Paradise Island Adventure Golf

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[AD/Gifted experience] Ever just fancy doing something a little different? Tiered of the same old same old? Then why not try Paradise Island Adventure Golf!

I was kindly gifted the experience of going along to Paradice Island Adventure Golf at Soar in breahead and I have to say, I had a great time. Before we go any further, Please note that all thoughts and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

a photo of a tiki hut in paradise island adventure golf that has a fake pelican perched on it.

I've never done mini golf or adventure golf before so this was a completely new concept for me and I didn't know what to expect but I did know that no matter what it would be a lot of fun, especially since there was a few of us going and I always love getting together with my bestie. When we got there I was so excited, the place looked great and I can't fault the decor at all, it makes you feel like you're in a different world. I loved all the little details such as oranges in creates, palm trees scatters around and little huts that really look the part. When we got there the staff were nice and friendly, the woman who was explaining everything was really nice and attentive which was great, she explained all of the rules to us, provided us with a score card and set us up with some lockers to put our stuff in, it was really nice of her to do so.

After we got set up it was time to download the app as there are little markers dotted around that you can scan which brings up some avatars and you can choose what one to go for on each one. Once we had the app we were ready to start playing some golf. In the first hole it took me 7 tries to get the ball in the hole haha I was truly terrible at it but that didn't matter, we all had a good laugh and I managed to work out the app which was pretty cool.

hole 16 of the golf course at paradise island adventure golf with some fake palm trees around it

hole 7 of the golf course at paradise island adventure golf which has some fake rocks, fake palm trees and a little wall around it

As we made our way around the course it was filled with so much fun, I managed to get a few hole in ones which I was so proud of! Never imagined I would get any of those after the disaster of the first hole. Going around the course I liked that some of them were interactive and would talk when you were near something, there was a wooden one that moved it's teeth when it tallied and it gave lisa such a fright haha it was funny to watch. I also really liked the atmosphere, it was really relaxed, filled with families out having fun with the kids and it was nice to see them all interacting and trying so hard to get their balls in the hole.

a fake tiki hut that has a fake parrot perched on top of it at hole 3 in the golf course

Personally I think it's the perfect venue for a family day out, I'll definietly be going back with little bear to give him a good go at it, I can see him really enjoying it plus there are plenty of places to eat around which means it would be a good day out. I do think it is fun for a group of friends or even a little date day but primarily I can see families really having a ball playing golf.

I really enjoyed the whole experience and I think the concept of the app and being able to interact and keep your scores  especially if you didn't have a pen like us is quite fun but I think it could use some tweaking as sometimes the little marks weren't scanning, no matter what I did and on two occasions it wiped the scores so we didn't know what we had anymore so in the end we just played for fun, counting how many times we took on each hole. It was disappointing loosing the scores and I also wasn't able to save any pictures I took from the app but inwas able to share them so I just sent myself them on Twitter. I looked everywhere for a way to save the pictures but couldn't see anything, I am using an android interface though so I don't know if it's because it's am android or not as I had no iPhone to compare it with so It may be different on an iPhone.

a fake tiki hut at hole 11 on the golf course

Overall it was a great day, we all had fun, balls went flying at points and when ever I got a hole in one I would do a happy dance haha. We all came away having enjoyed ourselves and that's the main thing. I would definietly go again both with friends or as a family day out, it's fun for all ages and when you really get into it, the sense of competition and laughs kick in. I would really recommend it if you're looking for something a little different to do, with 18 holds, different obstacles and the decor, it really makes for a good atmosphere.

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*I was kindly gifted this experience but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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