Netflix: what I'm watching

I really love sitting down and binge watching netflix, it's one of my favourite things to do because I can always find the best things to watch. So I thought I would talk about what I've been watching this past week and my thoughts on them all.

I was dying to sink my teeth into some new shows and films, even though I had been watching netflix, I was rewatching Rick and Morty for some easy viewing but I wasnt really throwing myself into a show or movie so I set out to find some things to add to my watch list, I've watched a lot over the past few weeks but I thought I would keep things short, well, as short as possible haha and only talk about what I've watched this past week.

Secret obsession

I seen that this was a new addition to Netflix and that it was a Netflix original so I really wanted to give it a watch and I really love Netflix original stuff, I feel like they are really elevating the game and this was perfect, exactly what I was looking for, or so I thought.....

I really don't want to ruin anything for anyone about the film so please skip this part if you haven't seen it yet. Although I won't be discussing major plot points I don't want to ruin anyone experience. Now I've gotten that out of the way, let me tell you my thoughts, it's 2 hours of my life that I won't get back, it was abysmal to say the least. There were far too many plot holes for me to take it seriously, they introduced characters for no reason, they did not make any attempt to try and have it make sense, it's like they didn't even try with this one. I genuinely feel like it's a time filler movie, it makes no sense so you don't need to pay attention, background noise at best.

Blown away

I saw this when I was looking for something quick to stick on in the background for some noise but I found myself being pulled in and being able to move. I watched the whole series in a night when I couldn't sleep and I loved every second of it. It was a great reality tv competition show, there was no drama and it was nice to just see these amazing designers and their work. Do I think the right person won? No. But it was a really enjoyable series in all.

Queer eye 

Queer eye has become so big now that I just have to binge watch it, I can't start and stop at any time so I need to make sure I've got time to watch, this was binged one night when my fibro was really bad. I watched it in bed with a hot water bottle, I watched it whilst in the bath, I carried it with me on my ipad because I was so gripped. I cried, have tissues at the ready and I loved the whole season. It's such a fabulous programme, and fab 5 they are!

Murder mystery

When this title showed up I couldn't resist watching it, I'm a sucker for Adam Sandler, his movies are my guilty pleasure. I know a lot of people find him unfunny and his movies are pretty much all the same but I grew up on his movies, I loved them so I was a little bias going into this one. I know Adam and Jennifer have worked together before and that movie was mediocre at best in my opinion, I enjoyed watching it but not one I could revisit for a second time.

I liked the story behind this movie, I did laugh at some parts and I found the simplicity of it pretty good. They have went a bit far fetched and that annoyed me slightly but I've come to expect that with his movies. I'm glad to say I've seen it but again, I dont think this is one I would watch a second time.

The Great Hack 

When this popped up I wasn't eager to click on it but after not finding much else, I decided what the heck. I lost track a little at the start but once it got going, I was hooked. I texted Stephen straight away to tell him to watch it. My eyes were definitely opened, the way our data is used and mined, it was a shock to really see it, you read about it somewhere and you never really pay it much thought, but after seeing this I'm going to be paying attention to everything! I would for sure reccomend this to everyone, it's an eye opener. 

The people vs OJ Simpson 

*Caution, spoilers ahead*
Despite hearing about this numerous times, it wasn't on my to watch list, ever. I've been looking for lots of crime documentaries to watch lately, I go through phases all the time and the genre often ends up at crime so I was happy to be in this phase again but I wanted to ease myself in with a dramatised documentary instead of real cases and footage etc... I came across this title whilst looking at crime stuff so I thought why not, I'm always hearing about it, might as well give it a go. I wasn't invested in it fully to be honest, sometimes I was on my phone, playing games, ushering little bear back to bed but once I was settled that night I got sucked in. I know it's a dramatised effort to explain the whole thing but I was a bit "meh" on it all, I was however sucked in when the jurors were getting kicked off one by one, I found that quite interesting. I'm not sure I liked the castsin either, maybe that's what threw it off a little, I didn't bond with any characters, I found myself perplexed by them at times and it was frustrating. I would be rolling my eyes and it hit me that I must be interested in this for some reason and that's because I was interacting, I was thinking about things, the plot, the story, the characters and I then went on to read up about the case etc... and that lead me to learn some new information. Anything that helps me expand my knowledge in any way is welcome.


I was a little sceptical about this one, it didn't seem like it had a big budget (not that it means anything) but I was intrigued by the synopsis. I thought why not give it a go, and  I'm glad I did!
I loved this move from the outset, I liked the style plus maisie Williams was in it so you know, fan girl moment! It felt a little slow but once it got into the plot the whole thing was brilliant, I really don't want to spoil this for anyone so I'll keep details secret but there was this one sequence in a scene where the music built up and the main character walking through just gave me goosebumps. I was hooked and the film knew just what to give me. The ending was ok but I wanted more of an update, if you've seen it I hope you know what I mean. It felt a little sudden yet expected, it contradicted my thoughts which is a good thing and overall I enjoyed it.

Manhunt: Unabomber

*Caution, may contain spoilers*
I've heard about the Unabomber before, often through crime programmes I watched with my gran when I was younger but as I grew up I stopped hearing anything so it went out of my mind that he even existed until I saw this on Netflix.

I started to watching this, again it was another night I couldn't sleep and this got me hooked so I don't think I could have slept until I knew everything anyway. I was glued to the screen, little bear didn't get up at all that night which made it even better, no distractions. I really think that's the only way you can watch this, by submerging yourself into it. I loved the main character, the use of linguistics to help catch a killer was brilliant. It reminded me of criminal minds, hearing about behavioral analysis etc... that's something I find very intriguing. I watched, mostly on the edge of my seat, I wanted the information, I needed to consume it there and then, I wanted to know everything at once but Manhunt didn't give it all up, it kept me hooked, drawed it out, made me watch every second of it, this is now one of my favourite documentary film things ever. It was intriguing, the dynamics between Ted (unabomber) and Jim (the one who cracked the case) even though they had never met, Ted didn't even know about him but the tension between the two was electric, I wanted to see them meet, I was dying to see that, I wanted to put a face on the man who had been doing it all and I genuinely think the set up of this series was done perfectly. Its was flashbacks and present day but they weren't too frequent and it always related to what was happening, I didn't felt jolted by it and liked the way they used this editing throughout. This was another show that sparked an interest in me to go looking for  more information, learn the details and it was sad to find out parts I genuinely enjoyed weren't even real, but it was still good. I now have another criminal case I can take a dive into.

So that's what I've been watching in Netflix, I'm thoroughly enjoying the crime stuff but I'm also keep to try out new genres. If you have any Netflix recommendations, leave them below!

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  1. I finished The Great Hack last weekend and I found it to be very insightful and interest. To be honest, I never paid much to Facebook and my data but after watching that documentary, it made me want to dive into more about digital data and profiles.

    Manhunt was amazing! I binged watch it so quickly and everything about that series was so well done.

    1. It's really interesting isnt it? I've changed the way I look at online life now and how data is being used, a very insightful watch to be honest. And very much agreed about manhunt, I was hooked, binged it so fast lol

  2. I really need to give Queer Eye a go - can't believe I still haven't gotten round to watching it

    1. Queer eye is soooo good! I'm mega addicted and need there to be a new season every month lol

  3. I'm always on the hunt for new things to watch, and so far I've only watched one thing from this list. I've heard so many good things about murder mystery, and I definitely need to watch it. Great list xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Murder mystery was quite good, it's a really easy watch tbh and perfect for some light hearted viewing 😊 x

  4. So I haven’t seen a single one of these shows, and am currently wondering why! 🙈 I need something for when I finish White Collar! Next up on my to watch list is S4 of You Me Her and the last season of Suits 😍

    1. You really need to watch them! 😍 well, the good ones anyway Haha. I've finished you me and her and all up to date on suits, I've got a serious addiction to netflix 😂

  5. Ooooh interesting choices! I loved Murder Mystery and Secret Obsession is on my list to watch next :)

    Shannon x

  6. Murder mysteries are soo good aren't they?!

  7. Yes to Queer Eye which is simply fantastic and one of the most uplifting programme ever - despite how much it makes me cry! I still haven't watched Murder Mystery yet or The People Vs OJ!

    1. It's so good right?! I'm always crying at something in the show lol they are both quite good, the people cs OJ was really good, made me look into it more.

  8. Always looking for new things to watch! x