Self care; It doesn't have to be complicated

Lately I've realised just how important Self care is, after going through so much I had to find a way to make me feel better and get my mental state into a good place.

Taking care of myself was always a priority for me until life threw me a curve ball and I couldn't leave my bed most days so actually doing something for me, taking care of myself was pushed to the back of my mind. I got to a really low point, I didn't want to be here anymore but I knew I had to find a way to get myself out of this head space, it wasn't healthy and it certainly didn't help the situation so I made a move to do more things that made me, well, feel more like me.  It was at this point I started doing little things that made me fell more human, it started with brushing my teeth twice a day, then up to showering regularly, then my skin care routine and so on and so forth. I made the gradual move from every day things to more in depth care treatments. I started to have bubble baths again, I got excited about using new bath bombs, the thought of laying back and relaxing made bath time more exciting. From there I came up with a self care schedule that included one thing each day I could do to just take some me time,  and it worked.

I really liked my schedule, I wrote it two weeks in advance and have carried it on from there, making sure I always have two weeks worth of daily self care activities. I have things like - make a cup of tea and catch up on the news, paint your nails, write in your journal, cook a meal, take a bath, watch a movie, read a book and so much more. I've tried not to make it complicated, not putting two "energy draining" activities next to each other as to not overwhelm myself. I definitely think this routine I've came up with has helped het me into a better head space, it helped me come back to blogging and it pulled me out of a hole because I tried to remind myself that taking time for me isn't selfish, it's like the plane mask thing, you have to put your mask on before help others. If I'm not at my best I can't give mu best and that's not what I want for my son, I don't want him to see me laying down and quitting.

Taking some time for you is so important, it's really easy to be caught up in the daily grind and forget that you need to take some you time and before you know it, you're blowing up at little things, you're annoyed, you're irritable and that's not great, you know it isn't but you can't help it. Taking even just 5 minutes out of your day for you can help Improve your mood, help you sleep better and perform better all round. It's good to escape the day for a bit to let your brain calm down and process your day, letting you have that "ahhhh" moment, much like when you take your bra off *wink wink ladies lol*
Self care doesn't have to be complicated, I feel like there are still people out there who think self care just means giving yourself a good pamper with a bath, candles etc... but it's not, it's taking a slice of your day and putting it aside just for you, no one else, just you doing you, whatever that is. Some of my favourite every day self care activities are:

• Time for tea! Grab yourself a cuppa, sit down somewhere comfortable and quiet if possible, pick out any book, magazine, phone, what ever you like and forget your day, focus on something that takes your mind somewhere else and just relax.

• Be at one with nature, sit outside for 5 minutes. Ditch the phone, just sit and appreciate the sounds around you and the air you're breathing. Leave everything else behind and just breath. This could also be a great time to get some meditation worked into your schedule. 

• Speaking of meditation... Meditation may not be for you, but if you haven't tried it yet then now is as good a time as any to try it. There are loads of apps out there that are free plus there's YouTube so you know, lots of content readily available to help you start out and keep going. I'm not huge on it but I try to do it a few times a week, mainly before bed, it helps calm me down and centre myself again. 

• Read your favourite book on your commute to and from work. Or play your favourite songs. Make up a happy playlist full of songs that out you in a good mood and use it whilst you're driving it sitting on public transport.

• Listen to your favourite songs when you're getting ready. Put on the best songs that will set you up for the day, whatever they are.

• Drink your water. Drinking water is great for lots of things, it's healthy for you, it can help improve your skin, keep you hydrated and more. Gotta keep your insides healthy as well.

• Write down positive affirmations in a journal. Go on pinterest, Google, anywhere and look for positive affirmations, when you find ones you like, write them down or why not just write/draw in your journal, just make some use our of it because it can be therapeutic.

• Colouring books you say? There are loads of adult colouring books out there, I get a lot of mine from the works or amazon then some gel pens for colouring in, gel pens are my favourite to colour with.

• Exercise that green thumb of yours. If you're into gardening then that can really help, my gran is a massive gardener, she's brilliant at it and most of my friends with gardens come to her with tips and even facebook message her about stuff Haha so she's been teaching me some tricks and I have to say, spending some time in the garden, being with the nature, it helps me clear my mind and I feel accomplished afterwards. Plus the garden then looks so pretty and I want to sit out in it even more to get some air. 

• Take a walk. Sometimes when you're really in a cloudy state in your mind it can help to go for a walk to clear your mind. It's a good form of exercise with helps improve your mood.

•  Go to the gym/workout. I know that when I'm feeling extra stressed, having a good workout can help me release some tension and can lift my mood. Not only do I feel a little better, I also feel good for working out and keeping myself healthy. Your body releases endorphins when you work out which is said to reduce your perception if pain, I also read it helps you feel good by triggering a positive feeling in your body. I can't work out like I used to but I try to do something each week wither that be walking, yoga, some at home work outs etc... and I always feel like I can take over the world once I'm done, it's amazing. 

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• Time to read. I have been trying to put down my phone every night about half an hour before I go to bed but I know I won't sleep straight away so I pick up a book and start to read. It helps calm me down, I get to enter a different world and get lost for a while.

• Fresh sheets all round! Changing my bed is the highlight of my Sunday if I'm honest, fresh sheets to start the new week. I love sliding into a clean bed, freshly washed and ironed sheets, it really makes all the difference and once I've made my bed, I refuse to get back in until bed time which helps me stay productive because I'll look at my bed, feel good about it and think of something else to do. 

• Squeeze in a nap. If you've got the time, having a nap can be very helpful. I find that it helps me feel a little better when I wake up, I have more energy and continue my day without feeling sluggish. This is a big help for me when my fibro flares up, if you're sleeping, you don't feel the pain lol 

• Get the laughs going. I find that when I watch comedies or funny movies that it instantly puts me in a good mood, I laugh my head off at the simplest of things and when I laugh, I feel good. Also watching Rom Coms helps but I guess that would come under watch a movie, right? Sometimes just laughing can help improve your mood, it's always a winner for me.

• Go on, have a bath. If you're feeling up to it and have enough time, going for a bubble bath can help you to relax. I like to light a couple of candles, at least one big one with a nice scent, create lots of bubble and then lay back and relax, listening to music or watching something on Netflix, it's a great way for me to escape.

• Get creative. Being creative is a whole umbrella of things such as drawing, painting, writing, making music etc... find your medium and go for it. I find that when I get to express my creative side it balances me out a little instead if focusing on work or family life all the time. When I get creative that's time for me to be myself and let my feelings out. I also like to work creativity into activities with little bear as a way for us to spend time together, two birds one stone you know? 

• Paint your nails/get your nails done. If you're like me and feel 10x better with a fresh set of nails, getting them done can help you feel more like you. When my nails are done I feel like I can do anything, I instantly like myself more. It's just a little confidence boost for me and I personally really enjoy this one.

• Cook up a feast! This one may not sound like self care, but stay with me here. Self care isn't just about baths and relaxing in bed, anything that makes you happy could be considered self care to be honest and cooking is something I love to do. I really don't do it as much as I should but when I do cook I get lost in the moment, I'll stick something on Netflix as I cook away and before I know it, 45 minutes have passed where I wasn't in my head about every single thing, then we all get to sit down together and eat as a family and that also makes me happy. 

• Watch some movies. Why not create a movie night for yourself, get into some pjs, have some snacks at the ready, find your comfy spot and go for it, have yourself a movie night or why not watch some new series, Netflix have a ton out, I recommend - The Society, iBoy, Queer eye, Instant hotel, swiped and loads more but we would be here all day if I kept going haha

• Get the games out. If games are more your thing, play your favourite game for a bit. Being tense leads me to play some games, it's a good way for me to get some stress out, especially when it's silent hill or something.

• Organise your space. For me, when I organise my space I feel a little better, getting rid of physical clutter often helps me to focus more on what I have to do since my surroundings are tidy. It also helps me escape for a while, if I'm focused on cleaning and organising, I don't worry about the little things. 

So there are some ways in which you can participate in self care, it doesn't have to be complicated and you should be able to for at least one of them, if I find I've had a full day that's not allowed me any time to take out of my day, I make sure when I go to bed I meditate for a few minutes. I take deep breaths, I let my mind wander and after that I list positive affirmations over and over, it's like counting sheep and before I know it, I'm asleep. I'm definitely keeping on top of my self care because the improvement it's made in my life is amazing, I feel a lot better, I can breath a little easier every day and that in turn, means I'm projecting a better version of me out into the world.

There are a few other ways I'm researching at the moment that a lot of people use for self care and it's helped them live a better life, stuff like crystals etc... because I find the crystal healing powers, good luck and more, very very interesting. I'm trying to learn as much as I can so I do it right. So if anyone has any tips or posts on Crystal's and how to use them, hit me up! 

Anyway, that's some of the ways I practice self care, what are some of the ways you take care of yourself? And remember, self care shouldn't be complicated, find what works for you and create a loose routine around it or try my method of one thing a day, either way, make sure you're taking care of yourself. 

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  1. What a lovely post, and you are absolutely right; self care doesn't need to be complicated! In fact, if its hard work it feels more like a 'job' and then is it really even self care?

    I loved your suggestions, a few I do, but you brought up some new ones too that I'll give a try :)

    Em x

  2. Thank you so much for commenting lovely ๐Ÿ’– I agree, when it becomes hard work it's more like a chore you feel you HAVE to do instead of just enjoying yourself and relaxing or feeding your soul ๐Ÿ’– glad I could help with some new ideas ๐Ÿ’• xx

  3. I love this! I do feel like sometimes Self Care gets over complicated when it really shouldn't be. It's supposed to be time to unwind and if you have to put a lot of effort in, it's not so much self care anymore. You've given so many great ideas xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you so much hun ๐Ÿ’• it gets portrayed as something complex when it doesn't have to be.

  4. This is such an amazing list. I agree with you that self-care doesn't have to be a set of complicated or expensive rituals. Sometimes just taking a little time to do something for ourselves with no distractions is what you need.

    I've been having such a hard this last couple of weeks and I find that using my essential oils and putting some good music helps me feel better. I'm still not mentally ready to do more, like working out and gardening (which are things I love doing), but little by little I know I'll get there and start enjoying those things again.

    I think the most important things is to not feel guilty about putting ourselves first. Like you said, if we're not at our best then for sure we won't be able to live life and enjoy it fully.

    I hope you have a great day. Sending you all the positive energy and love.

    Faรซrie Lifestyle |

    1. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ’• you really shouldn't have to feel guilty about putting yourself first x

  5. I can't stress enough how much a simple thing like drinking my cup of tea in the morning to sitting outside for a few minutes to just laying on my bed doing nothing for a bit makes the hugest difference to my day. Good on you for prioritising it! I'm gonna need to write out a schedule for myself as I head back into school. Self-care usually takes a backseat when that happens, and I don't want to do that this time round. Love this post <3

    1. It really does help just getting 5 minutes to myself, the simplicity of a cuppa is bliss