How We Will Be Spending Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

The day is finally here, HALLOWEEN! I am so excited and I would probably be far more excited if I wasn't feeling so sick but I am still very, very happy that it's here. This year we haven't got too many plans but we have got a few that I am really excited about and I wanted to share with you all today how we are spending our October 31st. 

Sadly, Little bears Halloween party at nursery isn't today, but tomorrow instead (I know, what's the point in that? haha) But we are letting him dress up if he wants because screw the rules, it's fancy dress day in life! Then when he is home from nursery we are going to do some pumpkin carving because I have obviously been off the ball this year. I also plan on making some spooky cookie treats with him to take to the Halloween party we have at night. I also need to run and get some treats to make the kids up some goodie bags like I do every year. 

After doing some activities with little bear it will be time to get ready for going out trick or treating, Little bear is going to be Spider man I think, or the Hulk but either way he will look cute as a button. I'm still not 100% sure as what I'm going to be going as, something simple probably, maybe a cat? or a witch? I have no idea but I'll think of something. Then when we are are ready it's off out trick or treating with the family for about an hour, if that. After trick or treating it's off to a family Halloween party where all the kids will get hopped up on sugar no doubt. I suspect they will all have so much fun and I can't wait to see all their amazing costumes. 

After the Halloween party is done, it will be home and little bear will be put to bed and that's when my fun will really start. Stephen will be staying tonight, the horror games are getting whipped out plus we plan on watching some classic horror films. I'm hoping we last until at least 12pm but ideally I would love to stay up all night, playing evil within 2, Friday the 13th and silent hill as well as watching some Horrors on the ipad as we play. I have some munchies in for us which will help a lot, can't have a good game/movie night without food. 

I am so excited for the whole day, to have some fun with little bear, see him have fun with his cousins, go trick or treating, play some Halloween party games and more. I hope everyone has a lovely day today, getting in the spirit of Halloween. 

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