20 Things I want to do in 2020

Hello, Hello, Hello! It's still very strange to me that we are in a new year, I've already made a dozen mistakes when I'm writing the year, I've now mastered how to turn a 9 into a 0 though so that's a bonus I guess? Anyway, it's become some what of a tradition for me now to create a "20 things I want to do in XXXX" and this year it works out perfectly! 

I don't know about you but having matching numbers makes me happy, like 20 things in 2020, 30 things in 3030, you know what I mean? And this year I have decided to shake list up a little, before I was purely going for things I could do/experience but this year I'm relaxing my own rules a little and cultivating a list that reflects what I want to do this year, LIVE! I've seen lots of posts floating around about your word of the year so I decided to give it a go, I chose Live because I feel like haven't really been doing that, sure I've been surviving, but I haven't really been living

That's why my list reflects more things I want to do/experience that will help me push myself, get out of my comfort zone but also give me the opportunity to create some amazing memories, and this year I'll be trying my hardest to succeed. Anyway, enough of my rambling, let's get into the list. 

1: Create a show reel 

2: Get a new car 

3: Go to northern Ireland 

4: Pass my HND 

5: Go a weekend away 

6: Travel a bit more

7: See more of Scotland 

8: Take a road trip 

9: Start Scapbooking 

10: Graduate 

11: Start YouTube again 

12: Become self employed 

13: Start Saving 

14: Go Camping 

15: Take a spontaneous trip

16: Take little bear to a pantomime 

17: Cut my hair 

18: Create 3 Short Films 

19: Start eating healthier 

20: Put myself first for once 

And that's my 20 things I want to do in 2020. I'm really excited to be in a new year, starting fresh and pushing 2019 far far away in my memory. This year is about growth, discovering who I am, living and making the most of what I have. I plan on really pushing myself because last year I learned that I am one tough cookie and it's time I realised my worth instead of settling. So, here's to 2020! Here's to living our best lives! 

Now that have gotten this year's list out of the wat, let's have a look back at 2019s list and see if I accomplished any or all.... 

1: Get a new tattoo - Unfortunately the first few months of the year I was busy busy then so much happened and after surgery I didn't want to risk it.

2: Finish off my sleeve tattoo - Didn't manage this, Same reason as above.

3: Get a new piercing - This one I actually did achieve! I gave myself a new year piercing!

4: Buy a new car - I didn't buy a new car, but I did put a lot of effort and money into my existing car.

5: Take little bear to the beach - We had an amazing beach day on one of the hottest days of the year! S got sun bunt that looked very sore, I burned for the first time in I don't know how many years and so did little bear! We were smothered in sun cream and I made sure to top up all the time, the sun was very hot that day.

6: Go on holiday - We went to Lloret de Mar in April which was super fun! Definitely want to do another holiday like that this year.

7: Get in front of the camera more - At the start of the year in was doing very good with this but then everything went down and I just stopped, I lost all confidence.

8: Take little bear away for a weekend - Unfortunately due to the kind of year we had, I didn't get a cabin booked like I had hoped.

9: Do something with my hair
- I got a few inches cut off of it, does that count?

10: Be more organised - Failed miserably at this one lol.

11: Create two short movies - I created a short film of my own, had a group project one and created a film trailer so it wasn't too far off the mark.

12: Buy a new camera Lens - Managed this! I am so happy to finally be growing my kit.

13: Get new flooring for my room - This one completely slipped my mind.

14: Make a financial plan - I sort of did but didn't, I started making one but then may hit.

15: Get a dog - WE GOT A DOG! Bear! He stayed with S for a bit and unfortunately he had to be re-homed.

16: Take Little bear on holiday - Unfortunately I didn't get him away and I'm sad about that :(

17: Go to the safari park - We went to the safari park! Little bear had a fab time.

18: Visit some castles - I forgot all about wanting to see some castles...

19: See my Grandpa - Ge came over in November and we had so much fun spending time with him.

20: Work on my Photography - I managed to do more photography than I expected which was really nice.

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  1. Hope you get to complete all the things you want to do this coming year :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  2. I hope you manage to tick off your 2020 list :) I'm absolutely with you more travel, I haven't been on a holiday for years now!

    Em xx


    1. Thank you Love, Fingers crossed for us both that 2020 sees more travel for us :)

  3. I hope you're able to do everything! I'd totally recommend scrapbooking, it's a great way of storing memories, I love mine xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thanks Hannah :) I used to love scrap booking but in 2018 I sort of fell away from it so really want to get back to that.

  4. I love how honest you’ve been with looking at your goals last year as part of this post! I’ve definitely got to take a leaf out of your book and live more this year. Good luck with these 20 Goals though!


    1. Thank you so much :) Good luck with your 2020 goals :)

  5. Good luck!
    I went camping for the first time ever last year and I'm addicted, it's so much fun.
    I challenged myself on my 29th birthday to visit 30 castles before 30, so if you want any recommendations then hit me up!
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

    1. Thanks Cora :) I LOVE camping, I used to do it all time when I was younger and I really want Little bear to experience that. Ah! Thank you! I think I will really have to take you up on that.