Sims 4 - Meet the Avery family

Screen grab of some game play from sims 4 - Sim standing in a room filled with flowers

With isolation taking its toll and trying to find something that will pass the time but also help me escape from reality, I've rediscovered The Sims after not playing in about 7 or 8 months and honestly, I'm here for it.

Playing the sims has always been my number one favourite game, I first played the sims in 2001 when I got it for my 9th birthday and I've never looked back. Throughout the years I've been obsessed, always trying to get my hands on the latest ones and here I am, 19 years later, still obsessed with the game that has pretty much been my escape during some dark times.

Because quarantine has been extremely boring, I looked for new ways to keep entertained and that's when I remembered sims! So, I started it up and created a new game, called it quarantine and I've pretty much became more invested than I should be. Because I've been playing it so much, I've been tweeting out about my sims family, The Avery's. So, I thought I would introduce them to you all, yes, the obsession is hitting a new high.

Screen grab of 4 sims after create a sim mode

The Avery family, pictured above, are a down to earth family who live in Sulani and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Marina and Avery met at university where they instantly fell for each other and from then on, they have done everything together. When they bought their first home, they realised that something was missing, something that animals just couldn't fill so they set out to adopt the children who were a little special and needed a forever home. 

Screen grab of a sim planting flowers in a garden
Screen grab of a sim talking to patchy in sims 4

Aniyah Avery 

Aniyah is a witch who adores nature and animals, she is most happy when she is outdoors in her gardening tending to her plants as the animals run around, sun is shining and those around her are happy. She likes to create flower arrangements and has a room dedicated to all things plants and can often be found in her flower room, trying our new things. Her dream is to own a flower shop so she can bring some colour and happiness to everyone who enters, and they may just leave feeling the best they ever have as Aniyah likes to sneakily cast spells that make people feel good. 

Age: Young adult
Spouse: Marina Avery 
Favourite colour: Blush pink 
Favourite food: Chips  & salsa
Favourite activity: Gardening 

Screen grab of a sim standing on sand in sims 4
Screen grab of two sims talking in a kitchen on sims 4

Marina Avery

Marina is a human but that doesn't mean she is any less magical. She loves to consume knowledge and wants to learn about everything the world has to offer from musical instruments to vampire lore, she needs to know it all. She is the primary caretaker, matriarch and likes order but don't let that fool you, she loves to joke around and make those around her smile, especially the children. Marina is always there to lend a helping hand and knows the power of love, children gravitate towards her and her friends know she's there if needed. 

Age: Young adult 
Spouse: Aniyah Avery
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite Food: Pancakes
Favourite activity: Reading a book

Screen grab of a sim standing in a kitchen on sims 4
Screen grab of a sim at a desk on a laptop in sims 4

Alejandra Avery 

Alejandra Avery is the first child that Aniyah and Marina adopted, she is a very smart mermaid whose desire is to be a top-notch computer programmer. Alejandra has always been gifted, she got straight A's in school and graduated from university with a degree in computer science. She can often be found reading a book to learn something new or playing video games late at night. Although Alejandra has always been a very smart girl who puts her studies first and never partied when she was younger, she met her boyfriend Makao when she was a teen and he was a young adult. They met at the beach and hit it off straight away, whilst Alejandra was at university he would often visit and their relationship grew but little did Alejandra know, he had a wife and kids! This created a dilemma which saw Alejandra have to make a hard decision, but their connection was just too strong, and Makao made the choice of leaving his wife for Alejandra. 

Age: Young adult now
Boyfriend: Makao
Favourite colour: Orange 
Favourite food: Pineapple 
Favourite activity: Playing computer games 

Screen grab of a sim sitting on a couch in sims 4
Screen grab of a sim in bat mode in sims 4

Kain Avery

Kain is the second child that Marina and Aniyah adopted, a very active vampire Kain has always felt a bit odd but since being adopted he has realised that being a vampire is awesome and not something to be ashamed of. Kain is an all-rounder, he is great at school, is a fabulous athlete and liked by many but he is currently struggling coming to terms with the fact he now has his full vampire powers. He loves animals and can often be found out a jog at night with their dog, Romeo. Kain has many friends and loves to hang out with them as well as finding out as much as he can about vampires, he has recently met his uncle Vlad who has taken young Kain under his wing to teach him all about his heritage.

Age: Teenager

Partner: None
Favourite colour: Red
Favourite food: Plasma packs
Favourite activity: Working out

Screen grab of a cat in the sims 4

Chandler Avery

Chandler is a very feisty cat who loves to run around the house and sleep on the couch. The Avery's adopted Chandler when they moved to Sulani and Marina soon became his number one human, following her everywhere and enjoying cuddling on the couch.

Screen grab of a dog in sims 4

Romeo Avery

As Chandler gravitated towards Marina, Aniyah was feeling a little sad because she absolutely loves animals, so Marina decided to surprise Aniyah with a dog. Romeo fitted in perfectly with the Avery's with his upbeat personality and rather beautiful different coloured eyes and beautiful coat. Romeo now goes everywhere with Aniyah and enjoys a good belly scratch in the couch.

Screen grab of three sims sitting at a kitchen table in sims 4
Screen grab of two sims sitting at a table talking in sims 4
Screen grab of a sim talking with patchy scarecrow in sims 4
Screen grab of a sim in the commons in sims 4 university
Screen grab of 4 sims as one of the sims is in labor

And that's the Avery family as they are today. I am loving playing with this family and creating a whole story line around them, as you can tell I am probably a bit too invested in them but right now it's helping me bring out my creative side plus it's been a great way for little bear and I to connect in a new way as we have started a game where we are taking part I'm the 100 baby challenge... yep, little bear watched a video by Deligracy with me where she does the 100 baby challenge and he wanted to do it as well Haha.

Just switching off and jumping into a new world has helped me to navigate the new way of life we have at the moment and for that, I'm thankful. I have another post which will be out soon where I'll talk about the next chapter in their journey as Marina and Aniyah have just had a baby of their own! But they are still planning on adopting more children. I really want to make this into a series, so let me know of you would be interested in that.

If you're playing sims, what's your current story line? I would love to hear about what your sims are getting up to!

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  1. I love this post! You've inspired me to write a Sims 4 post... what a good excuse to play again...

  2. I love the Sims and love how you've created a storyline to go with the family. That's how I tend to play too, as I love the family side, but the challenges seem like fun too! This seems like such a fun family, and I loved reading through their personalities xx

    Hannah |

  3. I downloaded Sims 4 on Origin a while back when they were offering it for free. I hadn't played in YEARS (like original Sims lol) but figured I might use it yet and at that 'price', why not grab it just in case. Right? Fast forward to now - it's been a HUGE escape with everything going on lol

  4. I hate to admit it but I laughed at the backstory of Alejandra and her boyfriend :P I JUST logged off The Sims after being on it all day (side note - why is it that this game can only be played in binges?! haha). After completing the 100 baby challenge, I merged the family into my main save file and continued with my legacy challenge. My heir met his (now deceased) wife during university and the day after he graduated, he made sure to marry the professor and had 3 kids. Unfortunately, there was a decent age gap and the wife passed away while my heir was just climbing in his career. He eventually remarried to Maggie and had 3 kids as well. Unfortunately, my heir's relationship fell apart with his oldest daughter when he remarried.

    PS: The Avery family is sooooo beautiful! I love how you have all the supernaturals and human under one roof.

  5. Really enjoyed this post. Loved getting to know how you play your sims game.
    I've just started a new game too and looking forward to seeing how it pans out x

  6. I’ve done exactly the same and made a new save for quarantine! I totally agree, the sims is a great pastime for a little escapism. I’m so thankful for that game!

    Em x

  7. Love this!! I've been playing so much sims 4 lately!!

  8. I love this post I currently play sims mobile and I love creating new friendships and family members as well. Is this on the laptop !?