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Hello you lovely lot, how you all doing? I'm back today with a post that features the Purr-fect treat for your inner crazy cat lady and your furry companion. The Cattitude box helps you channel your inner cat lady every month. 

 Cattitude box is a monthly and bi-monthly subscription box for those of us out there who just adore cats! This is a way to let out your inner attitude each month whilst also treating your little fur ball of a friend. With Cattitude box you get to enjoy unique and premium cat themed gifts and treats to play with, eat, wear and cherish. With the cattitude box you'll feel like its your birthday, a surprise all packed into the Cattitude-box. Forget about all the morning cat toys and food, Cattitude box sources the tastiest treats + food and the most stimulating activities to keep your cats entertained all whilst ensuring that your inner cat lady is taken care of with stylish and fun items for you. The cattitude box is shipped in the 5th of every month and you will receive the goodies within 3-5 working days, giving you a clear outline of when your bundle of joy will arrive. 

As I said above, there are monthly and bi-monthly choices available. Both have 3-4 products for you and 2-3 products for your cat and both have free shipping. For £27.95 each month or every other month you get to enjoy a box full of fun. I was lucky enough to receive their Cattitude box in exchange for my honest opinions and I can't wait to tell you all my thoughts, so let's get onto it shall we?

When I first received the Cattitude subscription box I was so excited, I loved that the box was so cute, with little cat doodles all over it, it definitely fits the bill right? I love the packaging so well done cattitude box! In the box I received 7 items, 2 for the cat and 5 for me, they are just so cute and I can't tell you enough how in love with the cat necklace I am. I was blown away by the items, they all look great and the jewellery was a surprise, I didn't expect jewellery at all. There is also a little cat ring in that you can adjust so I will be using that all the time, welcome to my every day wear little ring, you'll fit right in! I also received a lovely cat bag.., it's just noticeable right? haha I do love it though and now I have a bag to put all my college work in for those days where I am carrying a million books, Everyone knows I have different quirky bags so you better believe I will use this. The cat print is beaut to, It will be put on my work all so I can see it everyday. I've also added the crazy cat lady badge to one of my bags now, I Love it, purrfect for me. 

Teddy received a packet of treats from Vet's kitchen, I didn't get to open them in peace because he was trying to get to the packet haha, I gave him a couple and he lapped them up, He meowed for ages for more and a few times I've clocked him trying to get into them, so it's safe to say he approves. Ted also got a a dish of food from Lilys Kitchen. It's a delicious Organic fish one, I really liked this because I didn't have to mash it up, just stir it and it was good to go, you see, teddy finds it hard to eat food unless it's mashed, he's getting old now and loosing teeth so this was brilliant, he ate the lot, not a drop was left so I would like to get him more of them to see how he does. 

I honestly love everything about this box, the products are great and I agree they are unique and I would say they are great quality. I think for the price it's good and I also like you can do a bi-monthly one which means you aren't paying every month.  

So if you are looking for a subscription box that's not only for you but also caters to your furry friend, then get your attitude box today! Or why not treat your friend to one, you know the one, with the cat obsession, there is even an option to gift one so go on, what you waiting for. 

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*I was sent this cattitude box in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*


  1. I was so sad to realize this is a UK only box, I would have loved this!

  2. This is such a great idea! I always worry about Boots, that he'll get bored now that he's an indoor cat, so maybe some little presents for him is what he needs!?

    I like that I'd get some too. seems only fair right aha

    Em x

  3. Omg this is so cute! Would love to have the ring but it seems like the box is not available outside UK.

    p/s: I love your nail colours!

    x Rasya

  4. Aww this is such a cute idea! My furry babies would love this X

  5. This is such a beautiful wee box for the inner cat lady in all of us cat owners! Thank you for reviewing this for us. I will certainly be considering this in the future when disposal income comes my way :)

    - Nyxie

  6. This is such an adorable subscription box idea! I love all of the accessories they have for humans and the treats they have for the cats. The perfect combination! Thanks for sharing the review with all of us cat lovers!

    Emily |