Taking Care Of My Mental Health

I've always been one to campaign and promote better education for Mental Health. I think it's very important that we, as a society recognise and not shame those who have a mental illness. I'm glad to see that we are now moving forward in some respects but a lot still has to be done.

Although I campaign and fight for more education, better recognition and acceptance, I can't seem to do that with my own mental health. If you've followed me for a while or read my blog, you'll know that I have anxiety and depression. I don't let these things define me but they are a part of me. For years I've struggled to come to terms with them and when I finally felt like I was getting somewhere, life threw me curve balls that set me back. Last year was an awful year for my mental health as well as the tail end of 2017. It seemed no matter what I done, I couldn't get on top on anything. My depression broke me down, that little voice in my head that told me I wasn't good enough would win more often than not. I wish I could say that I've been free of suicide attempts for as long as I've been self harm free but that's not the case and looking back, I'm sad that I didn't fight for myself when I was fighting for the wider cause.

This year however, I'm making time to take care of my metal health, I'm going to take self care days regularly, I'm not forcing myself to do things that will make my mental health worse and I'm being completely unapologetic about it. I'm making sure I stick to my Drs appointments, I'm fighting for better medication and I'm not letting anything stand in the way of me getting to a better place. At the end of this year I want to look back, knowing that I've done all I can and feeling content in the fact I've came a long way from where I am now.

There's going to be bad days, I know that but it's how I manage them and come out the other end that matters. Life isn't all rosy 100% of the time and getting into that mindset is important to me because that will set the tone for how I progress. We all need to take care of ourselves more, we all need to practice self love in any way that we can because we have one life, one body and we need to really make the most of that. We are all on our own journeys and we shouldn't let someone else's highlight reel impact on our own life.

It can be hard to come on social media some days seeing everyone posting about how amazing their lives are when you're feeling shitty, I get that quite a lot but I need to remind myself that I don't know what's going on in the background because how many of us actually post the bad with the good? A lot of people don't. This year however, I'm going to focus on showing the bad with the good in the hopes it shows others you can still have a great life even with bad days, it's all part of the journey. I really want to be raw, I want to be real and I want others to know it's ok to show some of the bad times, as much as your comfortable sharing.

I remember when I was younger that I would read blogs, binge on Instagram and lust over Twitter at the lives that were being portrayed to me. I wanted all the good things, I wanted the holidays like 5 times a year, I wanted the amazing fashion, I wanted those mate dates and so much more, and I genuinely thought that's what life really was, all the good, none of the bad, but here I am, almost 6 years later realising that, that wasn't real life, that was the highlights. Most of the people's blogs etc... that I read had their own problems going on behind closed doors and honestly, I wish I saw some of that from time to time. It can be somewhat toxic thinking that others only have amazing lives with no dark days in-between because we get to a point where we feel like we are failing, when in reality we aren't. It's so true when I think of the quote "don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 10" we all move at our pace and that's ok. We can still celebrate other people's successes whilst being proud of our own, just don't let the thoughts of negativity and feeling down consume you.

So here's to 2019, to taking care of my mental illness, to you taking care of yours, to all of us being badass and doing our own things. May this year bless us with self love, self care and being kind.

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone on social media put up their bad days!! I'm completely with you on feeling the frustration and 'not good enough' at times and as you say social media has made it that much more harder.
    I think it's so important to make sure I push myself to take mental health days and just find the time to try and unwind.
    I think there should be a social media campaign "I look and feel like shit today, I am normal" just so it brings reality back a bit haha.
    Good luck with your plans this year I'm sending positive vibes.
    Kate x