100 Activities to keep you busy in isolation

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Being in isolation sucks! It can be really boring when you're seeing the same surroundings every day and there's not much you can do about it. Plus, with the overwhelming amount of bad news that seems to be steam rolling across the world right now we may feel a bit on edge and looking for something to do to take our minds off of it. 
Keeping busy and doing activity that will banish the boredom is probably one of the most important things we can do during this lockdown as well as self-care, but you may have hit a wall when it comes to thinking of ways to keep yourself busy. That's where this post comes in! 

I have curated a list of 100 activities that you can do whilst in isolation that will keep you busy and help alleviate some of that boredom. 

Do a jigsaw puzzle
Read a book
Play a game
Recreate your favourite takeaway
Have a pamper night
Start a blog
Organize your room
Create a vision board
Have a home cinema night
Do your nails
Do some yoga
Watch a musical Online
Organize your files
Work out
Do some gardening
Have a bubble bath
Do some colouring
Learn calligraphy
Give yourself a pedicure
Practice breathing techniques
Create an indoor obstacle course
Start scrapbooking 
Write some poems
Update old blog posts
Organize your wardrobe
Create a photo album
Have a faux Christmas
Put on a face mask
Watch some YouTube
Watch an online concert
Learn a new skill
Practice make up
Rearrange your room
Face time with friends
Have a themed night
Listen to music and have a little dance
Watch a series on Netflix
Play with your animal/s
Declutter your house
Improve on something
Try out new things in the bedroom
Learn an instrument
Have a Netflix watch party
Create a video diary
Start a bullet journal
Play some board games 

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Organize your finances
Do some pilates
Learn a new language
Back up your blog
Start writing a book
Get on top of blog maintenance
Have a social media detox
Write a song
Mend broken items/ ripped clothes
Create some Spotify playlists
Spring clean your home
Have an indoor picnic
Sort your books into alphabetical order
Listen to podcasts
Have a live Q&A on Instagram
Read some self help books
Experiment in the kitchen
Create a list of movies you want to watch this year
Take a nap
Create an Instagram inspiration pinterest board
Give yourself a makeover
Do some DIY projects
Clear out your phone
Organise family photos 
Write out positive affirmations daily
Start a new challenge
Have a social media clear out
Write some blog posts
Work on your memory with games to test your mind
Work on your Photography
Have some family time
Try following a recipe & cook a new meal
Start doing YouTube videos
Try listening to some ASMR
Back up your files
Spend some time with your significant other
Go to a museum - virtual tours
Plan your dream vacation
Back up files from your phone
Have a faux Halloween
Start a savings jar
Listen to audible
Organize your wires
Listen to radio stations around the world - http://radio.garden
Start an Etsy store
Find new blogs to read
Clear out your laptop/computer
Write your 5 year plan

Make a time capsule

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There are so many things that we can do whilst in isolation, like the list above proves, but I know how hard it can be trying to think up new activities, especially when our brains are in overthinking mode! So, I hope that this post comes in hand and that you spot a few ideas in here that will help you to keep your mind focused on something a little happier rather than all the negative that is going on in the world right now. 

This is a huge change to our routines and lives have been turned upside down because of the virus. We are going through a pandemic which I'm sure most of us never imagined we would have to face; it's affecting people all over the world from all walks of life which makes this even scarier and a lot more dangerous than I personally could have thought. 

Because of this, I think that it's only natural that we look for some light in this darkness, we will all cope in our own way and that's perfectly normal. We are allowed to do things that make us happy and make a dark time feel a little more bearable, so, just remember that whatever you are doing to get yourself through wither it be baking, going live on Instagram, creating art or more, it's ok and you have every right to curate a routine that helps you get through. 

I hope everyone is safe and doing well, I truly do. 

What are some ways you have been keeping yourself busy so far? 

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Pinterest graphic that has 100 things to do in isolation written on it


  1. There's some great ideas here Jordanne! I will definitely get some of these things done! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Wow I love this list there is so much we can actually do when we have time I know a lot of people are pulling their hair out over what they can’t do right now but... actually there is so much we can get through when we have the time to just work on ourselves. I’m considering buying a few heavily discounted online courses (corona virus offers) to try improve my career prospects after Covid-19 and brush up on statistic skills, saving money, learning new tricks with my fire fans, doing diy projects, blogging, communicating with people over phone who I’ve not spoken to for a while and I still work part-time due to my current job being a needed thing. I know that it’s scary right now but we’ve been given tones of self-improvement and time with ourselves so it shouldn’t be so hard to social distance for a while if it might mean protecting someone’s life.

  3. Great list! I've been watching a lot of my favourite Youtubers and playing animal crossing on my switch x

    - Charlotte / charlottesspace.com

  4. Great ideas for things to do, I'm finding craft is a good idea to :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  5. Definitely a lot of activities here to get stuck into! There's some I want to do but I think everyone has had the same idea and cleared up all the jigsaws and games. Already been decluttering my house as well. This looks like a list someone can tick off and make their way through!

    Jess / Jess Marie Hunter

  6. There are some great ones on here that I haven’t seen anywhere else! I love the idea of a faux Christmas.
    Al x

  7. absolutely loved all your suggestions thank you so much

  8. Love these ideas Jordanne! Thank you for sharing & enjoy your weekend xx

  9. some brilliant ideas! I have been doing lots of baking!

  10. definitely going to have to make the most out of this list at a later date, for now im focusing on the stress that lockdown might be shortened and i might have to move home :'( x

  11. Love these activities dear, focusing on the positives during lockdown. Thank you for sharing!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur