What 2018 has Taught Me

2018 has been one hell of a year to say the least, so much has happened and as we enter a new year, I'm reflecting on all the things that 2018 has taught me. 


Prepping for Christmas 2019

Every year I go through the same worry, stress and chaos at the thought of Christmas and making sure I get a little something for everyone. It can really take it's toll on my Bank account, leaving me wondering where my money went and also cursing out the sales because the gift set I just bought my gran is now better than half price! It's so annoying. But the past two years I have really worked out my best strategy at fighting those pesky Christmas blues over not being able to find a certain gift or worrying I won't have something for that aunt that pops round once a year un-announced. 


Christmas with Glasgow Fort

Last night (the 17th) I went along to Glasgow Fort to experience their late night shopping and festivities. It was such an amazing night, There's Christmas lights everywhere, a little Christmas market and lots of fun to be had. 

Christmas Gift Guide For Her pt2

Hello Everyone! I am finally getting into the festive spirit which is fantastic, I adore this time of year so it's nice to feel really Christmassy. Today I am here with the second part of my Gift Guide for Her which is filled with amazing products, Let's get into it!

Get Your Gift On with St. Enoch Centre

On Tuesday 27th November I went along to the Get Your Gift On with St. Enoch Centre event and I have to say, it was one of their best yet! 


December Advertisers

Hello Hello Hello! I am back with another advertisers post and this month I have such a FABULOUSE bunch of girls with me that y'all should check out. There is so much talent crammed in this post, I can honestly say that I have LOVED reading everyones blogs this weekend since I have been sick and needed something to keep me busy. 

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