Ultimate list of blog post ideas

A while ago I wrote a blog post titled "ultimate list of blog posts" but it's been a hot minute since then and there are so many more blog post ideas out there than that little ol' list.
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I decided I would put together a new blog post with a more up to date list to help those of you out there who are looking for some inspiration and ideas. All these ideas and prompts cover a range of niches and the topics can be changed to fit almost any niche out there, there are some for book bloggers, travel bloggers, music bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and the list really does fo on. I also make sure to keep this list updated when I think of new ones.

There are over 370 ideas and prompts on this post, so I really do hope they are of use in some way or another, I know how hard it can be to spark inspiration when you have hit writers block so this may help. Enjoy

1. Get to know me tag
2. What's in your bag?
3. Wishlist
4. Books you've read lately
5. Something you're passionate about, Eg. a social topic, painting, photography etc...
6. TV shows you recommend
7. Blogging goals
8. Life goals
9. Relationship advice
10. What's the best part of your job?
11. Why you love being single
12. Blogs you love
13. Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring Themed post
14. A personal life update
15. What makes your day?
16. Throwback post. This could be to your teenage years, your child's first months etc..
17. Faviourite Instagram accounts
18. Your Must have gadgets
19. The best travel destinations for back packers
20. What's in your make up bag
21. Introduce us to your family
22. Clothing wishlist
23. Fashion inspiration
24. Room tour
25. How many holidays have you been on? Where would you go next?
26. A day in the life
27. Cheap hotels for when you're travelling on a budget
28. Bucket list
29. Faviourite Holiday destinations
30. Childhood Memories
31. Throwback Thursday
32. Talk about the history of something
33. Night in kit
34. Pamper Routine
35. Write a time capsule post for your future self
36. Feel good movie list
37. 5 things you love to do in summer
38. Why you started blogging
39. What you do for a pick me up
40. Review one of your faviourite products
41. Interview someone
42. Share the story of how you got interested in cooking
43. Take a cook book and try a new recipe from it twice a week, make it into a blogpost series
44. What are your favourite gifs? Why?
45. Monthly to do list
46. Your faviourite bloggers
47. Post a Recipe
48. A how to post
49. A diary entry

50. An open letter
51. Advice to your younger self
52. Your faviourite blog posts round up
53. An FAQ
54. A picture post
55. Music playlist
56. What's your favourite budget beauty items?
57. Know of any discount? Share them
58. Write about a trend, analyse it
59. Show off your favourite pictures to date
60. Faviourite youtubers
61. Things you have achieved that you are proud off
62. Your morning routine
63. This or that post
64. What you eat in a day
65. Is there a certain sport you love to watch on tv? What is it, tell us about it
66. Fitness diary
67. Do you have a method to track your stats? What is it and why do you like your method?
68. What's your 5 year plan? Map it out for us
69. Top 10 of your faviourite tv series
70. Talk about something currently in the news
71. Date night ideas
72. Your favourite jokes
73. Joke ideas for trick or treating
74. Do you get distracted easily? How do you manage it?
75. All about your best friend/s
76. Your idea of a perfect day
77. What photography means to you
78. How has reading impacted your life?
79. Create a in depth guide, something you're passionate about.
80. Dream house
81. Blogger mail unboxing
82. How do you stay organised
83. Faviourite blogging apps
84. How do you edit your photos
85. What's on your phone
86. Monthly Empties
87. How much is your face worth?
88. Faviourite online stores
89. Quick fire round post
90. Do you have tips on staying focused? Why bot share them
91. Introduce us to your pets
92. Monthly wishlist
93. If you could blog in another niche for a week, what would it be and why?
94. Create a beginner's guide on something you're well educated in
95. Girls night in ideas
96. Do you have any advice on making money from blogging? Share it!
97. Couples night in ideas
98. The best places you've ever been on a date
99. What gets on your nerves?

100. Do you like wearing lipstick? What are some tips for people who are scared of trying something new?
101. Skincare routine
102. Your favourite comics
103. I don't care.... write about things you don't care about
104. Then and now blog edition
105. Why not share a writer's guide
106. Create a funny photo pets post
107. What's the meaning of life? From your perspective
108. Show off some things you do in life
109. Share how you could market a book
110. If you could only write one book, what would it be about and why?
111. What do you do in your spare time
112. Pintrest inspiration
113. Have you been through something that's rarely talked about? Why not let your voice be heard and share your story
114. 1000 word challenge, is a picture really worth 1000 words?
115. Write about your failures, how did you overcome them?
116. Faviourite Makeup looks
117. Exploring your family tree
118. Go to a restaurant you're not too keen on, document the experience
119. Do you have any tattoos? show us.
120. Tattoo wishlist
121. Create your own superhero or villain, who would they be, what would they look like?
122. Favourite nail varnishes
123. Nail art inspiration
124. Funniest things you've seen this week
125. Do you have a disability? Why not raise awareness about it and how it affects you
126. Create a debate, have your readers engage with you
127. Tour of your city
128. Explain everything that goes into you creating a blog post
129. Family traditions
130. 5 words that describe you and/or you blog, why?
131. Faviourite bands
132. Faviourite brands
133. What's one thing that always makes you feel confident?
134. Faviourite concerts you've been to
135. Dream date
136. Do you enjoy canva? Share a tutorial for those who may not know how to use it
137. Dream holiday
138. Birthday Gift Guide
139. Party wear post
140. Research something, document it
141. Let your guard down, write a post
142.  Googles most searched - choose a topic and do your best to answer them
143. Faviourite games
144. If you were to create a product, what would it be and why?
145. Walk through of your beauty routine
146. Faviourite High street stores
147. Tips on staying productive
148. Speculate about urban legends
149. Amazon wishlist

150. How you stay organised
151. Celebrity Crushes
152. Share your creative process
153. Do you still read magazines? What's your favourites?
154. How to survive a sick day
155. If you could fly away tomorrow, where would you go and why?
156. What are your current goals and how are you trying to achieve them?
157. A middle of the year update
158. Can you create a guide for using Instagram stories? Why not share it
159. Are you cutting out something this month? What is it and why?
160. Perfect Summer's day
161. You're going to a festival tomorrow, what's in your bag and why?
162. Winter survival products
163. Profile one of your favourite brands
164. Faviourite fall looks
165. Positive affirmation for when you need it
166. Faviourite movie characters
167. What book has had a big impact on you?
168. Promote a cause you're passionate about
169. Tutorial
170. A Quiz
171. Superstitions post
172. Are you taking meat free days? How are you finding it?
173. Your views on recent events
174. Your political stance
175. What you belive in
176. Describe how something is made
177. Keep a diary of your dreams for a week, discuss them.
178. Yearly round up
179. Easy vegan recipes
180. Has a film ever sparked inspiration for a blog post? If so, when and why?
181. What you have learned from your parents
182. Who is your biggest inspiration
183. Share off some of your most successful social media posts
184. Your faviourite blogger and why
185. Which bloggers inspire you most
186. Faviourite Social media accounts
187. How you plan blog posts
188. Your predictions for the future
189. The best quotes you've found on pinterest
190. Your good/bad habbits
191. A personal story you love
192. Dream job and why
193. Worst jobs and why
194. Create a give away, give back to your followers
195. Do you have a favourite place you get stock images from? Why not share it
196. Tips for vlogging
197. Travel checklist
198. A new skill you want to learn
199. Create your own recipe and share it

200. Share your take on a traditional recipe
201. Something you have learned in the past year
202. Blog post ideas
203. Haul
204. Products you dislike
205. Travel guide of your hometown
206. Things you've learned in X amount of years
207. Weekly update
208. Monthly empties
209. Poems
210. Recipes for vegetarians
211. Where did your last post idea come from? How did you get there?
212. Why not create an alternative history had a world event not happened
213. What you're reading now
214. Show off your kitchen
215. What are your favourite things to bake?
216. Write about your favourite songs and how they make you feel
217. Share your personal style
218. Day out photo diary
219. What did you struggle with when you started blogging?
220. Favourite foundation
221. Charity shop finds
222. You're going on holiday and can only pack light, what is a priority?
223. Tips and tricks
224. How do you blog when travelling?
225. Where is the weirdest places you've stayed?
226. Do you have any family traditions for Christmas? What are they?
227. What's your favourite way to spend easter if you celebrate it?
228. If you were a millionaire...
229. Showcase different cultures
230. How would you spend £10,000
231. Your dream home by room
232. Your dream holiday
233. Watch a tv series, create a blog post series around it, make it weekly.
234. Best holiday you've been on
235. Weekly photo diary
236. Things your greatful for
237. D.I.Y ideas
238. If you could direct any movie, what would it be and why?
239. If you were to create a game, what would it be and why?
240. Your university experience
241. College experience
242. Let out your anger, have a rant about a topic/opinion you don't agree with
243. Becoming a parent
244. Things you've learned since being a parent
245. Funny things your kids do
246. Funny things your pet does
247. How are you getting on with your current reading list?
248. Your favourite animals
249. School memories 

250. Talk about how you started gaming
251. Try something new and document it
252. Your experience with MH
253. Pick a word at random and create a blog post around it
254. Collaborate with someone
255. What you're working on
256. Behind the scenes
257. Yearly bucket list
258. What skills should someone need if they want to get into your field of career?
259. Review a cafe you've been to
260.  Who has given you the best life advice? What was it?
261. Write a list of games, number them from best to worst
262. The best netflix originals
263. What you're growing in your garden
264. Conspiracy theorys you like
265. Cleaning tips and tricks
266. Does your family and friends know about your blog? If so, what were their reactions? If not, why do you keep it separate
267. Your favourite cleaning products
268. Creepiest places you've been
269. Your views on the paranormal
270. Are you taking part in any challenges? Share them with us
271. Do you have any information about pets that could help people?
272. If you believe in crystal healing powers or not
273. What would you say to your 5 year old self?
274. Embarrassing stories
275. Truth vs lie post, see if your readers can guess!
276. If you were running for prime minister/president, what would your campaign look like?
277. What keeps you motivated?
278. Current social topics
279. Start documenting your days
280. What's the toughest part of being a blogger?
281. Start a biography about yourself
282. 10 things you love about life
283. 5 things you've learned this year
284. Best christmas gifts you've ever recieved
285. Write about your favourite game franchise
286. What game character do you most identify with and why?
287. How do you survive the winter?
288. Tips and tricks for surviving the hot weather.
289. Create a short story
290. Design a room based on a colour you hate
291. Design a room based on a primary colour
292. Journal a major life experience you've had
293. Start a project, document it
294. Can you give financial advice? Tips and tricks for saving
295. Conversational post
296. What your dream day would look like
297. If you were stranded on an island...
298. Ask for feedback and engage with a questions based post
299. A refresh blog post telling new followers and readers who you are 

300. 10 things people may not know about you
301. Have you used facebook ads before? What was it like, share your feelings and opinions
302. Show case some of your followers
303. Ask for guest posts
304. Go into detail about how you spent your week.
305. Review latest movies
306. Completely useless facts
307. Know ways to make some more cash? Share them
308. Your opinions on common misconceptions
309. What was your first day of school like?
310. Your stance on bullying
311. Stereotypes, do you believe in them or no?
312. Looking at your best abilities
313. Show off your resume
314. Talk about a local business or artist
315. How to live in a more sustainable way
316. Can you offer advice on living a more eco friendly lifestyle?
317. If you had a time machine, show would you use it?
318. Create a book club post
319. List of ridiculous laws in the world
320. Give us a tour around your desk
321. Show us your happy place
322. If you could switch places with for a day a celebrity, who would it be and why?
323. Show us your latest shopping list, tall us through your purchases
324. What would you change about the world and why?
325. If youd had 3 wishes, what would they be and why?
326. Your friends been in a coma for 10 years, explain the world to them now in 500 words of less.
327. Favourite YouTube videos and why
328. What's some advice that hasn't worked for you?
329. How do you use social media?
330. What's your thoughts on Instagram algorithm?
331. Give something up for a month and document the process
332. Create a photo challenge, showcase people who took part
333. Share a positive memory you have
334. Funny things your other half does
335. Write down the things your other half does/says that made you laugh for a week, share them with us
336. Do you have a life motto? What is it?
337. If you could get a tattoo tomorrow, what would it be and why?
338. 10 little things that made you smile this week
339. Where do you get fashion inspiration from?
340. Create a mood board for your wardrobe
341. Create a mood board that reflects where you are at in life right now
342. What does your schedule look like this month?
343. If you could only have two pieces of technology, what would they be and why?
344. Take an online quiz, write about it
345. Do you play games on your phone? What are they?
346. Share a uplifting spotify playlist
347. Create a playlist for bloggers and share it, talk about it in a blog post, turn it into a weekly or monthly series
348. When you have a day off, how do you spend it vs how you wish you could spend it
349. What's your mission statement? Let your readers know 

350. Instagram bloopers post
351. How do you manage all your social media?
352. Do you have a specific routine? Tell us about it
353. Have you had to deal with death? What did you learn and how did you cope
354. Got a favourite film maker? Write a profile on them
355. Create a task for you to do, write about it
356. Try out a friends hobby, write about your experience
357. Do your friends support your blog? Or do they not know about it?
358. How have past relationships affected you?
359. Design your dream bed room, show us
360. If you play the sims, create a story line, write about it
361. Review your favourite games
362. Review a new game
363. Why not talk about some memories with you and your best friend
364. Create a bucket list with your BFF, write about it, do check in posts
365. What's your take on ebooks and cources for blogging?
366. What do you think of the term "influencer"
367. Who would you take a bullet for and why?
368. Choose a picture you've taken and write about it, make it weekly, picture of the week
369. Do a review of your own blog, think about where you were a year ago and where you are now
370. Tall about what ifs, make up alternative scenarios
371. Reaction blog post
372. Your favourite cartoons from childhood
373. Write about your favourite toys from your childhood
374. Tell us What your favourite takeaways are
375. Know how to get your hands on free samples? Why not share that
376. Beauty products you buy every month
377. Tips on switching up skincare routines
378. Products everyone should have in their bathroom cabinet 

379: 5 Things you would save in a fire
380: If tomorrow was the last day on earth...
381: 5 People you want with you in a zombie apocalypse
382: Top 10 Movies to cry to 
383: Songs for the shower
384: If I lived in the 1920's

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    1. Thank you so much 😊 that really means alot as I was searching for ages to find the perfect theme, glad it's all working ok and very pleased to hear it's loading well

  2. This is such a helpful post! There are times when the ideas just flow for me and I think of so many different post ideas but some times I do get really stuck. I love the idea of having a playlist of posts for bloggers! Ill be saving this post for when I’m next stuck with ideas

    1. Thank you 😊 it took ages to compile the list, writing down ideas in my phone notes here and there but thought they would be helpful for others in the same boat as me, hitting writers block lol

  3. Oh my gosh girl this is such an extensive list and I've bookmarked this for future reference! Some amazing ideas, thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿 www.kayleighzaraa.com

    1. Haha thanks, I'm so glad its helpful 😊 it's really easy to run out of ideas I feel so having something like this is also helping me beat the writers block.

  4. This post is a great starting point to brainstorm ideas! Saving it straight away to come back to when I'm stuck for new ideas.

    Abi xo | www.wanderlustdaydreaming.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I'm really glad it's helpful πŸ’–

  5. holy fricken moly this is the best list of post ideas i have ever seen. the fact that you were able to think of over 350 ideas is mind blowing to me! will definitely be saving this for when i can’t think of an idea! x

    mich / simplymich.com

    1. Aww thank you lovely! Means a lot πŸ˜ŠπŸ’– it took so long to compile but I'm glad I did, it helped me find new ideas as well along the way x

  6. Dang! This really is a huge list haha I will be taking some ideas from it. Thank you!

  7. WOW that is a really long list! A lot of great ideas there too, a couple of which I sometimes use. Thanks for sharing x

  8. Wow, I think I am suffering from over-inspiration burn out! Never have I come across so many prompts in a single post. With some for every niche, I cannot imagine anyone could leave this without being struck by ideas. I hope you come back to this as well, should you need inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I'm already using these as inspiration tbh Haha I've got writers block atm so it's been good going through these again

  9. Thank you so much for the time you took to put this list together. It's very inspiring and I am sure I will take lots of advantage from it. Thanks again!


    1. Thank you for commenting 😊 I'm really glad that you found inspiration from the ideas x

  10. You are a genius and so kind to share this with us bloggersπŸ’– Sometimes I get a writer's block or run out out topic ideas. I just know this list will provide me with the ultimate help. I'm bookmarking this post to my phone!!πŸ‘πŸΎ

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. Aww thank you so much, that's very kind of you 😊 I'm glad its helpful x

  11. OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. i keep on looking for list of blog ideas but none really feels right. but there's tonnes in your list that i would totally love to write. thanks!

    // afifahaaddnan.com

    1. Aww thank you so much! I'm really glad that it's helpful πŸ’•

  12. This is one of the best I have seen! I love posts like this, they are so inspiring and can often lead to many other ideas.

    Thank you so much for sharing x x

    1. Aww thank you! This is so kind of you πŸ’•

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    1. Aww thank you so much, glad it was helpful :)

  14. This is SUCH a fantastic list!!! How did you come up with some many amazing ideas?? I'm in awe! Thank you so much for so much inspiration when I'm having bloggers block! <3

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Thank you so much Emily! That means alot, I'm really glad it was helpful

  15. Lots of smashing ideas. This is the best list that I've seen to date.

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