Horror Month: What I'm watching

October in my house encompasses all things horror, and today I am talking all about the horror movies and TV shows I have been watching recently plus some movies that are on my to watch list. 

I have had a blast so far watching horror related things, It's been amazing getting cosy in bed, grabbing the popcorn, making some hot chocolate and snuggling up with a good horror. So far I have watched an array of things, even fining an amazing horror series on Netflix! It has turned out to be sooooo much better than I thought it would be. Anyway, onto what I have been watching: 

Ouija: The Origin of Evil  

I've seen this film so many times, when I first watched it I loved getting a good jump scare. I really liked the time period it was set in and the set up of the movie. From the get go I knew I would enjoy it, with a widow who adds a Ouija board into their act, it makes for a great comic factor to begin only to progress into a darker tone as it goes on. I love going back to watch it because it's a good movie and I won't tier of enjoying the plot. 

The Haunting of Hill House 

This is the new Netflix series I was talking about! It's a great series to watch, just what I needed. I haven't watched a good TV series in forever plus finding a good horror is like finding a needle in a hay stack these days. I was intrigued from the moment I started watching, I like the premis of the flashbacks, telling the story of this broken family and what they went through together. It makes for a nice change in pace in my opinion plus you get some good jumpy bits throughout. 


You can't beat Halloween can you? It's one of the best in the movie world, John Carpenter changed the horror scene with his movies, the way he uses sound to create emotions, he leaves his signature on anything he creates. I also love watching this for the original scream queen (and the best), Jamie Lee Curtis. I will never tier of the plot, how the characters interact with each other and the whole story as it goes through the motions. Plus I love the foreshadowing of his remaking "The Thing" that was a clever bit of film. 


I have loved watching the original IT again, it was one of the original scary movies I seen when I was a child. My mum was watching it in the living room when I couldn't sleep, I snuck behind the couch when she wasn't looking (our couch was in front of the living room door) and then I watched the movie, clutching meko (my cat teddy) tight until I ran screaming at the famous blood in the bathroom scene. That scared the hell out of me and I refused to watch it ever again until I met Stephen and he made me watch it. 

Truth or Dare 

I wasn't expecting much from this movie if I'm honest, it's very rare that new horrors excite me because there has been disappointment after disappointment, but this was surprisingly good. I liked the story line and the way it progressed, there were some twists in the movie that I liked and the ending was brilliant! At least they didn't have a good movie and ruin it with an ending. 


This wasn't one of the movies that I liked when I first watched it and viewing it again hasn't really changed my view. I don't like the way the movie is set out, I feel like it's drawn out and then rushed which makes no sense, the plot could have been tied together better and thrown in some better scare scenes. This definitely isn't up there on my list of horrors.

It Follows

At first I was sure I would hate this movie, I felt like it was quite low budget and I didn't know what to make of the actors but when the story jumped right into the plot and you weren't kept waiting ages for some action I started to really pay attention. The whole idea of something following you and only you can see it, and you can't stop it unless you pass it on really did peak my interests. It's one of those films that you think you wont like, but it grows on you. 


Can't beat a classic can you? I have only re-watched the first movie but I intend to watch the rest because it's such a fab series of movies. It's one I don't think will ever get old, It will always be a favourite of mine and I love knowing all the lines haha


I wasn't sure what to think of this movie, It's a prequel and I'm not always that fond of them because sometimes it can really ruin the story but I was pleasantly surprised. It's not the best horror out there but I guess it makes sense in the whole franchise of the Texas chainsaw massacre. We get a background to leather face himself, of how he started out as the innocent young boy who wasn't too thrilled with the actions of his family but he soon get's sucked in, helping to kill a young girl who just happened to be one of the police officers daughters, this results in the youngest children going into a "mental hospital" where they are given a new identity, the story picks up with a new nurse on staff coming in and meeting some of the patients, getting to know the place an settling in. I don't want to ruin the whole story if you haven't seen it yet but I like the way they scripted this, it wasn't cringe to the point I couldn't watch it so that's a bonus. 


I had such high hopes for this movie... sadly I was left disappointed. It soon because predictable and a little overdone at times with some confusion mixed in. I wasn't raving about this after watching it and quite honestly, I could have used that hour and a bit to do something more worthwhile with my time. 

To Watch 

The Shining - Classic

Nosferatu - Another Classic

Psycho - Classic again

The Conjuring 1 & 2 - Fab pieces of film

The new Halloween - How can I not?

The Ba-ba-dook - Forever the only movie to really scare me

Silent Hill - My favourite 

The Nun - I'm intrigued 

Hereditary - Heard good things

What's on your watch list this month? 

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  1. I am so not a fan of any wildly horrifying films, but one of these days, I will jump out of my comfort zone & watch one of these classics!


  2. Love the pics! Gosh I wish I could enjoy scary programmes/ films but they just stress me out too much haha xx


  3. Adorable pictures! I just read The Shining and hate to say it was meh... one of my least favorite Stephen King books, and I hear a lot of mixed reviews about the film too. Not a big horror fan myself but always like to watch The Sixth Sense around Halloween.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

  4. My husband and I just went to see the new Halloween movie. I heard the nun was really bad. I need to watch Sinister again. It's one of my favorite scary movies@

  5. Yessss why aren't there more posts like this on the internet?! I'm about to have a horror movie marathon with friends so I'm going to bookmark this so I can get ideas for it. I loved watching The Haunting of Hill House as well, I haven't ever found a horror series that I've liked and I enjoyed that one so much. I want to go back and re-watch it!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode