Things To Do In Glasgow: Spa Days*

[Sponsored post] It's no secret that Glasgow has been getting some fantastic weather lately, it's a nice change from the drab and rainy weather that's normally associated with the Scottish summer and I for one am loving it! It is tiring though and I have found myself craving a little relaxation day so what better way to relax than with a spa day? 

My best friend Lisa and I are always talking about a spa day, for the past few years we have been nattering away about having a full day just for us, to forget about the worries of life like my little one running me off of my feet and her wanting to unwind from work, it's always coming up in conversation so when we managed to have one a few months back we felt super relaxed, it was like we were floating on air but that feeling only lasted a few days, naturally I was already chomping at the bit to get another spa day underway. 

Spa days are a fantastic way to unwind wither you are looking to have a day with your friends, take your mum or gran out for the day or just go it alone to have some 'you' time but I've found that it can be a little pricey to find a good spa day, sometimes you're paying upwards of £70 for a treatment and some food! It's so expensive at times, that's been a main factor in Lisa and I not booking one sooner but I understand that there is a lot of work that goes into that spa day you take so it's a catch 22 situation right? Well, what if you could get it for a price that doesn't break the bank though? What if you could have a lovely little spa day with your bestie and still have some money left over to treat yourself to those beaut heels you've been lusting after? 

If you are looking for a spa day that's going to help you unwind but won't break your bank then Groupon have some amazing deals on at the moment, There's something for everyone and it will be a great experience to help you chill out, to leave your worries behind for a while and fully take advantage of those blissful moments of relaxation. If you're looking to get a fabulous deal on a spa day then just Click Here to find the deal that's right for you.

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  1. A spa day would be my idea of heaven but, as you say, cost is always a factor. I've not tried Groupon before but I think I'm going to have to check them out - great tip, thank you so much! x

    Lisa |

  2. Love a good spa day but they can be so expensive!! Me & my mum are looking for an affordable spa day, groupon seems like a good idea!