I have another blog?

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I never really envisioned that I would be sitting down to write a post all about another one of my blogs... I didn't imagine I would open up another but here I am, running two blogs and there's no going back now.

I love blogging, that's no secret, I talk about it quite a lot because it's a part of my life now and I don't know what I would do without it now, I'd be lost. It's therapy in a way for me, it's a chance for me to switch of and write because when I get the inspiration, I'm lost for hours to writing, I'll curl up in front of my mac with a cuppa tea, music on and I'll type away like there's no tomorrow. Once I get started, it's hard for me to stop. Because I love blogging so much, I was very excited to see that as part of our HND we have to create a website which will be used as our portfolio and our journal. Now technically this class isn't due until next term, but I wanted to get ahead of it so when it came to the website, I had a bit of a head start. I don't want to fall behind with the amount of work so if I can incorporate something into my life right now, then I'm going to do it.

I decided to stick with the blogger platform as it's one I'm familiar with and I want to make this process as hassle free, plus I can get a lovely theme for it to make it stand out. I think having this sort of background is really going to help me with this part of my Graded unit, I love to document my process and progress, I believe having it to look back on is a lovely thought so I can see all my previous work. This will also help me out when applying for jobs next year as I'll have my online portfolio with all my content in one place.

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My new blog is https://www.jordanneleecreative.com/ - I'm not sure if I'll buy a domain name for this or not yet because I feel it may be a little pointless at this stage to fork out money for a domain name when this will be mainly for college for the time being. Maybe somewhere down the line I'll purchase one but for now that's not on the cards.

My plan for this blog is to keep a record of all my work. I take pride in the type of work I produce because I pour my heart and soul into it. Making sure I deliver high quality is always number one on my list, I want my lecturers to know I'm trying my best, that I'm thankful for this opportunity and I am listening, I am taking note and I'm implementing all the advice they give. I want to showcase some of my past work as well wither that be my journal from HNC, past photographs, film projects, behind the scenes, reviews and so much more. This website is going to be my hub, showcasing everything I do, I'm so excited to share some projects I've been involved in, share my work with a more in-depth look. I'll be critiquing myself, my work, others work and sharing my opinions on some of the topics we will be covering in college.

This project is a big one for me, I want to get high marks for this part of the unit because it's something I'm so passionate about. Education is so important to me; I love sucking up knowledge and furthering my skills both professionally and personally. I'm going to be giving this my all and I really hope I can make it work.

I would love to get some feedback from you all, I want to know your thoughts on the site and the content, it would be great to hear some honest feedback, not matter what it is because this is an opportunity for me to learn and grow, so if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see over there or even on here, let me know in the comments, all feedback welcome.

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  1. This is exciting! Really great that you've got a head start on your work too, it'll mean so much less stress later. I can't wait to see what wonderful content your new blog brings!

    Em xx


    1. Thank you so much hun! I am really happy with it, glad I started it up now.

  2. Good luck on this new adventure! Can't wait to read along!

  3. Best of luck with your new project! And I hope you get the marks you hope for — definitely getting ahead and starting now is a great idea is a way to make sure that you do!

    Love your site!

  4. Good luck, I hope everything goes well with the second blog! Especially if it is for college, but I'm sure you'll smash it!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush