April To Do

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A lot has been going on lately, I mean, we are in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown which has been a big turn of events since my March to do list but never the less, I want to stick to a to do list, even if I am just pottering about the house. 

My to do list for April is centring on things I can get done in the home, it's a way for me to keep myself busy and away from boredom haha.  

• Get on top of blog maintenance - I have a lot of blog maintenance to do like updating old posts, adding in ALT text on images, making sure all posts are SEO friendly and all that sort of stuff.

• Read more blogs and return comments - I have been seriously lacking when it comes to reading blogs or returning comments... I don't know why but the thought of doing it has made my anxiety go through the roof, probably because I am so behind! But this month I am going to return all the comments I have gotten and start reading blogs again, I mean, I have the time after all! 

• Have a fun easter week filled with activities - I am determined to make the two weeks little bear would have off for easter fun because lord know we need that right now! I have an easter bunny bag coming from Everythingcraftyuk (it is super cute!) which I intend to fill with some activity sheets and a check list of activities we are going to do and some baking stuff, so it will be a bag full of surprises. 

• Sort my college work - Right now I have no idea what work I still have to do or what I have completed because truth be told, the thought of college work right now is making me anxious. I'm really worried that I may not get my HND grade anymore because of what is going on and my course being heavily practical. So, I intend to get on top of it and make a list of what I need to finish/do. 

• Clean out spare room drawers - I have been clearing out drawers in my room over the past week and that has lead me to wanting to clear out the drawers in the spare room, it keeps me busy plus helps with organisation. 

• Create new sets of nails - I got some new gel colours, pastel ones and although I have made a set using all of the colours, I really want to make more sets focusing on nail art a little more instead of just solid colours. 

I have kept my list short and sweet, well, sort of! But I wanted to make sure they were tasks that I could realistically complete whilst at home. 

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Although we went into self isolation in March, I have managed to get some stuff ticked off my to do list last month so let's take a look back. 

• Get back on track  - To be honest, I just haven't managed this one, especially since the pandemic has hit because life has been a little all over the place and we have been adjusting to our new normal. 

• Have more family time  - With self isolation kicking in, we have been spending A LOT of time together which has been both a blessing and a curse haha. 

• Start making more video content  - I have... just not for my blog or anything ofaglasgowgirl related, instead it was for my other blog: Jordanneleecreative.blogspot.com - I have been making mini video diaries for my HND since our showreel plan has kind of went up in flames so to speak. 

• Go on an adventure with little bear  - Before self isolation kicked in, Little bear and I went to a park with a big nature walk which he loved, it was nice to get out the house and do something outside and I'm glad we were able to do it before self isolation!  

•  Finish a film Project - Because of self isolation and the pandemic, all productions were called off including my film project. I'm not as bummed about it as I thought I would be to be honest which is a relief but I still would have liked to finish it up. 

• Be more regular with posts- I somewhat managed this? I mean, I haven't stuck to my normal schedule but I have put out more posts in March than February. 

Medium close up of a ginger and white cat laying on pink bed sheets with 18 inch pink foil "18" balloons in the back ground and a bottle of rose pawsecco next to him.

 Celebrate Teddys 18th - Although we weren't able to get away to the Four seasons for the cat getaway, we celebrated Ted's birthday in the house, complete with Pawsecco and a cat food cupcake, he wen't to bed a very happy kitty. 

•  Drink more Water -  Well, I haven't had to go anywhere or be distracted by day to day life so I have managed to keep up my water intake. 

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  1. Your Easter activities sound great! I'm sure little bear will absolutely love what you've got planned for him! We're hoping for nice weather over the bank holiday weekend so that we can at least sit in the garden. Failing that I've brought plenty of new games on Steam.

    Good luck with your goals for the month!

    Em x


    1. Thanks hun, I am so excited for them this week! I live mini egg cakes so they had to be on the list haha. Fingers crossed the weather is nice, just being out in the garden makes life feel a little more bearable. X

  2. Yesss, I love posts like this, and I love setting goals! I feel like I need to set some goals for myself - starting with getting my blogging back on track! Can’t wait to see what you get through this month!

    Catherine x

    1. Thank you :) it's always good to get thoughts down in black and white good luck with getting back on track with blogging :)

  3. I really hope you have a lovely Easter week with Little Bear!!! Best of luck accomplishing all of your goals, adjusting to the new normal and trying to maintain the perfect balance with work, creativity, and rest, seems to be a bit impossible right now :') xx


  4. Great to do list, I have the same sort of list to do :) Good luck with them :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  5. Another positive blogger! Yes, keep busy during this pandemic mess. I am also trying to stay relatively busy, so I hear you. Enjoy the activities!