Dekassa Vibrancy Range Review

I love candles, I've said it before and I'll probably keep on saying it, but I am obsessed with them. When I'm feeling down, happy, relaxed, basically all of the emotions, I'll light candles. So, it's a pleasure to be chatting about the Dekassa Vibrancy range, hand poured right here in Scotland.

Please note that I was kindly gifted these products by Dekassa but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Dekassa are a small business based in Cumbernauld just outside of Glasgow. The team is made up of three lovely ladies and 2 dogs who are often around for a little cuddle now and then. At Dekassa they hand pour their candles plus wax melts and hand blend their Reed diffusers with love and are like to insure each of their products are to the highest standard. Their candles and reed diffusers have luxury fragrances made with the finest wax and oils and they have the widest range of scented candles and reed diffusers for occasions such as birthdays, weddings and more. 

All their candles and wax melts are vegan friendly and their reed diffusers are made with ingredients that are eco-friendly and have a low carbon footprint, the environment and recycling is very Important to Dekassa, their gift boxes are recyclable, their glass jars can be kept and reused and their aluminium tins are recyclable too! 

I had the pleasure of meeting with Victoria from Dekassa who happens to be an old friend and I got the whole scoop on Dekassa and their Vibrancy range.

Their vibrancy range is inspired by current interior trends, looking at what will fit with people homes to give them something that not only works well, looks good as well, who said candles can't be stylish?

In the Vibrancy range there are three scents which smell absolutely magical by the way! There is Vintage pink which has a sweet woody aroma with notes of black pepper although I didn't pick up on the black pepper, but what I did smell was a clean sort of flower scent and it was lovely. I have the wax melt version of this scent and my gran could smell it downstairs and even asked for some for her wax burner. 

Another scent they have is Antique Grey which consists of intense leather, suede and saffron. It's a very homely, cost scent which I think would be perfect for a night in, snuggled up watching movies in the living room and even better if you have a fireplace as this gives me all the feels of being in a log cabin.

Last but not least is their Classic Lemon scent which is my favourite of the three. The scent is sparkling citrus with a touch of sweet peony and boy does it smell good! I love it, the Reed diffuser has been placed in my room to keep it smelling fresh. It reminds me of lemon sherbet almost but not quite, if that makes sense. Every time I feel I've figured out what it reminds me of, I blank, I can't quite out my finger on it, but it reminds me of my childhood.

The scents within this range as really nice, there is something for everyone which you think would be hard with just three scents but somehow Dekassa have done it, there's a strong homely scent, a breath of fresh air scent and a clean, linen scent.

I have loved trying out their candles and wax melts, I am so in love with the scents plus the quality is great! On their website they have a section called candle care which is a guide to help you get the most from your candles and keep them burning so I recommend that you check it out, even if it's just to learn a little more about proper candle care. 

I am genuinely won over by these candles and the range, the graphics and burst of colour on each item makes me love the products that little bit more, what can I say, I like aesthetically pleasing things. So, if your house is in need of a little refresh, get a candle that can bring that something extra.  

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*I was kindly gifted these products by Dekassa but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. These are stunning! I love the sound of the classic lemon scent - it's probably my favourite scent to have in the house as it's such a fresh smell! Given how much time I'll be spending at home, I'll have to go have a look!

    Em x

  2. Lemon is amazing! I love how fresh it makes everything. The lemon would definitely be my favourite.
    Al x