March To Do

Happy March everyone, I hope you all had a lovely February and are all set for spring ( keeping my fingers crossed we don't get that awful snow fall again this year) Today I am back my to do list and a round-up of February's.

Last month I think I done quite well, I managed to stick to most of my to do list and I'm quite proud. It really does help to have it all down in writing, it's a good way to keep myself accountable. This month I have a whole range of things on my to do list, It's a busy one for me!

Perfect the BloggersTribe Hub - So, incase you haven't heard the news yet, I am launching the BloggersTribe Hub, a place to keep up with the community, get involved, see what's happening and more. I have been working hard on it, making sure that it's a place for people to come and get involved. So I am perfecting every little detail. 

Get Euros - I'm off on an adults only Holiday on the 9th April and I can't tell you just how excited I am, it's well needed and I can't wait to lay on the beach, swim in the ocean and have some cocktails. I couldn't tell you where we are going though haha I just agreed to go, paid my money and let someone else deal with the stress of booking a holiday, especially after the whole Disney fiasco. So yeah, I have to get euros and I definitely want to get them before the whole Brexit ordeal. 

Get a cabin case - With this holiday we are only allowed 10kg of hand luggage so I have to invest in a new cabin case to take away. 

Hit all my deadlines in college - I've got a few deadlines in college this month and if you miss a deadline you don't get any higher than a C, and you know I'm gunning for that A.So I gotta keep myself on track.

Film my short - I start filming my short film on the 13th March and I am so excited to get stuck in. I am so in love with my story, I really have treated this like my baby and I just want to see it all come to life. 

Work on Portrait photography - Lately I have been choosing one thing each month to work on and this month I have chosen my Photography, Portraits in particular. So I intend to get as much practice as I can in. 

Take more trips to nowhere - In February we took a few trips to nowhere. We hopped into the car and drove, we didn't have a set out place to go and it was really fun, we saw some amazing sights, so I would like to do that more this year. 

Decorate Little Bears room - For February I wanted to start the planning on little bears room make one and luckily I stuck to that. I came up with a plan and then brainstormed a plan, He has a lovely colour scheme that he chose and I am so proud of it, the colours are great. Now I just have to schedule some time in to decorate his room in amongst everything else I have to do haha

Sort out my wedding gift for my bestie - My bestie Lisa is getting marries in May and her hen night is this month so I think it's time I figure out her wedding gift! I have no idea what to get her, but it has to be epic. 

Bake with Little Bear - Little bear has been asking to bake recently and I love baking with him, it's so fun and I plan on setting a Sunday aside for us to spend some time baking.

Clean my car out & get it washed - I feel like as soon as I clean my car it gets messy again haha so I am setting aside some time to get my car completely cleaned out, hoovered etc... and then get it washed. I love when it's all nice and fresh. 

And that's my March to do list, I am very excited about this month. Here is a look back at Februarys to do list and how I done. 

Buy Flowers - I bought myself flowers the very day my post went live, a girl gotta love herself right? 

Have a proper clear out - YES! We finally had a huge clear out and got rid of so much guff that we didn't need anymore. It feels good to have purged our rubbish. 

Get new drawers - We went to Ikea and got the drawers! My gran got a set and she transformed her room with painting her wardrobes, it looks amazing and I got two sets of drawers for the spare room, it's looking much better. It's not 100% yet but when it is, I'll share photos. 

New Tattoo -  Well.... So I thought I found a good tattoo artist but turns out she likes to ghost people so, it's back to waiting for my original lass to be available and her diary opens on the 24th March... It can't come quick enough. 

Plan Little Bears room make over - Yes, it's all planned out. Little bear is happy with what we are doing and I can't wait until it's finished so I can show y'all.

Make more time for self care - February was a great month for self care, I really made time to keep on top of it and I'm proud. It made a huge difference to my overall attitude. 

Start back at the gym - Nope. And I'm not surprised haha. It's been crazy with so much going on, the graded unit works, blog work and trying to improve other aspects of life but when the time is right, I'll start back. 

Do my nails every week - I am so proud that I managed to stick to this one. I love when my nails are done, It makes me feel so good and I had a new set every week. 

Go out for dinner at least 3 times - .Well, we went out for dinner once... that counts right? haha.  

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  1. Good luck with everything lovely! I hadn't heard of The Bloggers Tribe Hub, but it is such a good idea. You do so well to keep up with the bloggers tribe!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush