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Back in January I wrote a post all about a new mini series I am starting here on the blog, Letting go. I explained why I am doing this and what it entails, so if you fancy finding out all about why I am Letting go and de-cluttering my life, check it out. 

Anyway, today's post is the first in the series, granted it's came a little later than I was expecting, but better late than never, right? The first section of my house that I started on was my Wardrobe, I have been in a slump with it for over a year now and although I have had mini clear outs, I always held onto clothes just in case I was able to fit back into them, I was always saying "but I might". So, that's where this clear out was different, I was letting go of emotion and what if's so that I can finally get rid of what isn't needed. 

I have been hoarding clothes for what seems like forever and I have to admit, opening my wardrobe and staring in at all the clothes made this task feel daunting, would I actually be able to cut down on the clothes? 

I had one goal in mind, edit my clothes down. 

I started off by pulling all my clothes out and dumping them on the bed so I could see it all in one pile, looking at it I was a little disappointed in myself with the amount of clothes that still had tags on them or pieces I have only worn once. From there I made three piles: Keep, Food & Clothes bank, Bin. 

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I carefully went through my clothes section by section, Dresses were up first, I really did not think I would have parted with any but I stuck to my goal and edited my collection down. 6 went into the food & clothes bank pile, 11 into my keep pile and 2 into the bin pile. After dresses were my skirts, I found this section to go quite quick, getting rid of 7 altogether, then it was my tops followed by trousers and then onto underwear. 

It took me around 2 and a half hours to fully get through my clear out and by the end of it I had two black bags filled for the food & clothes bank, my wardrobe and drawers were looking better and after talking with my gran, only 4 items actually went into the bin because the rest were made into material scraps for my grans sewing projects which meant there was less waste and we recycled. 

The experience of getting my wardrobe cleared out was a great way to start my de-cluttering project, I found that I wasn't as emotional about it as I thought I would be and the process was straight forward. 

After getting through my wardrobe I decided it was time to move onto my room as a whole, which will be the next instalment of this series. I feel like I have the cleaning bug now because I have been flying through the sections, probably meaning there will be two posts this month on it if I can manage it, but I have already ticked off my room and the bathroom, it's all going really well. 

I have definitely learned that I am truly a hoarder through this process, I found clothes from when I was 16!! and even a few tops of my mums that I have been holding onto just in case I ever needed them, but they were tattered and far to big for me, I couldn't use them for anything and that was probably the hardest part of this, letting go of some of her belongings, but I managed it and I know she wouldn't want me holding onto anything and everything. 

I'm not sure what section is next, it may be the spare room as that makes sense before I start on little bears room.

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  1. Great job pairing down your wardrobe. I did this a while back and it felt so good. I went from having two overfilled dressers plus more in the closet to one moderately filled dresser and just a few items in the closet. I was also guilty of holding onto clothes in case I fit into them again or because that item was an old favorite, but was able to let them go in the end.

  2. I've done the same to my wardrobe recently and it's so therapeutic! I think it's so important because it's so easy to forget what clothes we already have.

    - Charlotte / charlottesspace.com

  3. Nice to know about your wardrobe sorting process, I don't know when can I do it seriously. I do it randomly and selectively and even then I feel good afterwards.


  4. I'm the same when it comes to keeping clothes. I have loads that are too big for me, loads that are too small for me, and I just keep them 'just in case'. I've had some mini clear outs but I really need to have a proper clear out like you have done, especially if I want to ever revamp my dressing room!

    Em xx


  5. Wow, you were a sorting machine! It can be really hard to get rid of things, even clothes, just because some things hold so many memories. But you got through it and you made a lot of progress! I'm so impressed! I've been slowly going through my clothes closet and trying to get rid of things to donate (I usually wear my clothes until they wear out, haha). You do get that bit of a high and energy from organizing and getting rid of things, so I totally get it. I'm like, "what can I do next??" Can't wait to see your next post on what you let go next! <3

    Emily | www.thatweirdgirllife.com