December To Do List

I never thought I would say it, but I am so glad that it's December. November turned out to be an extremely busy month, pretty much every day I was having a meltdown with stress over one thing or another and as November came to an end, I only got even more stressed with the volume of work I had. Thankfully we are in the festive month and no matter what, I ain't losing my Christmas spirit. 

Although December may be winding down a little in terms of work (I really hope I haven't spoke too soon) I know it's only going to get busier elsewhere in my life so this months to do list is all about keeping me on track with some tasks I really want to achieve. 

•  Tick off the rest of the presents on my shopping list - Although I have managed to get a lot of Christmas presents in, there are still a few I need to pick up which I am hoping is done by the 10th because I hate going into that time of year that is joyful and all the festivities are starting worrying about presents. 

• Wrap Presents - Once I have all the presents bought i I will be turning into an elf for the night with a bottle of wine and some Christmas music on whilst little bear is at dads. 

• Finish editing my Documentary - I may be finished with filming but I am in no way, shape or form finished with the edit and I really need to stay on top of it. Thankfully the deadline has been pushed so I can take care with the edit.

• Get blog content sorted - I am way behind with my blog, I have been off the ball for a few weeks now but I was refusing to let myself get caught up in blogger burnout so I allowed myself some time to prioritise. Now that has passed and I really need to get the finger out and write some content.  

• Make a gingerbread house with little bear - Little bear has been asking to make a gingerbread house and gingerbread men so I am on the lookout for a kit that will allow us to easily (I hope) make a gingerbread house.

• Finish my script for a new short film - I have started writing a new script after being stuck with some inspiration when out on location so I want to get back into it as I have some fresh new ideas for the plot. 

 Take blog photos - I am running dangerously low on photos for the blog and Instagram so it's time I take some more. I feel like everything has looked similar because of lack of time to really do a full set and being busy so I was taking easy shots to get me through. I am hoping I get an afternoon to get a few different sets done. 

• Get new tree decorations - We recently put up the Christmas decorations and each year I put a wall tree up in my room, I have had the same decorations on it for a few years now and I feel it's time for an upgrade. 

• Drink more water - I have fell away from keeping up my water intake again and I can feel the difference, I definitely feel more bloated since I stopped drinking water.

•  Go on work placement - I have a work placement starting this month that I am honestly super excited about. I wasn't really able to talk about it before but since it's fast approaching I thought I would openly talk about it. I will be going in to the National Theatre of Scotland! words just cannot describe how excited I am for this to meet their social media and communications team.

And that is my December to do list, please keep your fingers crossed for me because I do not want to fall victim to festive stress! On that note, let's take a look back at Novembers to do list.

• Start getting Christmas presents in - Managed to start getting the presents in thanks to some online shopping and black Friday, almost finished!

• Gut Little bears room - We have slowly but surly been getting rid of old toys, we have put broken and beyond repair toys in the bin, ones good enough to be passed on have been handed to food banks and little bear is finally realising how good it is to have a good clear out. 

• Clear out spare room - I have cleaned this room three times throughout November and it just keeps ending up looking a tip... I suspect it will be this way until Christmas is over. 

• Clean out Present box - The present box was cleared out and I know exactly what we have and what I need to get.

• Complete my Documentary - I cut it close but I got this one ticked off, well.... sort of. I have finished filming but our lecturer has extended the deadline so I am taking my time with editing to get it just right.  

• Make time for more fun days - We had a few fun days which was nice but not as many as I would have liked. 

• Take on more editing projects to practice - Yeah... this didn't happen and I am glad because November turned into the busiest month yet.

• Bake some cookies or brownies  - We baked some cookies and damn were they nice.

• Get out with my camera more - I got out with my camera a lot in November which was really nice.

• Sort out my playlists - Nope... I just had so much on that I forgot about the little tasks I had set.

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December to do - taking a look at my December to do list and taking a look back at November -


  1. This is a very long list! Although a gingerbread house (if you can find the kit) sounds like it would be really good fun - I hope you find one!

    I know what you mean about blog posts and photos.. I’ve actually hit the point that I’m recycling old photos over on insta... need to sort it!

    Em x

  2. Good luck accomplishing all of these!! I really need to get started on my Christmas shopping; I haven't done any of that at all :')

  3. Wow, what a busy December! I agree with getting all of the Christmas shopping sorted. I've pretty much finished all of mine but it's the first year I've been this organised and I intend to keep it this way going forward. Your blog post has reminded me just how much I need to start taking photos for my blog in bulk lol!