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As someone who wears false nails day in and day out, I love finding those products that are just absolute gems and with KISS nails, I don't have to compromise on the look, style, length... nothing. 

Wearing false nails is my armour, without them I feel naked and a little less like me, so I tend to always have a set on no matter what I'm doing. For me, false nails are much more cost effective in the long term, I simply cannot afford a new set of nails every two weeks and whilst I still enjoy getting some gel acrylics from my gal Lisa, I save that for a special occasion because my bank simply says no.

Because I like to wear nails about 99% of the time I have to have durable nails that won't snap or break easy, I also can't have too long nor can they be too short, I am trying to add length to my hands after all and I simply won't compromise on design because I think no matter the length, they can still look stylish and on point. So, how do you find nails that not only look good and are a great length but durable? Well, you but KISS nails! Major heart eyes moment. Although I do my own false nails a lot of the time, some weeks I just need that simple go to that ticks all the boxes and for me, that's KISS Products. 

I've been using KISS nails since 2016 and I haven't looked back, I love how simple they are to apply, wither you're using the press on strips or glue, both are an easy process and although the press on strips are tough, they only last me 2/3 days tops so I prefer to use the glue as they will then last me over a week, sometimes two. 

The nails are tough, I have my hands in water all the time, I'm constantly using my hands daily and handling filming equipment which can be really tricky at times but KISS' Nails stand up to the task which isn't something I can say very often when buying false nails, many a' times I've been setting up a camera and a nail comes flying off or I'm closing the boot of my car and its snapped but with KISS nails that's never a worry. 

KISS nails are also really stylish, you can get a whole range of designs and they bring out different designs for the seasons which is amazing because then you can find nails in the winter than can help bring that part look together or pick up some Autumnal nails to snap those PSL Starbucks coffee cup IG photos with, making your nails POP!  The nails pictured in this blog post are from their Autumn range and if this is anything to go by, then I cannot wait for their winter range. 

These Gel Fantasy ready to wear gel look beauties are my favourite from the pair, although I am a HUGE rose gold fanatic and those rose gold-esque nails are everything, I have been dying to get myself on some nice black nails and with the added silver glitter, yes, so much yes! These nails done me for 5 days but showed no signs of budging, they were still holding on, but I really wanted to try out the Glam Fantasy rose gold ones. 

I loved these Glam Fantasy ones a lot more than I thought I was going to, they look stunning on and honestly, a photo doesn't do them justice, these will be perfect for the party season as well! I mean, look at that sparkle. Again, these feel super strong and at the time of writing this post, I have them on and I plan to keep the nails till at least the next Saturday. 

Overall I love these nails and I'm so thankful to Alex Silver PR for sending me some because I was eyeing some up in Superdrug a week before haha. I would definitely recommend KISS nails, they are super easy to apply, last a good while and you don't have to compromise. 

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*I was sent these lovely nails by Alexsilver PR. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. Wow, they look amazing on and yes, they are perfect for festive season and all those Christmas parties!!!


    1. They are so pretty right? Absolutely perfect for the season.

  2. The nail designs are so pretty! Specially love the black glittery ones, perfect for a special event.
    I'll have to check them out!
    Thanks for sharing

    Loren |

    1. Aren't they? They always have such beautiful designs on their nails and they look amazing.

  3. I literally ~never~ paint or bother with my fingernails because I just find that it's too much work & upkeep for me! However, I have been thinking about getting some fake ones as the holidays approach and party season commences. I'll have to keep this brand in mind! xx

    1. I am the same, the upkeep of painting nails and such and trying to grow them just isn't for me, plus nail polish always chips... very annoying! So false nails are always a go to, they are fast and easy to do and last ages.

  4. These nails look absolutely beautiful! I’ll confess... I’ve never worn fake nails ��
    I’m just scared they’ll fall of within a day, but from what you’ve said about these that’s not gonna happen!
    The rose gold set are stunning, I really want to get my hands on a set!