LQ Liquid Health Review

Close up photo of two boxes of the LQ Liquid health supplement for skin, hair and nails and three bottles of the supplement sitting on a breakfast tray, the background is blurred and only the boxes plus three individual liquid supplements in focus.
*Product from PR for reviewing purposes

Health supplements, it's not something I have ever really thought about using and that's mainly because I had no idea how they worked, but when I was given the chance to review the LQ Liquid Health skin, hair and nail supplement I was curious and thought why not. So, today's post is all about these daily liquid supplements and my experience with it. 

LQ Liquid health skin, hair and nails supplement is formulated to improve skin, give great results within 30 days, is said to be convenient and easy and be more effective than pills, but is it really? That's what we are going to find out.

When I first received the package with two boxes of the supplement which is a two weeks supply I was a little worried to open the bottle and take the first gulp because in preparation I have been researching and came across a few reviews talking about a fish smell and bad taste which isn't what you want to hear when you have to drink something is it? That's when I first thought to myself, is this really more convenient? 

So, I left it a couple of days to work up the courage and when I opened the first bottle I took a deep breath expecting the worse, I put the bottle to my nose and sniffed, nothing, I sniffed again, no scent and I can't express how much of a good sign that was, now it was time to taste the liquid. I said a small prayer for my taste buds because if it didn't smell, surely it would taste bad? I took the first sip and waited for the bitter taste I had read about, again there was nothing, well, I say nothing but there was a taste, it just wasn't a bad taste. 

I then downed the rest of the liquid expecting it to maybe take a few minutes to get the after taste but it never showed and the whole 20 days that I took the supplement I didn't find the taste terrible, I didn't find that it smelled weird and I actually enjoyed adding it into my morning routing. By the end of the 20 days I really did realise how convenient the supplement is. I do want to add though that my gran found that it had a weird scent to it where is I didn't, so I guess everyone is different? I mean, I know we are, but this really showed me how two people can have two completely different views on a scent haha.  

Now, I did take these for 20 days and the website says that there is great results within 30 days, did I see any changes? to be 100% honest, no. I don't feel like my nails, skin or hair is any different or improved to be honest and that may just be down to the fact I didn't take them for long enough because I don't think that 20 days is long enough to see a noticeable change. Is that to say it didn't help at all? no because for all I know it was helping me until I stopped but there was nothing that I noticed. 

For not seeing any changes though, I have strongly considered getting a month or two supply to really put it to the test as I found the process easy and I would like to see if it does improve my skin, hair or nails because anything that can help me be and feel in tip top shape is alright in my book. The whole process was easy, it doesn't feel like you are taking a supplement either which was a bonus for me as I feel it's easier to remember to take the supplement drink that pills but that might just be me. 

The packaging is also really nice, for me it's perfect as it fit's my overall aesthetic of pink but I think the design of the bottles and box has been done well, it is consistent and clear about what the products is, there is no confusion surrounding it plus it's not 'cheap' packaging either, it feels good.  

Now for the main question, do I recommend LQ Liquid Health? 

If you are looking for a supplement that isn't a pill then yes, if you would find this more convenient, and I think it is, this would be good and if you end up not liking the smell or taste, I would strongly recommend trying it in a smoothie, I put it in one I made and I couldn't taste it at all. Try some spinach, strawberries, banana, apple and soy milk with the supplement and it is delicious! I think that is also a bonus for the LQ Liquid health, it can be incorporated into your life where is you can't really do that will a pill. The supplements are on the pricey side though so I know this isn't going to be for everyone's budget as it's £29.99 for one pack which contains 10 bottles and to see any kind of results, I would recommend 3 boxes for a 30 day supply and that works out as £90 a month, not really budget friendly. 

All in all, I had a better experience with the LQ Liquid Health skin, hair and nails supplement than I expected, I didn't experience the bad taste or weird smell and I did find it easy to slot into my daily routine.

Have you tried LQ Liquid Health before? what was your experience? 
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*I was sent a 20 day supply of LQ Liquid health for the purpose of this review.
 All thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  1. What an interesting concept this is!! It reminds me that I need to start looking into taking vitamins and seeing which ones would be most beneficial for me xx


  2. I tried these and thought they smelt awful! I also couldn’t continue with them as they messed with medication I was on so definitely not for me but might be for others!

    Isobel x

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  3. I've been really looking forward to seeing your final review of this, ever since I saw it pop up on your stories over on IG! It's a shame it didn't work for you though, but as you said, it's probably because you only used it for a couple of weeks rather than 3+.

    Would be interesting to know if you see a difference having stopped taking them!

    Em x