Urban Fox In Edinburgh

Street photo of the outside of Urban fox restaurant in Edinburgh. It's at night, the photo is quite dark with some light coming from the window and the sign as well as cars passing by.

I love trying out new restaurants, it's always great to find somewhere new that you can go for dinner or lunch, or even somewhere to chill out after work. On the 27th February I went along to Urban Fox to try out their food and see what they have to offer. 

I was kindly given the chance to go along to Urban fox and have a lovely dinner for two there in enhance for my review and honest opinions. So I'm talking all things Urban fox today. 

I was really excited to go along to Urban fox, the name alone just makes it a place I wanted to try out. When we got there the staff were really friendly, made sure we were comfortable and didn't have a problem with me asking them questions which was nice. I like to get a feel for the people when I go anywhere as that can also make or break an experience so it was nice to get a warm welcome. We were shown to our table and we got settled in, there was water provided on the table which was nice so I stuck to that all night. The first thing that caught my eye that I liked was the menus, I really like the clipboard style and all the options clearly marked out in front out you. We eventually ordered after going back and fourth over all the choices we could have but ultimately settled on the burgers, something just told me I had to try one and I am so glad I did. Sitting at the table I noticed the salt shakers, they were little hugging mice! So cute and unique, really loved them. 

It was a really nice atmosphere in the restaurant, quite chilled and relaxed which I like, I'm not a fan of these places that try to turn you out as soon as possible, it really gave me a good vibe ad I could see me going there with friends for some food and a gab session. I spoke to one of the girls who was serving us and found out their busiest nights tend to be a Friday and Saturday, I like knowing busy days for places so I can avoid them haha is that bad? but with social anxiety it pays to knows these things and now I know I can go there during the week to relax with a nice glass of wine and good food. I genuinely felt at ease in Urban fox, Sometimes the lighting can be to harsh or to dark but the restaurant was just right, I don't know what it was, but the atmosphere made me feel like I was somewhere different, in another world where nothing really mattered and that's an atmosphere you can't just produce so it was lovely to feel that in Urban fox. 

Now onto the food! I love trying out burgers because it's always my go to dish, if they have a good burger, I am more likely to go back again and again so I wanted to see how Urban fox's burgers stacked up against some of my favourites. 

When the food came I was pleasantly surprised by the portion size! The burger looked incredible and the chips were the skin ones... YUM! and I got a side of onion rings. I went for the beef burger with bacon and we got the cheese burger with bacon as well. Upon first bite I was already sold, it tasted amazing. I'm not sure what they used in the burger but it was delicious, a nice little kick throughout. The chips were lovely, I really like chips with the skin, just gives them that little something extra. I was very happy with the main, so filling and the onion rings were perfectly crunchy and delicious. 

After the mains I just had to do for a desert, it would be rude not to right? So I went for the Eton mess... I have one word... WOW! The portion size on the Eton mess was just something else, there was so much and you best believe I ate every last bit. We also got the sticky toffee pudding and that tasted so nice, you could really tell it was freshly made. 

All in all it was a lovely little night, just sitting back and chilling out having some good food. I would definitely go back, the burger was delicious and I would love to try another from their selection. Urban fox is closed Sunday and Monday nights but open from Tuesday - Saturday all day, and as I said before, their busiest days are a Friday and Saturday (that's not to say that a Wednesday wouldn't be busy, it could be but primarily Fridays and Saturdays are busiest). So if you're in Edinburgh, make sure you check out Urban fox. 
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*I was asked to go along to Urban fox and experience their service/food. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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