Let's catch up

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Having not written a life update post in a while, I thought I would give it a go for today, my creativity is seriously lacking at the moment and I'm all out of content ideas.... what better way to solve that problem than having a good old' chin wag. 

So I should probably clarify me being out if content because it's not exactly 100% true, see, I have loads of blog posts sitting in my drafts but I either don't have photos for them, haven't finished writing them or it's just not the right time to hit publish. There is content, somewhat, but my creativity has plateaued, and the blog posts aren't being completed. I thought it would be fun to have a more casual post today, keeping it chatting and light as I update you all on what's happening around here. 

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I'm in my HND year of Film & Television which is crazy to actually say as I honestly didn't know if I would ever get here. It's extremely full on, there's assignments left, right and centre but if I'm honest, it's really enjoyable.

We are taking a more in depth look at law which I have found very fascinating, I didn't expect Law and Communications to be one of my favourite classes, but I honestly can't wait to learn more each week. My gran made a comment the other day when I told her it was one of my favourites, she recalled when I was a little girl and said I always wanted to be a lawyer... It was really weird, suddenly I remembered all those times I played lawyers with my teddy bears haha.

We are also tasked with making a documentary, right now I'm a little stressed and in my head about it because I'm constantly worrying what I'm doing will fall through or won't be enough, fingers crossed that's not the case.

on the 8th October our Lecturer sent Linda, Donald and myself along to Motherwell college to cover the BILT summit. It was such an amazing day, we filmed some workshops, had a great interview and I managed to get some really cool photos, all in all it was a great experience and I'm so proud of us.

Other than that everything is going well, I'm enjoying every minute of it and I've got a pretty exciting work placement coming up where I'll be in learning the ropes of a digital content team, it's with a dream company and I'm very thankful my lecturer got this for me, not being able to talk more about it is killing me but it makes it more special.

Close up of a double bed with a large grey headboard with pink geometric pattern bed sheets. There are 2 large pink pillows, 2 medium great pillows with gold geometric pattern and 2 small round pink fluffy pillows and a silver laptop on the bed and a side table in the background blurred.


Things with the blog seem to be going well, I've taken a long time off from working with brands as I didn't want to commit to something when I couldn't give 100%. Now that the dust has settled in my personal life, I'm back to setting myself goals, I'm aiming to pitch to brands again and writing more content that makes me happy. After having a big break it's allowed me to refresh my perspective, to re-evaluate where I am and what I want to achieve, I'm more focused now than I've ever been. 

I also signed up for the Grow and Glow membership, I haven't been able to sit down and really go through it like I should, but I've managed to complete a few tasks, mainly Instagram ones. 

I really want my blog to work, although this is still mainly a passion project, when I leave college I want to be in a position where I can earn some money to tide me over until I get in somewhere or start my own freelance business. In a bid to take blogging more serious I also updated my theme; it was time I went for a more professional look with a clear layout. 

Extreme close up of medicine that is used to treat a cold. They are sitting on a white table with a skull mug in the bacground. There are Day nurse tablets, cough medicine, lemsips . and vitamin c tablets.

Personal Life 

I feel like I'm taking two steps forward and 3 steps back at the moment. I've been sick for a few weeks now, at first, we thought it was the cold, then a virus, then a cold again and now I have no idea what it actually is. I've got the worst cough and my throat feels like sandpaper 24/7. Because of this it's affecting my sleep, I'm only getting about 2/3 hours a night which means my fibromyalgia is flaring up really bad and I'm not getting a good chance to rest. When you're a mama, you don't have time for rest, little bear is constantly on the go and the worse I feel, the more hyper he is... it's torture.

Apart from that I'm having some car issues, it passed its MOT but god knows how, even the guy who done it said it was a mystery it passed because it needed some work done. I got new brake pads & disks, new oil tank, new track rods and other little things. There are still a few more minor jobs needing done but after that it should be all good.... at least it better be! 

My mental health is a lot better now thought, I am continuing to be positive when I can but allowing myself some down time. I try to take at least one day away from social media each week to give me the time to unwind and it minimises the chance of burn out. I've learned that I can't always be going 100mph.  

I feel like this year is going by fast, a lot has happened which makes it feel like it's dragged in, yet I still feel like I blinked and suddenly we are closer to 2020... it's not a nice feeling. I don't think there's much else to touch base on, so I guess this is goodbye for now... Well, I have a few little lists first that I put together, here's 5 things... 

A photo I took in the mirror of myself behind a Canon DSLR.

5 good things that happened 

• Got an amazing work placement.
• Filmed a summit in a college & took photos. 
• Budgeted my money 
• Stopped eating meat 
• Joined Grow & Glow 

5 Films I watched 

• Bedeviled 
• Head Count 
• HellFest 
• El Camino 
• Coco 

5 Shows I watched 

• American Horror Story: Apocalypse 
• Ash vs Evil Dead 
• Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 
• Haunted 
• Grimm 

5 Songs I Listened to 

• Falling in Reverse - Alone 
• The Chain Gang of 1979 - Sleepwalking 
• Lana Del Rey - Doin time 
• Pierce The Veil - King for a day 
• Miley Cyrus - Mothers Daughter 

I hope the rest of the year holds better things for us all, I'm keeping myself positive and making sure I grab life by the horns so to speak. I'm fed up with bad luck and feeling miserable so I'm making my own luck from now on, I'm creating my future, I'm putting out into the universe that I will find peace with myself, the I will make something of myself, I will recover. 

Here's to the rest of 2019, may these last few months be blissful and full of positivity. 

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  1. I love a good chatty post, so glad you wrote this one up! Hope you start to feel better soon and that your immune system picks up asap. Glad to hear that you're enjoying your courses at college! xx


    1. Aww thank you hun, I'm glad I decided to write it it :) thanks, I'm really praying that it shifts ASAP! XX

  2. Where did you get the mug in your top pic? It’s SO cool. Hope you feel better soon and the rest of the year runs smoothly for you.

    1. It's from TKMaxx :) got it last year, actually bought two lol they have some similar ones this year. Thank you so much :)

  3. After your last post that such fab news that you're feeling better mentally, its such a bitch when you are ill I'm full of cold myself at the moment. Congrats on getting a work placement!
    Grimm is such a great show, I was gutted when it was cancelled.

    1. Aww thank you Michelle, this means so much <3 it really is isn't it? Every little thing feels like it's taking way too long and it's far too exhausting lol sorry to hear you have one as well, fingers crossed on us getting well again x