30 Self care activities for isolation

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With the world going through a pandemic and pretty much everywhere being in lockdown mode or advising self isolation, it can feel a bit overwhelming which is why now more than ever it's important to have a good self care routine. 
Self care is super important, it's something that I talk about a lot because I truly believe that in order to give the best of ourselves, we have to take care of ourselves first, like the classic saying goes, you can't Pour from an empty cup. 

Being in isolation, quarantine, lockdown, what ever it's being called where you are, can feel daunting. Since being in isolation I have found that self care is one of the biggest factors to getting me through the days as it helps to recharge my batteries and helps me to have a clear head which is very much needed at the moment. 

So, here are 30 ways in which you can practice self care in isolation, activities that you can do from the comfort of your home that will help to alleviate some stress and help you feel a little more relaxed. 

Take a bubble bath
Do your nails
Read a book
Do some yoga
Have a cuppa and sit down
Write down your thoughts
Watch your favourite movie
Do some drawing
Organise your drawers
Put on a face mask
Have a little sing song and dance
Go for a 'walk' (around the house)
Make a home cooked meal
Call a friend
Do some colouring in
Start a bullet journal
Play a game
Listen to music
Take a few extra hours of sleep
Bake something
If you have a pet, cuddle with them
Have a social media detox
Clean your room/house
Listen to podcasts
Have an at home solo date night
Write down positive affirmations
Give yourself a pedicure

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Self care is very much a personal thing and what works for some may not work for others, to me the perfect self care is having a bath, doing a face mask and watching my favourite film but to others it's exercising, listening to music, journaling and so on. Because of that I've tried to curate a list that will speak to broad range of people. 

Do what ever makes you feel happy, do things that will help you relax, do things that will make you feel good about yourself and do them often, do them everyday and make sure that you stay hydrated! Self care really doesn't have to be complicated so find what works for you. 

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  1. Some amazing ideas here lovely! I find colouring in very relaxing and therapeutic, I bought a colouring book from Amazon to keep myself entertained! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Love all of these Jordanne! There are so many here that I've already done for myself during this quarantine, but there quite a few that I have yet to do as well. Thank you for sharing <3 xx


  3. Hi, these are amazing tips! I am following some religiously but other ones I really haven't thought about such as: giving myself a pedicure or a solo date night, I love it!

    Ana C., www.adreamersland.com

  4. Great list of things to do, I'm planning to do a couple :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  5. Thank you for the list! Wish I had a bath tub so I could have a nice relaxing bath 😊
    🌸 Marissa Belle | marsybun.com x 🌸

  6. There's a lot of great things to do on this list 😊 I've really enjoyed doing arts and crafts, it is very therapeutic. Hope you are well, stay safe x

  7. These are great! I've dug my colouring books out from under the stairs. I find it quite therapeutic, plus I'm mindful of finding things to do that don't all involve a screen.

    Stay safe,

    Em xx


  8. Awesome ideas! My nails are constantly changing colour at the minute, I just wish I had a bath and a lush bath bomb!

    Stay safe and healthy xxx

    Ashleigh | www.loveashleigh.com

  9. 'Social Detox' caught my eyes. During this lockdown, my screen time has increased to a large amount. Great list!