Let's look on the bright side

After posting my first blog post back to blogging, I've been itching to write some more blog posts which is an effect I never expected to get from writing the first one and I couldn't be happier! I've been busy writing away, letting my creativity flow and so I thought I would focus on all the good things that have happened over the past few months this time round because I have a lovely little collection of achievements that have made me feel so good, even if it was only for a few moments amongst the darkness.

If you follow my blog or social media you'll know I've been studying film making at college the past few years, I just completed my HNC and got my unconditional for the HND which was a great little achievement. Knowing I'm going back to continue my studying gave me some hope where I felt there was none. Because of everything that happened I wasn't in college much, I was off for basically 2 months whilst I felt with everything and I'm very lucky I have such amazing lecturers who made allowances for me but I managed to get all my work submitted on time, yay for me!

It was very unexpected but I walked away from my HNC year with an award for the best Graded unit of my class and highest Mark's in the class... I was speechless! Considering I had a lot of time off because of my fibro this year and then with what happened a few months ago it honestly made me believe in myself because if I can produce work that's worthy of an award and get the highest Mark's with all the personal stuff going on then I can only imagine what I'll achieve when I'm at my best. I worked so hard and I'm beyond proud of myself for what I achieved, I proved to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. I also managed to produce my own short film which was written, directed, produced and edited by myself along with sound design, now, it's not the best and the editing certainly isn't the best it could be and that's down to the fact I didn't have the time to spend on it, between being bed bound from infections, bad fibro flare ups and being in hospital any times I'm surprised I even got it fully edited at all but I did it. I'm so lucky to have had an amazing team behind me who were the absolute best, I really couldn't have done it without them. It's scary to do this but I've included my short film below, this is my edit at the moment but now that I have some more time I plan on really working on it, sorting image stabilisation, doing colour correction and more but for now, this is my finished product.

Speaking of edits, I also put together a film noir trailer which we worked in at the end of last year and start of this year. I had an amazing group to work with and we were named the dream team by fellow call mates due to how well we done. We all worked so well together, we were first finished and were told we got first place for it which felt amazing! I would work with the boys again in a heart beat because I feel like we could create some absolutely amazing work and I'm hoping we start some more projects together in the future. Cast & Crew; Andrew, Donald, Michael & Myself.
This is the edit for the film noir I done, Analog Truths.

The next amazing thing that's happened this year is Bear... the newest addition to the bear family. Bear is a beautiful border collie who has entered out lives and captured little bears heart, he was the one who named him and he is absolutely smitten with him. Bear likes to chew shoes, case little bear around the garden and absolutely loves getting treats. He's the most adorable little pup ever and I'm just so smitten with him, hes just so cute.

Now this isn't so much of an achievement if I'm honest but in my head I'm telling myself that it is Haha. Prior to Sims 4 Island living being released I owned all of the sims 4 packs... they had a huge sale on in January where I purchased about 60% of them and then when I received my award for best HNC graded unit my lovely other half bought me the remaining 40% as a congratulations gift, it's safe to say that I was over the moon. Sims has always been my favourite RPG and it will continue to be, I love escaping into the different characters, playing different games and trying out some challenges. I've completed the 100 baby challenge, fell in love with a vampire family, lost some beloved sims and found myself getting obsessed with different careers. Now that island living has came out I've found myself pining over it because MERMAIDS! I am in love with everything mermaid and I cannot wait to get the new pack but I'm pacing myself and I've set a goal of purchasing it when I go back to college so I don't end up to engrossed with it over the holidays haha.

And now for some little mentions that have been little Ray's of light lately. We have been having more family days outs which I've loved, we've had many dinners out, lunches, cinema days and more. It's been great doing things as a family and I've loved all the quality time I've had with little bear. We had a great day out getting dinner at TGIs and then going to see toy story 4 at Glasgow fort, it truly was a family day as both little bears grans came along with us which he just adored. We've also been to the beach where I got burnt for the first time ever in my life! I couldn't believe it, I always keep myself covered in cream because sun damage is a big fear of mine but it just didn't do the trick this time, I was so glad I kept little bear covered as he was absolutely fine, no sunburn for him. 

Little bear has also had loads of achievements these past few months, hes graduated nursery, all set for primary one in august! I can't believe my baby will be in school in less that two months, I could cry (and I have haha) he has also worked his way to his 5th belt in taekwondo and continues to go to his training which he loves! I'm so glad that he is enjoying it, he hates having to miss any classes when hes been sick or it's been a holiday for them, he's always wanting to go, his commitment to it just fills me with pride. He's also lost his first baby tooth! And looks mega cute with his little gap haha. Little bear has been telling everyone and anyone about it along with the fact that he is 5, for some reason that's the first thing he tells someone when he talks to them. I really could not be more proud of him, hes excelling right now which I'm very grateful for because after everything that's happened at home, I wouldn't have been surprised if he sank into his shell for a while. I tried to keep him away from as much as possible but it's really hard when he's used to always being by my side, he has taken it all so well.

As much as it's been a horrible past 12 months with breaking my ribs, the house fire, dealing with multiple deaths, losing another baby, my fibro getting worse and so much more, I have to admit that there have been some amazing experiences in between. I'm at a point now where I take nothing for granted, I have to look for the good in everything. Here is to better and bigger things, I hope the good luck continues and there's nothing bad on the horizon for the near future.

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  1. I love this post, and so many congratulations on getting top of the class! You must be so, so proud of yourself! You’ve had so much thrown at you, so this is a massive achievement. Heck, even with a good year, this is still huge!

    I can’t even imagine how much of a proud parent moment you must be having for little bear going to Primary! It’s amazing how quickly time flies by isn’t it?

    Its fair to say you’ve not had the best first half to the year, but I’m so glad things are picking up for you, and even more so that you’ve picked out all the happy moments through the darker times.

    Em xx


    1. Aww thank you so much hun 😊💖 I really am proud tbh, it's been a hard year so to have achieved what I have has made me so happy! And I'm definitely over proud of little bear haha he's doin so well with everything 💕

  2. Aww thank you so much hun 💕 that's so kind of you x

  3. Congratulations on your achievements.You are doing so right being proud of you, because you worked hard for it, very well done. Thank you for encouraging others with this great post.

    1. Aww thank you so so much! This means a lot 💕💖