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Hello! I feel like I haven't really taken part in much tag posts for a while and that's probably because I haven't, the last one was The Real Neat Blogger tag, but when I saw I was tagged by two lovely bloggers to take part in the Silver Linings tag, I couldn't not take part because it's a great idea, especially with the times we are living it. 

The lockdown silver linings tag was started by Twin Mummy and Daddy, to spread some positivity and it's perfect for right now because I'm sure we are all feeling quite "Meh" at times, I know I am. I was kindly tagged by Finn from Finlaygames, you can read his post here - https://finlaygames.com/lockdown-silver-linings-tag-top-5/ and the lovely Katie from Lifewithktkinnes, you can read her post here - https://lifewithktkinnes.com/2020/04/22/the-lockdown-silver-linings-tag/

It's really simple to take part, just list 5 of your silver linings that have come out of being in lockdown. So, heres my 5 silver linings. 

1: Spending more time with Little bear 

Before lockdown, life was a little hectic with college, school, taking care of my gran and everything else in between. So, it was so special when we got to spend time together as a family and a lot of the time little bear just wanted to play games with his dad on his Xbox or watching movies on his own, he just liked to do his own thing.

Now with lockdown sweeping the nation, schools closed, college closed and life coming to a halt, we have had lots of time to spend together and it's been amazing.

We have baked, made dens, ran around wild, jumped on the trampoline, played in the garden, done painting, made art and crafts, beat our high scores on games, had movie nights, cuddles and so much more. I can't even begin to explain how much this has improved our bond and for that, I'm thankful because that boy is my world, he gives me life and I love him with all my heart. This time together is invaluable, and I'll cherish it forever, even if he is driving me mad at times!

2: Getting time to get caught up with my blog

Before lockdown my blog was suffering, I never really realised just how much college and everyday family life wiped me out. I was getting posts out and I was sort of doing things for my blog, but I was not on top of it, I was slacking with blog maintenance, I wasn't putting my all into my posts and I'll be honest, I was struggling. 

But now that I have time to focus on my blog, I've been feeling much better about everything. I have managed to get posts out that I'm proud of, I'm really enjoying interacting with people again, I'm in twitter and I'm actually having fun. It's nice being able to feel good about my blog once again, I'm proud, it's been a great distraction plus it's reigniting a passion in me again. 

3: Practicing more self care 

I've always been big on self-care, I talk about it a lot here on my blog and on Instagram because I believe it's improving that we take care of ourselves, as the saying goes "you can't Pour from an empty cup".

Although I have always been practicing self-care, being in lockdown has meant that I'm needing to take care of myself a lot more, both mentally and physically, and having the time has meant that I'm able to implement more focused self-care activities. I have the time to take full day pamper sessions and do a lot more to take care of myself, and for that, I'm thankful.

4: Connecting with more people 

Since lockdown started, in a weird twist, I've been able to connect with people more. I was shying away from twitter because I was exhausted, I was socially drained from being at college and around people all the time, so, with lockdown meaning college has stopped, I haven't been as socially drained which in turn means, I can connect with people more online and it's done wonders for talking to friends again, I've reconnected with people and it's been great. 

5: More time to spend with my gran

My gran is very important to me and although we live in the same house, we don't sit down a lot together which is weird, but all the spare time and being in the house has meant we've been doing more together. We've had movie nights, pamper days, time in the garden together, she's been teaching me about gardening and sewing, it's been lovely. 

If anything, this lockdown has taught me that I need to spend more time with my gran, I want to cherish every moment with her because we really don't know how much time we have with our loved ones. I want to make sure that I have so many memories with my gran and little bear, that we make the most of our time. 

And that's my 5 silver linings, it's been nice to think about some of the more positive things in life, especially right now. 

And now it's time for me to tag 5 others to take part.

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  1. I love your silver linings, there are many positives to come out of this isnt there? Its all about what we choose to focus on really which at least is something we can control when so much else is out of our control.

  2. I love this tag! I've been trying to find silver linings too and similar to you, I've also taken the time to work on my blog and self-care and it has done wonders! xx

    - charlotte / charlottesspace.com

  3. Omg thank you so much for tagging me! Its gret when you can look for the good in a bad situation.


  4. This is a lovely post! Its so easy to look at the negative, so to think on the positives that have come out of lockdown is wonderful.

    Thank you so much for the tag too! :)

    Em x


  5. Hi Jordanne, I love this tag it makes one think of our own gratitude's during this lockdown. Fingers and toes cross we are coming out of it soon in the UK. I'm glad you are able to spend quality time with your son and Gran. Those are times that will be cherished forever. Hope you are all doing well : ) xo


  6. This tag is such a sweet and uplifting idea!! One of silver linings has been the time I've been able to spend with my family. Breakfast with them, dinner with them, being able to watch a movie on a weeknight, playing board games -- it's all been so lovely xx


  7. This is such a cute idea, I may have to borrow it! It's always better to look on the bright side during times when things feel so dark.
    I hope you and your family are doing okay!
    xo Bri