November To Do

It's November and I'm starting to really wonder where this whole year has gone, it's just flying by! 

I'm back with another to do list, hopefully I'll be able to keep myself on track since it's down in writing but who knows what this month holds.

Get Sparklers for Bonfire Night - I absolutely love sparklers and fireworks, normally we get some in and have a display of our own but I've been reading so many horror stories lately that its put me off using fireworks at all so I'll settle for some sparklers and standing at the grass area watching everyone else's fireworks. Plus I really want to play about with some slow shutter speeds on my camera to get photos.

Take time to work on my planners - I recently got some new planners, well diaries really and I want to take an hour to sit down, pencil in all my appointments, events, family stuff etc... and use some stickers to spice it up. I'm so happy I got them, it will make life a hell of a lot easier.

Make sense of the spare room - the spare room has been getting out of control lately, I used to keep it nice and clean but I've just lost touch with it. Since I've not been feeling myself, I've let it get really messy, there's boxes everywhere and I can't get into my clothes drawers now so I'm going to take some time and tackle it this month.

Order little bears dobok - Little bear loves his taekwondo and it's about time he got his very own suit. So I'll be ordering that and he will be getting it at Christmas, I know he will be over the moon with it!
Watch 5 new films - I feel like I've not been watching movies lately which is weird considering I always watch movies and I'm on a film course.... I've set myself a goal to watch 5 movies I've not seen before. I'm always watching series and because of Halloween I watched a lot of movies I've already seen like a hundred times so some new titles would be good.

Finalise my scripts for my short films - I've been all over the place with my scripts, I can't seem to settle on my ideas as I've got so many flowing through my brain. I've now whittled it down to 3, and of those three I need to choose 2, it's just picking what one to axe that's really getting me. I've got two thriller/horrors and one mockumentary, that's not a genre I would normally go for but I wanted to push and challenge myself instead of sticking with what I know. I'm still not sure what to do, but I need to make the decision soon as the deadline is fast approaching.

Drink more water - it's weird to think that in October I never drank any water... I stuck to Rubicon or J20s, normally I'm good with my water Intake but the past month was horrendous for me, now I need to get back on track, start drinking water again and hopefully get my health on a better path.

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  1. That's a great idea. I could really use a monthly to-do list. Keep me on track!

  2. Good luck with all of these Jordanne!! November is going to be fun & stressful for me all at once, but I'm also determined to make some me-time & see some actual films as well. It's a nice escape & one of my fav things to do & one that I haven't been able to do for awhile now. xx

  3. Good luck and I hope it goes well!

    Blessings from Seattle,

    Ann Marie Ruby |