Gloomy Day Self Care Routine

When the weather is gloomy and matches your mood for the day, there's nothing wrong with saying "nope" to the world and taking some time for yourself. 

I talk about self care quite a lot, between my Instagram and my blog, it's a heavy theme because I genuinely believe that in a world where we feel like we have to constantly be doing something, taking time for ourselves is important but always seems to be put on the back burner and finding that balance can be hard.

Today I'm sharing my gloomy day self care routine to help inspire more people to take some "me" time and give some ideas on how to have a totally chill day. I'll be splitting this up into three sections, morning, afternoon and night but it can be adapted to make it a full day.



When it's gloomy outside and I have a morning to myself after little bear is at school, I'll come home from the school run and put the kettle on. I'll lay out my mug  get it prepped and then make a cuppa, whilst I'm having that I'll stick the TV on, probably catching up on criminal minds or Riverdale. I'll watch an episode and then I'll clean a little because a clean home equals ab organised mind, well for me anyway. I'll get all the daily chores done, make the beds, open curtains, hoover, that sort of stuff. 

Once I've cleaned I'll make another cuppa or I'll have a smoothie, depending on my mood then I'll spend a little time going through emails to make sure I'm all caught up. When my to do list has a good chunk ticked off I'll then be able to relax fully. After getting organised I'll either play a game of fortnight or sims because I find being lost in a game helps me to switch off from life for a bit. 

If I'm not in the mood for a game though, I'll read which is always nice to do as I rarely find the time to do so otherwise. Right now I am reading Wild Embers by Nikita Gill which I love! I've read it three times now so I like to flick to different pages and read the poems as the appear. Another favourite relaxing activity to do is to take a shower to refresh myself, showers are always my morning go to instead of a bath as I don't have the same amount of time as I do at night. 

By this point morning will be ending and I'll be stepping back into the responsibilities of life. 


If the afternoon is the only time I have free, say from 12pm - 3pm then I won't try to pack too much in, that's where little self care activities come in handy so that I can still take some "me" time but I'm not committing to a bath or the likes.

I will normally start by making a pot of tea and setting up camp in the living room for a few hours, slippers on, some weird TV programme will be playing in the background and I'll start to read or have a chat with my gran. This is the time where my gran and I really find the time to chat and just catch up. That may sound strange considering we are in the same house, but I'll be working away on my mac, she will be out and about or sewing, or little bear will be bouncing about and I'll be keeping him entertained, So, the time we have in the afternoon to have a cuppa and chat is precious. This time is just for me and her which I really do cherish and although I am spending the time with my gran which kind of defeats the purpose of "me" time, I still find doing this can help me feel a bit more like me as it's a chance for us to have a good old moan which in turn helps us feel like a bit of a weight is lifted. 

If my gran is busy, out or at an appointment then I will chill out in my room, with tea because tea honestly makes me feel instantly calm. This is a prime chance for me to do a set of nails or curl my hair, doing these activities help me feel a little more like myself and boosts my confidence.


Night seems to be the best time to do proper relaxing activities like face masks, bath and meditation because I have more time, especially if little bear is at dads otherwise I try to incorporate him into my chill night with a foot spa, movies and curling up together, but the purpose of this routine, I will be talking about when I have a full night to myself. 

On my self care night, on gloomy days, I will start by running a bath and adding some muscle relaxing bath salts, setting out all the products I need on my bath tray like my face scrub, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, bath bomb, face mask and a glass of water because I love my baths to be roasting so I try to make sure I am drinking water throughout to avoid dehydration plus water is just good for you. 

I tend to spend around 40-50 minutes in the bath, I don't use a bath for getting clean (hear me out) because it's just sitting in water really so I will have a shower that day and then use the shower after my bath to wash my hair so I know it's clean so that I can purely use the bath to relax. 

On my pamper nights I will deep clean my skin, exfoliating it and making sure my skin feels nice and smooth before using a face mask. It's at this point I will get out the bath and get on some clean pjs that have been on the radiator because that's one of thee best feelings ever. After the face mask is off I will do my skincare routine before sorting my hair, deciding wither to dry it or let it dry naturally. 

I will follow that up by climbing into bed and putting on a film or a show like Rupauls drag race so I can get lost for a while and check out of life. If I'm not in the mood to watch something then I will get my diary out, organise dates and make sure I know what's coming up in the next week then I will turn to my journal to update my movies watched list, write some poems if the mood hits or reflect on my day. 

If night is the only time I am getting to take some time for myself, I will put on a new set of nails and fix my eyebrows. Just like my afternoon routine, it's little things that tend to help boost my confidence a little so I always make sure to do them. 

At the end of the night I will then put everything off so there are no distractions, I will maybe have a couple of candles on then I will meditate for a bit or listen to some music to unwind before bed, this tends to help me get a really good sleep. 

And that's my Gloomy day self care routine, it's rare I get the whole day to myself to do these things so when that happens I adjust these activities and I create a full day filled with doing little things for myself to make me feel good and help me feel organised. 

When we take time for ourselves, it helps to recharge our batteries which in turn helps up to put our best foot forward and let's us handle certain situations differently. So please, take some time for you. 

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day of self care :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  2. Self care and being kind to yourself is so important! I always forget but this inspires me.

  3. I'm with you that self-care is so important and we often just put it on the back burner. I try to have Tuesday day time to indulge in some form of self-care. Currently blogging. It's lovely that you find the time to sit down and have a quality chat with your gran - quality time is so important isn't it :) Helen xo

  4. We all need this post! Your cups are really cute.

  5. I love your blog - it's so beautifully laid out! And your photography is wonderful.
    I really needed to read this post today. Lockdown is really getting to me!
    Stay safe, pet! x

  6. Self care is definitely something that gets overlooked when life is busy when it should really be something we do every day! Much easier said than done, though and having a whole day to just take care of yourself sounds like the dream. A bath is also one of my favourite things to do to relax, it forces me to have time away from being online and just focus on pampering myself!
    Alice Xx