Getting Glam With Grandma

On Saturday 18th My Gran and I went along to Hair In The City in Glasgow City Centre to have our hair done. We were off on a lovely little pamper day in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing. We were so kindly sent on a Girls Day to spend time together, doing something that we have both been saying we will do for ages!

Before I get into my overview of the whole day I wanted to take some time to talk about Fenetic Wellbeing and what this campaign is all about. 

Fenetic Wellbeing specialise in providing you with the right mobility products which will help improve your quality of life plus providing a level of aftercare that you can rely on as well as offering their products at prices you can afford. I have spent some time going through their website and I have to say, I am impressed with the amount of products that they offer, there are so many which can help those with reduced mobility have a better quality of life. My gran unfortunately has reduced mobility, she can't walk for long at all and tackling stairs when we are out can be a challenge, before I had the opportunity of being involved in this campaign I had been looking for stuff that could really help her when she is walking. Luckily I have found Fenetic Wellbeing, they have a whole section that can aid people in walking, for a lot of people they feel they loose their freedom when their mobility reduces which can impact on their mental health (this is a topic that's close to my heart for many reasons) but what Fenetic Wellbeing offer is a chance at a whole new life, one where someone can feel more independent. My Great Grandad was a man with a lot of pride, he refused to address the fact that he needed a wheelchair later in his life which saw his health decline as he sort of gave up, he was always under the impression that wheelchairs were big and bulky, that they would be more trouble than they were worth and not affordable, looking at Fenetic wellbeing now, I really wish we knew about things like this because maybe it would have improved his life towards the end. Fenetic Wellbeing offer Lightweight Wheelchairs and Folding Wheelchairs, both of which have their benefits but don't compromise on safety or features.

It's really been an honour to be part of their #GlamMa campaign because it's highlighting a company that offers fab products to people just like my gran and it's gave us the chance to have a great bonding experience, we were able to have a girls day without having to worry about little bear, we had our hair done and it was fabulous as we ended up carrying on that girls day by going for dinner then home for a proper pamper session with face masks, doing out nails and so much more. This really gave us a push we were needing to spend some well needed quality time together.

So let's get onto what we had done to our hair and our experience with it all, shall we?

My Grans Hair

Going in my gran was quite nervous as she hasn't had anything apart from a hair cut in years, she stopped dying it in her 50's and has went completely natural ever since. She wanted to even her hair out a little, have silver put through it so it looked more dimensional, plus it's something different for her. My gran opted for the highlights process with a silver toner through her hair to really brighten it up. 

My Grans hair was done by Julie who took care of my gran throughout. I think she done a fab job with her hair because when she was done she looked radiant and didn't stop smiling the whole way through. The whole point of this day out was to make my gran feel a little more glam and I can tell you that, that's exactly what happened. I could tell she as nervous when the lightener was on her hair, she was scared in case she wasn't going to like it because it's different but when it was all done, she looked great. The first thing I said was "WOW"! She looks like a different person now and it helped brighten her up which is great to see, when she smiles now she really sparkles. 

Here is a comparison of before and after.

As you can see my gran's hair definitely looks brighter and the silver looks great. She has already thought about getting it done again which is quite weird for her, I know that next time she is going to try have down the back of her hair done as well so that it looks more even but I don't think it looks out of place, it all flows quite nicely and she is looking much better now. I see her everyday and I can tell you that she 100% looks younger! There's no way she looks 66 at all, not in my eyes anyway but I may be bias. 

Hair In The City done a fabulous job, I can't thank Julie enough for putting a smile on my grans face and really putting her at ease with it all.

My Hair 

For a while now I have been quite nervous about going to the hair dressers, I went a few months back thinking it was going to be a pleasant experience, it's was a local salon that most of my friends rave about so I thought I was in good hands, apparently not! My fringe area was a mess and the cut was done properly at all which is a shame because I had high hopes. This really put me off because before that I had been guarding my hair with my life as I have always wanted my long hair back (I used to be able to sit on it!) So it's safe to say I really didn't know what to expect but I tried to let that just wash over me. 
Lucky enough, Lisa, the woman who done my hair, was AMAZING! She really took the time to get to know me and understand what I want. Within the first 5 minutes I felt like I was in safe hands. 

I didn't want much done to my hair, I wasn't going for a huge change, I'm just not ready for anything severe right now but if I'm honest, I can feel a big change in my hair. It may not look like a lot was done, but trust me, it was! There was about 2 inches cut off, Lisa levelled my hair out, she fixed the layers, she got rid of a lot of the wrongly cut bits and made my hair look like it had been done properly, because it was. I also got the side fringe I wanted in the first place, Lisa managed to fix the awful fringe I had been given previously and now I feel 10x more confident with my hair. I feel like I can proudly walk around now without trying to hide all the parts that were un-level etc... 

My whole experience was a positive one, it's amazing when you find someone you can trust with your hair, over the past 4 years there have been only two people I can honestly say I trust with my hair, Lisa being one of them and she is easily accessible, so have I found my go to hair dressers now? I think so!

Before and After shot of my hair 

It may not look like much has been done but there has been a big change, yes it's still long, maybe next time I will feel a little more adventurious but for now I am extremely happy. My hair looks very healthy, there are no split ends and I feel confident again. It's amazing what the right hair cut can do. I can't thank Lisa enough for restoring my faith in hairdressers. 

I know I have a filter here but I was having a bad breakout on my skin (yay! not) but I can already see how different I look with the proper fringe cut in, It doesn't look a mess anymore and my hair cut now frames my face. 

If you want to have a nosy at Hair In The City you can check their website out HERE.

After photo of both my gran and I.

All in all our day was fabulous, it was really nice to go and get our hair done plus everyone at Hair In The City were absolutely lovely. A big thank you Fenetic Wellbeing for letting me be part of the #GlamMa Campaign, it's been an honour. Please do go check Fenetic Wellbeing out, especially if there is someone in your life who could benefit from their products.

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*In Collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing - Please note that the Salon did not give us complimentary treatments and all thoughts + opinions on the salon are my own*

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