M&D's Pumpkin Festival 2019

Close up of an orange sign post that has 7 black slates on it with directions to each station. One for Storytelling, Wand making, potion making, food & bar, Pumpkin patch, candy cottage and bash a pumpkin.

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Halloween may be on the 31st of October, but the festivities start now! I love everything Halloween brings with it, the activities, hot chocolate, scary movies, pumpkins... the lot, I love it all. Another thing I love is finding activities for Little bear and I, anything that fits the season so when I got the chance to go along to M&D's Pumpkin Festival VIP session, I was over joyed, who wouldn't be? Spooky hay maze, creepy stories, wand making and more, everything about it just gave me major Halloween vibes. 

Last year I went along to the M&D's Pumpkin Festival and wrote all about it, so when I saw there was an opportunity to go along and review this year, I couldn't pass it up and I am so glad I didn't because we had a ball! Little bear was in awe the whole time and I definitely think they have upped their game this year.  

Story Telling

Close up of the blue and ornage sign that has "storytelling" written on it in orange writing outside a big white tent

long shot of one of the three witches at the M&D's pumpkin festival - One of the three drag queens dressed up a on of the three hocus pocus witches.

Mid shot of the three witches dancing at the M&D's pumpkin festival - Three drag queens dressed up as the three hocus pocus witches dancing.

Long shot of one of the three witches at the M&D's pumpkin festival -  drag queen dressed up as a hocus pocus witch.

Mid shot of the three witches at the M&D's pumpkin festival - Three drag queens dressed up as the three hocus pocus witches.

First up is Storytelling with the three witches, can you guess who? I was so overjoyed when I realised it was a sort of play on Hocus Pocus. It was a whirlwind of songs which were all performed live, so well done to the witches, their voices were great. I was lucky enough to get to see their first performance for VIP as we got in for the first session, there were a few hiccups with music not playing on Queue etc. But it was enjoyable and I can imagine the later performances were better as they already encountered some issues.  It was enjoyable none the less, little bear was in fits of laughter throughout and he thought they were great so that's all that matters. 

Potion & Wand Making

Close up photo of the sign for the Potion making station - a slate sign with "Potion making" written in white

Close up pphoto of the official bad witch standing behind a white table with long ginger hair, a black cape and black sunglasses on.

After storytelling it was time to go make some potions with the official bad witch. The set up looked great, I liked the fact there was thought put into the props and the woman playing the official bad witch was on point. I will say that because it was so busy I wasn't able to get a bucket for little bear to make a potion in, because of that he was more interested in going round the hay maze so it was at this point we broke off from the group as little bear wanted to do his own thing. 

Wand Making

Close up photo of the sign for the Wand making station - a slate sign with "wand making" written in white

Landscape photo of the white tents where the wand and potion making stalls are located.

Next on the trail was Wand making, we didn't actually go with the group to this as Little bear liked that he could go where he wanted, but I had a little nosy and it looked super fun. Kids were making all kinds of wands and I saw so many smiles on the little ones faces. I tried to get little bear to have a go later on, but truth be told, he was just in awe of the hay maze, that's where he wanted to spend most of his time haha. 

Hay Maze

Close up photo of a scarecrow with a nurse costume on in the hay maze at M&Ds pumpkin patch

Close up of a witch doll in the hay maze at M&D's pumpkin festival

Close up photo of a scarecrow in the hay maze at M&Ds pumpkin patch

They hay maze was the highlight of the night, little bear was in it constantly and when we weren't, it's all he talked about. The maze was much better this year, it was bigger, and the characters placed throughout gave me a little fright now and then haha I kept jumping when turning a corner, of course little bear found this hilarious. I'm so glad they improved on last years, it wasn't big enough before, but they listened, changed it up and it got the seal of approval from the little man. 

Food & Bar

Close up photo of the sign for the Food and bar area at M&D's pumpkin festival - A slate sign with "Food and Bar" written on it.

A photo from behind of Little bear sitting on a brown picnic table at M&D's Pumpkin festival

Close up photo of chips and curry sauce on a brown picnic table at M&D's pumpkin festival

At the Pumpkin festival there are a few stalls where you can grab a bite to eat, pick up a hot drink and treat yourself to a doughnut, oh, and there is a bar for those adults out there who could use a different kind of warm drink *Wink Wink*. Little bear didn't want food, he was far too excited about going back in the hay maze, so he opted for crisps and a drink, I opted for chips and curry sauce, now that I'm vegetarian I find it's my go to when out, it's a simple meal whilst I figure out what I like and don't now that I don't eat meat. I also got a hot chocolate which was super yummy, it was perfect for walking about with to keep myself warm. 

Pumpkin Patch

Close up photo of the sign for the Pumpkin patch at M&D's pumpkin festival - A slate sign with "Pumpkin patch" written on it.

low angle photo of the pumpkin patch at M&D's with orange pumpkins in a row on the grass.

Photo from behind of little bear pushing a white wheel barrow on the grass

close up photo of the pumpkin gauge that is in the shape of a pumpkin, orange in colour.

Last up is the Pumpkin patch! For the VIP sessions you can expect to find "knobbly, bobbly, warty, large, small and misshaped beyond repair pumpkins that don’t like the light of day" and boy was that true! Now, not all of them are like this, there were some pretty "perfect" pumpkins scattered around but as there were lots of misshapen, warty ones I made sure little bear knew they were the best ones and he loved that, he loved he was giving pumpkins that don't normally make the cut a home. We got 4 different pumpkins, two very large, warty, misshapen pumpkins, a medium sized one that looked pretty perfect except for a sort of bash on the side and then a small, warty, misshapen pumpkin that little bear fell for, he has been playing with it in the house and it now has a face haha, it's rather cute. 

With the pumpkin patch you can grab a wheel barrel to transport your pumpkins around and you can take it to your car to load those big boys into the car, but you must bring it back. The pumpkin patch was great, we spend around 15 minutes walking up and down as little bear chose very carefully what he wanted. We left this till the end, so we didn't have to carry them around (I wish I knew about using the wheel barrow to take them to the car!). For me the pumpkin patch was the highlight of the night, although the whole experience was fun. 

The Pumpkin festival was good, it was a great night out to get us in the Halloween spirit. If you're looking for something fun to do this October with the kids then definitely check out the M&D's Pumpkin festival, the kids will love it, they have done so much better this year and it was interactive which was nice. Pumpkin festival runs from the 12th October to the 20th October, the storytelling sessions run on the hour and half hour, the first story is at 11am and the last story is at 3:30pm. VIP nights are the 12th and 19th of October from 6pm - 9pm with the stories starting every half hour from 6pm.  Age 0 – 2 don't need tickets to enter and under 16th must be accompanied by an adult. 

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  1. This sounds like so much fun, glad you both had a great time. Hocus Pocus is such a classic I would've been in my element singing a-long aha.

    1. Thank you so much :) It was, it was a good night out and little bear was over the moon he got to stay out past dark lol the sing along was so fun, I don't know if it was officially one but most people joined in, especially with the Lion king one they done lol

  2. This place sounds like so much fun, especially for the little ones!! I'm glad little bear liked it so much. Storytelling, the hay maze, and the pumpkin patch would definitely be my favs :) xx


    1. It is such a fun place! Not only does it have a pumpkin festival, it's a theme park! It makes for a great day out. The pumpkin patch was mine, the story telling was Stephen's and the hay maze was little bears 😂

  3. That sounds so nice 😊 my mom is taking my kiddos to a Halloween festival at a local place. There’s gonna be hay mazes, Apple picking, pumpkin carving (for free but you pay a small fee if you wanna take if home) and loads of other things. I’m very envious I’m not going, but work 😋

    1. That sounds fun! I love Halloween themed activities, they are super fun, I would love the apple picking and pumping carving, for some reason I find it really soothing lol

  4. This looks like such a fun pumpkin festival! I love the Hocus Pocus theme for story time. Sounds like fun was had by all ♥

  5. This looks like such a great event, I hope you both had a great time? I wish there was something like this nearer to me. The Hocus Pocus themed story time sounds like a lot of fun.
    Kim x chimmyville.co.uk