What I miss about everyday life

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Isolation is proving tougher than I had ever imagined, I'm an introvert, I'm a homebody and I really enjoy spending time alone as being around people really drains me mentally which in turn affects me physically. But I have to say, isolation is way harder than I thought it would be.

At the start of quarantine I was confident that I wouldn't be as affected by it than others because I do love to be on my own, I love being in my room, doing my own thing and not going out has always been favoured over going out, but here I am at 4am really missing going to college. Who am I? When did this become my reality?

If you had asked me at the start of the year if I would miss early morning rises, scrambling to get little bear ready, asking him to put his shoes on half a dozen times, trying to get a bite of my toast whilst looking for his bag, putting on make-up and trying to have a cuppa, the cold walk to school, the fighting for a parking space at college, waiting on Linda, walking into class only to get angry at someone for not being able to do the one job they were asked, the bickering, the drama, the lunches, the production days and everything else that comes with college, I would have categorically said no, I would not miss that! But I'm laying here and all I want to do is be getting ready to go meet Linda and have a day at college. I honestly miss it so much and I'll never get the chance to do that again as it's my last year. 

There's so much I miss about everyday life and I thought I would list 25 of the things I'm missing about the mundane, every day to try get some of those feeling down in black in white. 

Sitting in the garden with friends 

College banter 

Breakfast cappuccino 

Going shopping 

Taking little bear to the park 

Going to Costa

Being able to go a drive 

Seeing friends 

Going to cinema 

Date days 


Moaning about lectures 


Early call times 

Weekends away 

Taking my gran out 

Walking little bear to school 

Picking little bear up from school 

Getting hair cut 

Going to spoons for lunch 

Photography day trips 

Going to the farm 

Game nights 

Being wound up 

Nights out 

Although there's some things here that I don't do EVERYDAY, at least I had the choice to, we all did, and I will never take these things for granted again when this is all over. 

Not knowing when it's going to end or what going to happen scares me, it scares me more than I care to admit and the longer this goes on, the worse it seems to get. The death rate is rising, the worry of "am I going to get it?" Or "is my gran going to get it and will she die" honestly petrifies me but that's for another day. 

I do hope that we have more clear answers soon because right now it feels like the quarantine will last the whole year and it might, it actually might. All the uncertainty is terrifying, I just hope that when it's done, we can all appreciate the life we have. 

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  1. Isolation is a very difficult time for a lot of us lovely and it's so hard not living the normal life! Hopefully things will return to normal sooner rather than later x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I think at the start we were all so focused on staying positive that it now feels “wrong” to be sad about all the things we’re being denied. Would I rather have my health? Yes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be sad that nothing is normal! xx

  3. It's crazy to think about how much of our everyday life has changed within the month. There's so much that we miss we didn't even realise we would miss! Love this blogpost. x


  4. I'm to missing lots of things, I think for me it's going shopping for clothes and visiting my nephews :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  5. I miss being able to just pop to a shop on a whim to get one or two things. We used to go to pop to the shop on the way home each day to grab some bits, and now we limit our shopping to once a week. Although I guess it does mean we are being more organised!

    Take care,

    Em x


  6. I miss seeing my friends and whining about college too! Watching movies and tv series on Netflix is nothing compared to getting the experience of watching that on the big screens in the Cinema halls. How we all wish the lockdown would end soon. Thank you for sharing this post!

  7. I am too is deeply saddened. The reality of what's happening right now. At least now most of us got glimpse of what's really important. It can give us the idea of hope that there are such things to look forward to. Please stay positive!


  8. You are so right... there are so many things we take took for granted! I miss just walking around without feeling I should be at home. You know what I mean ...like when you go to the shops and you just browse. There is no time for browsing now - just essential shopping. Be safe.

  9. I really miss basic things too although gradually getting used to wearing a mask. I miss seeing my parents and friends. I have seen my parents but unable to hug them which is so hard especially as really needed a hug recently. If a second wave comes which is looking likely sadly, this will last til 2021 which is daunting to say the least x