A New Attitude

As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019 in to our lives, I'm over joyed with the new possibilities, new opportunities and the fresh beginnings.

Normally I don't buy into the whole "new year, new me" kinda thing, but this year I'm embracing it because I want to change my outlook, I want to change my attitude on life. Going into 2019 I've made a list, a list of things to remember and put into practice throughout 2019 that will hopefully lead me on a better path. Today I'm sharing how I'm taking on a new attitude.

Things to remember:

  • Make time for self care.
  • Show love to all my nearest and dearest, you don't know when it will be the last encounter.
  • Live each day to the fullest.
  • Let go of negativity and drama.
  • Switch off every once in a while.
  • Work hard.
  • Always be kind.
  • Put love out into the world.
  • Take control of my fears.
  • Get up and show up.
  • Leave my comfort zone.
  • Remember I am enough.
  • Darkness may come, but there's always light.
  • Do what makes me happy.
  • Drop my guard, if I don't, I won't make the most of my experiences.
  • Be brave.
  • My social media is MY SOCIAL MEDIA. I shouldn't worry about what others want, do things for myself.
  • Let go. Just let go and do what feels right.
These are just some of the things I'm telling myself, some of the stuff that I MUST remember in 2019. I really want the most of this year because 2018 was horrible. I'm turning things around, I'm living for me and my son, I'm no longer dreaming or wishing, I'm doing, I'm taking it. One of my biggest downfalls is always waiting, waiting for another day to do something, waiting for another day to be productive. My mind was well and truly shot in 2018 after everything that went down, I had another miscarriage, gran McNally sadly passed away, the beloved dog, Cara, had to be put down, We were in a bad car crash and I broke my ribs, the kitchen went up in flames, my gran had several health scares, Disneyland mucked up our holiday, one of my old friends passed away, my cousin in law went into a coma on Christmas eve, my fibro has gotten worse, my facial ticks are at their all time worst, my boy was bullied continuously, I let people walk all over me, my heart was broken, my spirit, shattered, 2018 brought so much pain and sadness and what I've listed isn't even the half of it.

All of these things have shown me that life is short, we must live in the now and stop putting life on hold for just one more day. One more day turns into one more week, which turns into one more month and then it's put off forever.

This year I'm going to make my mark, I'm going to achieve amazing things and I'm going to be proud of myself. I've never really been one to shout my accomplishments from the roof tops, if anything I'm quite shy in expressing how proud I am of myself out of fear. I'm always scared I'll be judged, that people will think I'm narcissistic, that I'm an ego maniac when I'm in fact the complete opposite. But one thing I'm taking away from 2018 is that I MUST champion myself, I MUST be my own cheerleader because there will be times in life where there isn't anyone cheering you on, and in those situations you need to be able to do it for yourself. Showing that your proud of yourself isn't a flaw, it's not egotistical and it doesn't make you a show off. Be proud of what you do, shout it from the rooftops and never forget that you're so amazing.

So here's to 2019, here's to doing what I want and saying screw it to everything else. I will have a new attitude, my outlook on life is so different from what it was and I'm ready to take 2019 head on. Will you be joining me?

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  1. So much yes for this!! You've had one hell of a tough year, but you've made it through everything life has thrown at you. You should be proud of everything you've achieved, and shouldn't feel bad for shouting about it.

    Here's to 2019!

    Em x


  2. These are pieces of advice I defo should follow!

    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. I hope you've managed to do all of these things in 2019 :) and that you'll continue to do them in 2020

  4. I Had a similar year.... but here's to a much much better year for you and your son 💗💗💗