Poundworld Closing Down Haul

You may or may not know that Poundworld is closing down, it's a shop that I've been fond of for a while since I was able to pick up much needed items for £1! Although when our local Poundworld started upping a lot of the prices and I could no longer get any of the things I used to buy at a £1(I mean, it is called Poundworld?! Like... what?) I stopped shopping there as much. But when they announced the closure of their stores and a huge closing down sale, naturally I HAD to have one last visit because you know, SALE!

Walking into the store it felt like a hurricane had blown through with stuff everywhere, boxes being unpacked, items scattered across the floor and everything from Christmas to Halloween products displayed all around the place. There was so many people crammed into this store, it was a little overwhelming but I braved it because I just can't pass up a good bargain and I am super glad I went in. I haven't done a Haul here is a long time but I thought it only fitting to share the absolute bargains I got.

Note Books For College & Pens

College starts back soon and I have been worrying about getting all my supplies in so when I saw there were notebooks with 40% off I couldn't pass that up! So I managed to get a pack of two notebooks for £0.60 - RESULT! I picked up three packs so I have 6 in total, I also picked up a pack of two pens which were also 40% off bringing my total for 6 notebooks and 2 pens to £2.40


I saw this beautiful binder and just HAD to get it, I have filled it with a blog planner I printed off so it will help me keep organised. This was 40% off and came in at £0.60


I love to buy stickers, I have a huge collection! They are so handy for many things, especially when writing letters, they just bring mail to life. I also like to use stickers when I'm using my planner, it's a great way to add some personality. Each of these were 40% off bringing my total to £2.40

Paper Straws

I love paper straws and I thought these ones with stars on them would be great for blog photography and perfect at Christmas! Now with these I am not sure on the price exactly, on the receipt it says £0.50 with a 40% discount but it said in store that all Christmas items were 70% off and this did have a price tag of £1 on the shelf, regardless I paid £0.30 anyway and would have in either case.


I love glitter and I have always bought these little glitter tubes for adding to my nail kit as I do my own nails in my spare time, the glitter works wonders so I couldn't not pick it up. This came in at £0.60 

LED Lights 

When I seen these little LED Lights I just had to pick them up! Perfect for adding little details into my room plus great for blog photography. I'm not 100% sure of the price of these, they said £1.50 in store with 70% off meaning they would only be £0.45 but on my receipt it says £1 with 40% off... so I'm not sure at all what I paid for these.

Crayola Colouring Books 

I decided to pick up the last 3 crayola colouring books they had to put away for Christmas, I always get the kids Colouring books and pens to put in with their gifts and at 40% off it would be rude not to.... Altogether these came to £1.80


I have a thing for trays at the moment, I keep trying to pick up ones that I like because I think they would be perfect for blog photography, this is very much my style as it has a banana leaf on it, major heart eyes! 

Rose Gold Hangers

Now this purchase wasn't technically from Poundworld but rather Bargain Buys which is the same company as Poundworld so they are closing down as well! These two shops are literally next door to each other.... so once we were done in pound shop we went into there to see what items they had left, I was bitterly dissapointed because their price cuts were different from the shop next door, you would think with them being the same company that they would all be the same? apparently not. Their Christmas stuff was 30% off where as next door it was 70% off! So strange. Anyway, I did see these Rose Gold hangers and I had to have them! I thought these would be perfect for blog photography, the picture doesn't do them justice as they are such a stunning shade. These came in at £1, originally £2.

And there you have it! My little poundworld closing down haul. I'm so glad I was able to pick some stuff up in their sale, it's all stuff I'm going to use. I did also pick a pack of three different glues for little bears craft box which was £0.60 but we had a crafting session so they were already used by the time I got round to taking photos. Have you been to the closing down sale? What bargains did you bag?
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  1. Love everything you picked up! I love a sale especially when stationery is included. That tray you got is lovely, so perfect for blog photos! xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  2. I love everything you picked up, I now need to go to poundworld and look for that binder, note books and pens because they are so cute and would be perfect for uni! x

    Rachael - geminiexplicit.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Love the pink & gold notebook/binder, the rose gold hangers would have been a must buy for me too! x

  4. You can grab some amazing things in Poundworld if you look hard enough. I LOVE that binder! Think I'm gonna have to go into my local one to see what I can find!

    Naomi xo

  5. You got some great items here, I especially love the stationery.

  6. Love that stationery and that Leaf Tray is Blog Photography GOALS!!!