October To Do

photo of a candle with a cat face on it. Black candle with white ghost candle holder in the background and a bright orange sparkly pumpkin.

Here we are, another month in to 2018 and it's just hit me, we have 3 more full months until 2019! What?! Where has this year gone? What's going on? Is it just me who feels like 2018 has flown by?

Anyway, I'm back with another to do list and this month I am hoping I achieve every single one of them. I done quite well with Septembers to do list, I got the bag of my dreams and that's the best one I could have achieved as a bag was NEEDED badly. 

Decorate the house - As Halloween is fast approaching, it's the perfect time to get the house looking all spooky with decorations. I have already started to put out little things here and there but I want to go all out this year with a full on haunted house feel. Fingers crossed I manage it!

Go to a pumpkin patch - I have always wanted to go to a pumpkin patch, we were going to last year but we left it a little late so I am hoping we go to one this year. I have a full list of places we can try that are within driving distance, I so badly want to have the pumpkin patch experience. 

Buy new candles - I am candle DAFT at the moment. I have Benn breaking my bank buying them but what's a couple more, right? haha

Watch some horror films - It's October so that means it's horror month. I LOVE horror movies, like I am fully obsessed with them and October always sees me watching movies like Halloween, Nightmare on elm street, Dracula and many many more. I have a fab idea for a date night this month, can't say too much as Stephen does read my blog but horror movies are involved.

Start the gym - I have been meaning to start the gym again for a long time now, I have done some work out sessions here and there but I fully want to start again. I know because of my rubs I will have to take it slow, not do too much and stick to the things I can, but I want to get my health back on track again. 

Get some lush bath bombs - The lush halloween range is out now which means I must pick up a few. I have my eye on some at the moment, just waiting on a day where I can go through to the store. 

Get my nails done - This year I want to get my nails done for halloween, maybe bright orange? Blood red? I'm not sure just what I want yet but I will be getting my nails done with a spooky feel to them. 

Go on an adventure with my camera - Now that I have my own car, I want to go on little adventures with my camera. It's the perfect time of year to do so, all the beautiful colours will really make the photos pop.

And that's my to do list. Fingers crossed I manage them all, I am really looking forward to giving them all a go and I can't wait to go out with my camera, hopefully I'll get some amazing snaps for the blog.
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  1. This is a great to do list. Some of these are on mine - pumpkin patch, candles, Lush and horror films. There's a new Halloween sequel coming out on the 19th that I'm interested in seeing.

  2. Good luck with these lovely!! Especially with starting the gym, stay safe & smart. I hope you find the perfect routine to feel good & stay healthy without messing up your ribs in any way. I'd love to read a blog post on you going to the pumpkin patch, hope you write one up!! xx