November To Do List

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Every month, every month I say it but damn, this year really is flying past! October feels like it was over in the blink of an eye, it was filled with so much joy and fun that really made this one of the best months so far. Hopefully November can live up to it. 

To do list's always help me stay focused, as I have quite a busy lifestyle at the moment, making these lists help keep me organised and on track. I'm trying to make sure I don't procrastinate this month as there is a lot of college work to get through. All the plans for my documentary are in place which is a huge weight off my shoulders for this month so fingers crossed for smooth sailing. 

• Start getting Christmas presents in - It's coming... Christmas is almost here! So that means it's time to start getting presents in, I already have a head starts but there's still a way to go. 

• Gut Little bears room - As Christmas is approaching, it's time to gut little bears room out, get rid of those broken toys and clear out the ones that could go to a food bank or charity. 

• Clear out spare room - The spare room is where we keep the Christmas presents when they are all wrapped and as it stands, there is literally NO ROOM for anything else, that means it's time to clear it out. 

• Clean out Present box - I've spoken about our present box before, but basically it's a big plastic box we have where we will buy presents at various times throughout the year when they are on sale and they go in that box, it's a great way to do Christmas on a budget. Anyway, I have to go through it and make a list of what we have, 

• Complete my Documentary - My documentary is due to be handed in this month and oh my gosh I can't wait to get this done with! It's been filled with stress from the get go for me and I just want it done by this point. 

• Make time for more fun days - Little bear and I have been having some really fun days together and I want that to continue this month. 

• Take on more editing projects to practice - I have to up my editing skills so I plan to find more projects to practice with. 

• Bake some cookies or brownies - I LOVE baking and I have my eye on a brownie recipe that I want to try out, so I hope I get to do it this month.

• Get out with my camera more - 

• Sort out my playlists - My playlists on Spotify need a major revamp! There are songs all over the place, some I don't even want t listen to anymore so it's time to get them cleared out.

As you can see I have set myself a little more this month, as there is a lot going on, lot's to get through I thought I might as well make it a good, thorough list to keep me focused. I have most of my attention focused on my documentary, I really want it to be as good as it can so fingers crossed! 

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Now it's time to look back on Octobers goals and see how I done.

• Decorate the house with Halloween decor- Decorating the house for Halloween was done within the first week of October haha. I made sure they went up.

• Buy the wallpaper and paint for bathroom - Did't manage to get the stuff, our sky window needs replaced so there is no use in decorating it till that's done.

• Get some pumpkins -
 We picked up some pumpkins at the M&D's Pumpkin festival and carved them, Little bear loved the whole experience.

• Buy a jumper - I picked up a lovely from H&M, it's a lovely knitted style in white and grey.

• Wash my car -
 Yeah.... Didn't get round to that haha

• Clean out my wardrobe - 
My wardrobe was gutted and I feel so much better for it, I have gotten loads of stuff in bags all ready to go to a food and baby bank.
• Make plans with grandpa - My Grandpa finally landed in Glasgow, a little later than I expected but we managed to see each other and have lots of plans to spends some time together as he's here for a few weeks.

• Watch horror movies - There is no way I could make it thought October without watching a Horror or two, smashed this one. 

• Bake some Halloween goodies - Little bear was very rebellious in October when it came to baking... He refused point blank and with me being sick through the whole of October I couldn't be bothered doing it.

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  1. Sounds like a great month coming up with lots of Christmas prep! I love that you share your to-do list and goals for the month and check back in on last month - such a great way to stay accountable. Good luck with your documentary!

  2. Seems like you got a lot done in October! Just seeing your plans to Christmas prep is making me excited. I love Christmas! I did an October life update post where I put all my goals for this month as well. Fingers crossed we both get everything done!

  3. Omg I need to start thinking about Christmas �� I’m usually pretty much prepped by now but it’s totally fallen to the back burner this year.
    On another note you got loads done in October! Well done!

    Em xx

  4. That is a very fun to do list! I have a list going of presents to buy and have started window shopping online for options. I'm also DIYing a lot of Christmas gifts this year, so I have to prep for that as well. For now that's all I'm doing until the check from our Christmas savings account cuts. Then I'll add up what's on my list, edit, and start spending! I hope you're feeling better today!


  5. I can't believe I didn't even think of Christmas prep when I wrote out my goals for the month; thanks for reminding me ;)!!! I have to start budgeting for that. I use Apple Music, and I definitely need to have a clear out of that soon as well. Good luck working on your documentary! My term paper is due the first week of December, so I really need to get cracking on it and try to do chunks of it each week until I'm finished. It is mad how quickly the year has gone :o Trying to make the most of what's left!!

  6. The present box is such a good idea! I usually leave Christmas shopping until the week before, but this year I started last month feels a lot less stressful.

  7. You've done well cleaning your spaces and your closet. I've managed to clean my house with help of the cleaning agency but my closet is a different thing, it's just too hard to let go of the items that should go. Hope your November goals will follow through too.

  8. OMG Right!! Time is flying way too fast, especially this year. I am excited that Christmas is coming! Oh man, it's going to be an expensive two months with the holidays and stuff. I love the to do list you have! It's a work and play sort of thing :). I need to do a better job with using my camera more too. Sending you lots of luck!!

    Nancy ♥

  9. It seems like you spent a really good october. I need to get my to do list ready but I've been so all over these dayss. I need to bake more too 💆