How We Will Be Spending Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! 


Give yourself the Gift of Savings This Christmas with Perfume-Click

Every year we say "we will do better this Christmas", that we won't spend as much and the present count will be dropping, I know this all too well as I go through this every January after kicking myself at all the bargains on the stuff I bought for triple the price the month earlier. But what if you didn't have to spend a small fortune this year? What if you could pick up top brand perfumes and beauty advent calendars (Plus more!) at a fraction of the price they normally are? Well you can, and I'll tell you how.


That Drowning Feeling

Lately I've picked up a really bad habit that's starting to really effect my mental health, so much so that I now find myself wanting to stay in bed all the time.


5 ways to get in the Halloween Spirit

Is anyone else absolutely obsessed with Halloween, or is it just me? 


Horror Month: What I'm watching

October in my house encompasses all things horror, and today I am talking all about the horror movies and TV shows I have been watching recently plus some movies that are on my to watch list. 


M&D's Pumpkin Festival

When we were asked along to the Pumpkin Festival at M&D's- Scotlands National Theme Park I had to say yes immediately. I have been looking everywhere for things to do with little bear this in the run up to halloween. He watches all the cartoons that celebrate Halloween in style and It's about time more places started to realise we all want pumpkin patches for cute instagram photos and something that will occupy the kids, am I right? 

Horror Month

Last year I wrote a post about why I don't classify October as October, but rather Hallotober. It's one of my favourite months along with September because, hello, autumn and my birthday! Haha but today I'm talking all about Horror month ans what it means to me.


Passing My Driving Test With Anxiety

It's no secret that I have anxiety, I'm pretty open about this as I want to share my story, I want to break the stigma on what anxiety really is. When I first started my driving lessons I never thought I would be sat here, telling the world that I've passed my practical driving test.


#plasteritpurple For Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity

The week has finally come for me to start my fundraising for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity in the form of letting little bear choose my clothes for the whole week!


#MeetTheBeauties - Sullialice

Hello lovelies and welcome back to another interview from my #MeetTheBeauties Series. This week I am showcasing Alice from

Alice is a 22 year old blogger from England, She likes to blog about her Mental Health (Such an important topic) and Travel but she can also be found blogging about other topics. Get comfy because it's time to get to know the blogger behind the blog, Over to you Alice...


Give The Perfect Gift With THOMAS SABO

Choosing the perfect gift for someone can sometimes be a real chore, What do you get them? What shows that you care? I've been there as I'm sure a lot of us have. But can you really go wrong with Jewellery? 


October To Do

photo of a candle with a cat face on it. Black candle with white ghost candle holder in the background and a bright orange sparkly pumpkin.

Here we are, another month in to 2018 and it's just hit me, we have 3 more full months until 2019! What?! Where has this year gone? What's going on? Is it just me who feels like 2018 has flown by?


October Advertisers

Well hello you lovely lot! It's another month in and another month closer to 2019!!! Can you believe we are at October already? I can't. I feel like this whole year is flying by, not that I'm angry at that, 2018 has been some year so far and I am constantly holding out hope the rest of 2018 will hold better luck for me. 

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