closing down sale, naturally I HAD to have one last visit because you know, SALE!


But should I give up?

Do you ever feel 110% done with everything? Do you ever sit and wonder what the point is anymore? Ever feel like just giving up? Because same.

Since about February I've stopped coming on social media as much, I fell out of love with Instagram and I've just loathed Twitter at times. Luckily I've found the love for Instagram again which has been a lovely, lovely feeling but I'm still not at that level with Twitter.

January was a fantastic month on Twitter in my eyes, I loved the sea of positivity and support that was gushing through Twitter with everyone so excited for the new year to have finally arrived but it soon fizzled out. Queue the tsunami of negativity and "drama".

Now, I know that life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, people cannot be positive 100% of the time because that's just not real life, things happen and of course people are going to talk about how they feel wether that be a bad MH day or just a crap day in the office, what ever it is people will talk about It, I'm the same, sometimes on a bad day I would moan on Twitter because I never really felt like I could let it out anywhere else. And I feel like this gives the full experience anyway, you get to know your fellow Twitter mates like this but it got to a point I felt like I was being too negative if that makes sense. I was always moaning about my health, what was going wrong in my life and it just made me sick of myself so I could only imagine what others were thinking seeing it all the time. But I feel there was a shift in energy on Twitter anyway and the more crappy stuff I read and saw, the worse it made me feel and then I would be in a foul mood, then post about how much of a mood I was in... never ending circle.

I did start to notice Twitter impacting on my MH, I would loath the days where I KNEW I had to be online and when you run a blog and don't want it to come to a stand still you do have to keep engaging with people, talking to them and the likes, but I was so exhausted from the thought of coming on Twitter that I ended up just not doing it. There were a lot of different things going on for me the past few months, some I've been vocal about and some I haven't but I had to put my MH first in order to deal with my personal life and if staying off Twitter meant I was going to be in a better head space then so be it.

After about a week away I was so excited to get back to Twitter, what had I missed? What were my favourite bloggers posting about? It all ran through my mind but when I came on there were a sea of notifications and messages, first off that shot my anxiety from 0 to 100 real fast. I felt awful I hadn't messaged people back or replied to them, I tried my hardest to get back to everyone but I think I did miss a few, not on purpose though, I was just overwhelmed. Then it came to scrolling through the news feed and every 10 tweets or so it was another ad for something completely ridiculous, not something I'm stoked about. Then there would be the indirect tweets ranting about another blogger then more tweets on it then even more. People would be bashing bloggers, then people bashing vloggers, influencers and more. I'm sorry but I'm just not here for that, I don't want everything positive 100% of the time but I also don't want petty arguments and so much negativity 100% of the time either.

I got to thinking after this that maybe it was time for a clear out, unfollowing accounts that just didn't do it for me anymore or that were overly negative and I tried, I really did but I couldn't bring myself to hit the unfollow button over the fear it would just start some unsuspecting drama for no reason. It's a sad day when you can't tailor your online experience to your preferences without fear of offending someone.

In the past I've been messaged by people that I've unfollowed who haven't been to happy about it and it made no sense. We didn't interact anyway so I didn't see the problem but apparently it Is and since then I have had this fear of unfollowing people just in case. I'm not a fan of drama to be honest, I like to stay well clear of it and definitely out of it but when there's things happening over very silly reasons it can become a worry that you'll be the next one sucked into it all. For me Twitter isn't the same, I'm not sure what happened in the short time I was away but I just feel a huge disconnect from It, I hardly speak to anyone anymore and that makes me sad but I'm also scared if I do start talking to them again I'll be shot down, ignored, and that I'll feel even worse. I have tried so hard recently to love twitter again now that I don't feel so bad, I've been able to get back to feeling like myself again so I have been trying very hard with twitter, maybe too hard but I ant to fall in love with it all again. 

Falling back in love with Instagram was easier, I had a clear plan of how to turn it around but Twitter? I'm not sure how to fix it, I don't know how to get rid of this feeling of not belonging, I just don't know how to be active and happy with it all again. Twitter was always my favourite platform for socialising by far and now it's dropping right to the bottom of the list, because or this though I've also got the fear that my blog is coming to an end... is it time I just pack it in and say goodbye? I don't know how to work through this if I'm honest and that's scary because writing for me is such an escape, it's a huge passion of mine and I do love my blog so much, but right now I've got a lot to work through in my head to even consider this all being worth while.

Feeling lost and rejected isn't a nice feeling, I completely empathise with anyone who is feeling this way right now because I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Hopefully one day soon I'll feel like I belong again but right now it's like I'm sitting on the side line watching everyone pass me by.

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Summer Dress Wish-list with SimplyBe*

Summer is well and truly here isn't it? This good weather has just been amazing and I am so happy that I've been able to experience a summer where I don't wish I was on holiday because the heat is right here! The heat has got me wishing I had a ton of dresses though and I am just in love with the collection of dresses SimplyBe has in at the moment!


Uber Sonic Club

silver toothbrush with water running in sink

Keeping my teeth nice and clean is always top of my priority list in the mornings and evenings, over the past few years I have became extremely conscious about my dental hygiene, I think changing dentists and finding someone that was great and a huge difference to the last dentist I had really made me enjoy dentist visits again. Since I have been taking my dental hygiene more serious I am always on the look our for new products that's going to help me achieve those pearly whites and I have to say, Uber Sonic Club are really achieving that.   

Things To Do In Glasgow: Spa Days*

It's no secret that Glasgow has been getting some fantastic weather lately, it's a nice change from the drab and rainy weather that's normally associated with the Scottish summer and I for one am loving it! It is tiring though and I have found myself craving a little relaxation day so what better way to relax than with a spa day? 


Embracing Me: Focusing on Mental health

When it came to this Embracing me post I went through a few different topics before I settled on this one. Would I write about how I don't wear make-up anymore or would I touch on the skincare routine that has made the biggest difference ever? I want to write these posts and one of these will probably be the next topic I talk about but it seemed only fitting I talk all about how I kept myself from spiralling with my mental health lately. 

July Advertisers

Hello you lovely lot! It's that time of the month again where I introduce my advertisers and I can't express how grateful I am for people taking out slots with me, it means the world!This month is filled with people who I've had with me for a while now, It's so amazing to see these lovely people coming back time after time! So get yourself comfy, grab a cuppa and prepare to have a blog binge!

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