Getting my S%@t Together

I'm over it. I'm over the whole drowning feeling that's been dragging me down lately and I'm ready to get my life back under control.

I wrote a whole post on how I've been feeling lately, you should probably check that one out first to get a sense of what I'm talking about today - That Drowning Feeling 

After feeling lost for what feels like a life time, I'm finally motivated in Getting my S%@t Together. There's really no other way to put it, I've needed this kick up the back side for so long now but I know only I could make the changes necessary to feel more like myself. Feeling disorganised for me is very hectic, I'm an over thinker at the best of times so when I've got a ton of things floating around in my brain, all of which I have to remember is quite exhausting. I had always considered myself very organised, quite on top of life and generally content in how I structure my life.

I'm not sure what changed in me, was it the lack of control I was feeling? Was it the fact I had missed many personal life events by simply forgetting? Was it realising that I was sinking further and further into a hole? Who knows, but something inside me changed and I realised that I had to do something. This isn't one of those times in life where someone can help you, where someone can do it for you and I think that hitting this brick wall of sorts has giving me that extra boost I needed.

I was always the one who remembered silly dates, I would remember the most tiny details about things from the shoes someone was wearing when I saw them to a little one liner they may have said. I was great at remembering and I used that to my advantage. I was always well prepped for events, for meet ups, for work and so much more. I generally had life under control and those around me knew that if they couldn't remember something, then I would and I would have the answer but not now. Now my memory is all over the place and that's quite frightening, I feel like I'm loosing myself in my head. Like I said in my last post about this, I just can't remember things like I used to so I need to write everything down, no matter what it is otherwise, I'll forget.

This may not be the case anymore though! On the day I posted about being disorganised and needed to get my life structure back, Charlotte from Coloursandcarousels posted about BusyB and their planners/diaries. I was so happy to see her Insta post because it motivated me to invest in some diaries of my own from BusyB. Their prices were great, their products looked so good so naturally I just had to get some of my own. When I've been looking in the past the diaries never seem to fit my needs, I need something that will help me plan everything meticulously so I don't get confused and maybe get some of my head space back. When I seen the page days in Charlotte's post I knew it was perfect, just what I needed to keep my busy family life afloat. I've seen some diaries that I like but they haven't fitted my needs or they cost a small fortune, not exactly what I'm looking for being a mum on a budget.

I've got to admit, since receiving my order I've not put these diaries down, they have been my best friend and I'm so glad I got some stickers as well because it's made the planning and organising process so much easier. I feel a little more relaxed at night knowing I've got everything down on paper, I'm not trying to remember everything from the day, did I get invited somewhere? When's the next birthday party? Do I have to pick anything up tomorrow? These are all questions I can now ask myself, answer in the appropriate places and be done with it. It feels great!

Now I know myself I could have done this all sooner, I shouldn't be waiting on a diary I like, I could have easily set up a little book or used my calendar more, but when you feel depressed and you have no motivation it can be hard to push yourself to do something. I needed to hit this point so I could get back to myself.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve heard it referred to as ‘mental load’ where your brain is so overloaded with information and things to remember, it just dumps all of it! My diary was my little lifesaver too, and its also from BusyB!

    Em x

  2. I think we get to a point where we have just too much going on - we can't be expected to keep it all in our brain! I have seen these before- the designs stood out to me! I always buy diaries though and then stop using it after a little while. I'm not someone that can utilise the equivalent features on my phone - like using the calendar, setting reminders and stuff. I always have to write down if I need to remember it. Anyways, hope you start feeling better and gain a bit of clarity :)
    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

  3. I can relate to this so much! Recently, school has been absolutely burying me, and I hadn't made time to do anything for myself and was behind on being organised. I finally went out with a friend last Friday, enjoyed an afternoon of catch up chats, starbucks, and shopping. It was a breath of fresh air and was just what I needed. Seems it helped me get my mind off of my troubles for a bit, and I am feeling refreshed & was so much more on top of it this week!

  4. Absolutely lovely blog post! Everything can get so overwhelming that sometimes the only option is to write it down. Plus, the stationary is very cute B X