February To Do List

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Hello February, it's nice to see a new month because January felt like it lasted 31 years instead of 31 days. All the days began to mash together, but, we are clear of that now and it's time to focus on the month ahead. 

January felt like time was standing still yet the world was moving around us and it was sort of surreal, I ended up getting stuck in a weird 'funk' when my depression hit hard and my fibro was acting up and that made the last week of January feel like hell, but, never mind! The new month brings new possibilities and I am raring to go. I have some things I really want to achieve in February such as starting the gym again because although my fibro has been getting bad, I want to get back to light work outs because I definitely felt better for it when I was going. 

• Get out with my camera at least twice - I fell like I haven't been out with my camera in a log time, I take loads of photos in the house but not really outside. So, this month I am challenging myself to get outside with the camera and snap some shots. 

• Write two scripts - With my HND Showreel looming, I really have to get on top of scripts for some short films. I have a structure of two short films and a trailer that I want to shoot so it's just putting it altogether now. 

• Star back at the gym - As I said above, I want to get back to the gym because I felt better in myself when I was going. My plan is to get a day pass at a local gym to try it out and get a feel for it so I know what the atmosphere and staff are like. As someone with quite bad social anxiety, I have a fear of gyms because I find it quite intimidating if I'm honest, I've had a few bad experiences with other individuals making fun of me and such in gyms and that's not a vibe I'm about. 

• Pre-Make at least 6 sets of nails - I managed to get a new nail lamp and my stock is seriously diminished so I plan on making good use of the new nail lamp and making some sets in advanced. 

• Clean out the spare room - The spare room seriously needs an over-haul... It's gathering dust and everything is piling up and I am NOT enjoying that so I have to get it organised, it's going to be the next section of the house that I tackle for my Letting Go series. 

• Get in front of the camera more - I have been trying to challenge myself to do more that I am maybe not too comfortable with (within limits) and getting in-front of the camera is something I really want to do again. 

• Take my car to the garage - I need to get my car into the garage to get a check over, I was meant to do it last month but life got in the way, so this month I HAVE to get it seen to. 

• Write more content - Last month I got a surge of motivation that saw me write and schedule 10 posts, the only problem is they are scattered across three months meaning that I didn't have content sorted for the last few weeks of January and the motivation definitely fizzled out. This month I plan to get on top of that. 

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Now it's time to take a look back at January's to do list and see how I got on: 

• Buy Flowers - I got a beautiful bunch of flowers for £3 which lasted about 3 weeks, pretty impressive!

• Clean room out - Well, I achieved this and more. What started as a clean out turned into me sprucing up room with new flooring, paint, shelves and more. 

• Buy new rug - After decorating my room I decided that a rug would add too much clutter.

• Drink more water - Every time I feel like I'm starting to get a decent intake of water, I fall off the wagon again. January wasn't a great month for water intake.

• Get a new LED nail lamp - I got a new nail lamp and its 100x better than the one I had before, it actually cures the top coat!

• Plan something for little bears birthday - Little bears birthday was great, he told me he had a great day going to a soft play area with his friend and getting to have sweets. So this was a tick. 

• Write more content - After getting some inspiration I wrote and scheduled 10 posts which I'm very proud of.

• Set dedicated days for taking photos - I managed to see days and stick to them in the first half of the month but then I got busy and I wasn't able to keep it up. 

• Finish all college assignments - Massive tick. 

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  1. Hope you achieve all your goals for the coming month :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  2. Aw I am so sorry to hear that you've had some mean experiences at the gym :( That's awful, and absolutely no one should have to go through that. I've been more consistent about going there/exercising the last couple of weeks & I'm feeling great because of it! Wishing you the best with all of these goals xx


  3. Haha I'm with you re January! it goes on forever doesn't it. I want to use my camera more too as I've really got out of the habit. I would also love to get the blog back on track as I accidently deleted my old one when I tried to switch back to Blogger from Wordpress - ouch. Just been reading through your increasing your DA post. Very helpful, thank you.

    Helen xo

  4. January lasted forever didn't it?! Well done for getting so much of your list done though! I'm totally with you on the water, it can be so hard to keep up!

    It's a shame you've had some bad experiences in gyms in the past, people can be so horrid. If you feel up to it, I prefer classes, as I can hide at the back, but everyone is distracted so it can feel a little less awkward.

    Have a wonderful February!

    Em xx


  5. Good luck with everything on this list. It sounds like you had a successful January, and I find keeping up with the water intake hard too, it's difficult to keep up xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. Seems like you checked most things off for January. Hoping for a successful month in February!