Winding down for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and the plan was to be unwinding right about now, unfortunately I'm not and the stress is building. 

For the first time in years I am nowhere near prepared for the big day, I'm not finished Christmas shopping, my mind has drawn a blank, who knows what food we need and don't even get me started on wrapping; it's safe to say that I am going out of my mind because of this. 

I like to be organised, I thrive on lists and planners, keeping track of my life and always having a plan has been part of who I am for as long as I can remember, although I can be a little all over the place, which is happening more and more now, I was organised in at least one aspect of my life but here we are and I literally have piles of work to do, blog work to get done, photos to take, edits to complete, presents to buy, food to get, Bill's to be paid and so much more. Who am I? 

As someone who likes structure, I sure don't get enough of it at the moment. I've tried my diary, keeping my calendar up to date and have dedicated study and work sessions but it's one step forward and 3 steps back and it means I will be stressing over Christmas which is NOT what I wanted to happen. 

I had plans of having content sorted, photos taken to see me through, IG posts sorted, college work completed, and all the stressful parts of Christmas done and dusted. That's not exactly how it turned out though, the to do list just keeps getting longer and longer. I have been neglecting social media and blog stuff for weeks now, I just don't feel like myself which isn't ideal especially as we have all been sick which makes that feeling 10x worse.

But, I'll pull through, I always manage to and I know I can do it, i just need to find some sort of balance so I can avoid burnout, well, not make it any worse because I am burned out at the moment so reducing the stress and slowing down a bit is top of my priority list right now. Even though I am behind, I am trying not to let this over power me because the moment I do, I'll lose any grip that I do have of my life right now. 

It's the 23rd which means it's Christmas eve tomorrow then Christmas day... there really aren't enough hours in the day. Fingers crossed that I stick to my plan of action, there is not enough room to deviate from it.

So, that's my life at the moment. I'm constantly busy, my blood is probably about 90% caffeine at this point and I'm surviving on very little sleep but I'm on a mission to get festive. 
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  1. Have a great Christmas, I'm not winding down till tomorrow - Christmas eve as I have lots of bits to do still :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes