TJ Hughes New Store in Cumbernauld


On Saturday 26th October, TJ Hughes opened a new store in the Antonine centre, Cumbernauld and it went off with a bang. The store was packed full of people getting stuck into all the bargains TJ Hughes has to offer. I was kindly asked along to the opening and given a gift voucher to snag some bargains of my own, I set off in the direction of the home section and I could have spent all day looking at every single thing. 

I love a good bargain, who doesn't? and TJ Hughes has plenty of them. I found myself lusting over many products, I literally could have emptied the bedding section and the mugs they had were dreamy to say the least. TJ Hughes has everything you'll need to give your home a revamp, perfect for making your home nice and cosy for winter plus they have lots of beaut Christmas decorations... I suspect my gran and I will be taking a trip soon so she can spend a fortune of Christmas stuff haha. 

On my hunt for some bargains my plan was to focus on home ware and pick up the most lustful items I could find, and I wasn't short of choice. I started off with doing a once over of the home section so I knew what was there, then I headed for the bedding section.

I found myself browsing the bedding section for around 10 minutes before picking anything us, the section was huge filled with loads of choice, there was something for every colour scheme as well as Christmas bedding! I was over the moon when I spotted the Christmas bedding section and couldn't resist picking up some cute, Christmas penguin bedding. There were a few other Christmas sets that I wanted to get for little bear, but the double size was already gone... that's how busy the store was. After I pealed myself away from the Christmas bedding, some beautiful pink bedding caught my eye, It's the perfect shade of pink with some marble parts, it's perfect for my room and fits my style perfectly! I couldn't resist getting it, there was also another set that had geometric patterns in mustard and grey that I wanted but I thought I shouldn't go overboard right now, next time haha. I also picked up a extra deep fitted sheet for my mattress, I can never seem to find one that fits my deep one so when I saw this sheet I had to grab it. 

After the bedding section I hit up the throw/blanket section which had the most beautiful shades of throws, there was a stunning mustard one that I was originally going to get until I seen the other side of the shelves and there was a chunky ribbed throw in mustard that would complement our new couches perfectly, so that went in the basket and I picked up a dark grey one that's a little smaller for my bed, I love sitting with all my pillows and a blanket. 

After the blanket section I headed back to the kitchen section where I spotted a rose gold kettle that I just had to have, that went in the basket quicker than I could say I want it haha The kitchen is going through a bit of a transformation at the moment and this new kettle is perfect for the style. I also saw a tray that I wanted, it was wooden with a white middle and then I looked to the right of it and noticed the same tray but with legs... I HAD TO GET IT! It's bamboo and 100% Eco friendly which is a big bonus. 

It was a lot of fun going around TJ Hughes, there were so many amazing great deals, I saw a hoover that my gran was thinking of getting but it was £100 cheaper... I was seriously wowed by the bargains that are to be had. I did make sure to go through the whole store and see all the departments, I spotted a toy section which is perfect as Christmas shopping starts soon, speaking of Christmas, there were so many great deals on gift sets for everyone. The show section was great, lots of different styles and a big fashion section that took up the middle of the store and there was a beauty section where I spotted amazing deals on skincare which I will be checking out when my skincare starts dwindling. 

I think the way the store has been laid out is great, you can easily access each section, there is plenty to choose from and it's in a great location. So, would I recommend hitting up their new Cumbernauld store? yes. I loved the deals, the prices were amazing, and I will for sure be going back, some after college shopping will be happening a lot more often now haha. 

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*I was asked to go along to the opening of TJ Hughes to see the new store. I was also given a voucher to spend where I could buy whatever I wanted. I was under no pressure to buy and all thoughts plus opinions are 100% my own*


  1. This place looks great! I loved watching it on your stories and I’m absolutely in love with that kettle �� looks like you found yourself some great bargains!

    Em x

    1. I Love TJ Hughes! So many great bargains to be had. The kettle is amazing, definitely my favourite piece.

  2. I love stores like these!! I've got three down the street from my house, so I have a hard time leaving my wallet in my bag haha. I'm ordering a new bedspread today which is a bit exciting though :')

    1. They are great right? I love a good bargain. Oooo nice! I love getting new bedding.

  3. That is so fun to do, good on you to receive a voucher. I remember TK Maxx with this store where I find a lot of exciting and cute stuff for a reasonable price.

    1. Love Tkmaxx as well, Shops like TJ Hughes are amazing for finding little gems.