October To Do List

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Hello! I honestly cannot believe we are in October already; this year is... it's just flying past! I know I say it all the time, but this year is going in fairly quickly. I'm back today with another to do list, hopefully it will keep me accountable throughout October. 

As this month starts, I find myself extremely excited, all the Halloween festivities will begin and I for one am more than ready for them to start. October is my favourite month by far, I love all the feelings it brings on and I am always transported back to my childhood. Anyway, I am getting off topic here so I will swiftly move on, here's my to do list...

• Decorate the house with Halloween decor- The time of year has hit when I can finally decorate the house with lots of festive decor, I'm going to be breaking the pumpkins out and add all those little witchy touches to our house. I am excited!

• Buy the wallpaper and paint for bathroom - Our bathroom is in need of a makeover, I hate the colour of it and I just feel it needs some sprucing up so I intend to get the wallpaper and paint this month so we can hopefully get the bathroom sorted before Christmas.

• Get some pumpkins -
I can't not get pumpkins in October, I always love carving them, making soup with the inners and lighting up the hall with some beautiful crafted pumpkins.

• Buy a jumper - It's getting into colder weather and even though Scotland has had horrible weather for what seems like forever, I'm finally going to get a new jumper.

• Wash my car - 
Fun fact, I have never had my car washed lol seriously, I know it's really bad but it's never really needed it so I'm finally going to try get over my fear of car washes and go for it this month.

• Clean out my wardrobe - 
My wardrobe is in major need of a clear out, there's things in there that I've had for about 7 years that I haven't worn in a bout 5 so I need to properly go through everything and sort it out.

• Make plans with grandpa - 
My Grandpa comes over this month from Canada and I can't wait to see him so I have to get some plans made with him.

• Watch horror movies - Well this is an absolute given this one, I watch horror movies all month long. 

• Bake some Halloween goodies - I have gotten in some baking kits that are Halloween themed for little bear and I, it's normally this time of year we start making some treats again. 

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Let's take a look back at my September to do list:

• Book my car in for MOT - Smashed it! Got my car all booked in and it passed with no advisories!

• Finalise car Insurance - Got my insurance all sorted, saved £418 and all thanks to Em's blog post.

• Tax my car - Got it taxed, all the car stuff is now over for at least another year.

• Make sure little bear practices - He practiced so much and he smashed his grading! So proud of him. 

• Get birthday presents for Gran - Got them all sorted and she had a blast of a birthday.

• Buy a hard drive - Unfortunately I didn't get one, I completely forgot all about it and when I did remember, when it came to me being at the shops my mind just blanked!

• Take blog photos - Got some more blog photos sorted, I am really enjoying doing a big batch all at once, it really takes the strain off.

• Drink more water - So in a bid to drink more water I purchased a water filter jug thing and some of the filters in Tesco which were all in the sale, I also want to reduce plastic waste so instead of buying the bottled water, I can completely cut that out. Since getting it, I have really upped my water intake.

• Get some autumn candles - Well I bought myself a couple and then for my birthday I received so many candles, like I have enough to do me for a good while. 

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  1. Nice to see you got some new jumpers as I got some the other day as well! The weather is suddenly got very sharp, cold and bitter, so it's time to cosy up. I love October and especially dressing up for Halloween! x

    1. October is amazing isn't it?! I am so ready for all the jumpers!

  2. I’m yet to make any Halloweeny purchases yet this year, and I’m kind of ashamed of myself! 😩 I can’t wait to spend the evenings watching Hocus Pocus and The Addams Family.. 😍

    1. I can't control myself at this time of year lol it's always when I spend the most money and I really shouldn't lol I love The Adams family, hope you have a great October!

  3. Aww I hope you have a lovely time with your Grandpa on his visit; that time is so precious!! I gotta get myself some pumpkins too, and as I'm going to a pumpkin patch this Friday with a friend, there's my opportunity to get some. Good luck accomplishing all of these goals!! xx


    1. Thank you so much lovely <3 I really can't wait to see him! It's so exciting. Can't wait to get Pumpkins either lol Love carving them and making soup.

  4. So many lovely plans for this month! I need to pick up some Halloween decorations asap, it's always nice to decorate to the appropriate season. Seasonal baking is always fun too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I love decorating the house for specific seasons, Autumn is always my favourite though, the colour scheme is everything.

  5. I can't believe we are already in October! I love your to-do list! Oh man, the things that adulting comes with - like redoing parts of the home. YESSS on pumpkins! It is great that you got a lot of things done in September. Hope you'll have a great month!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  6. I love this post! So many good ideas, hope you achieve them all! Thank you!

    Catherine x