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Happy May everyone! I can't believe we are in the 5ty month of 2020 already, although it feels like we've been living this year for what feels like an eternity, I still cant get over the fact we are 5 months in! 

Last month I created a to do list that was short and sweet which focused on some tasks that would hopefully keep me busy during this lockdown and for the most part, it did. Unfortunately I got quite sick which took up almost two weeks of April which meant I only really had two weeks to get through my list, but I'm happy to report that I done well. 

This month I've curated a list that's centers around the same premise as last months, I want to keep myself busy whilst also ticking off some of those "chores" that I wouldn't necessarily have the time to do if we weren't in lock down. I've also made my list a little longer this time as well to see if I can manage to sick to everything and get it done, I guess I just don't want to be sitting around worrying whilst we are still in quarantine and I want to keep my mind busy, less time to think about things and get myself into a depression. 

• Gut the spare room - Last month I set myself the task of cleaning out the drawers in the spare room and since I managed to achieve that, I want to properly give the room a good clear out as there's lots of stuff piling up which is beginning to look really messy and that annoys me. So, this month I aim to have it cleared out and looking like a new room! 

• Write 5 blog posts - I have been doing quite well when it comes to writing blog posts which I'm very happy about, I've managed to keep to two posts a week through April and I have some content ready and scheduled for May already. So, I would like to keep this up and write at least 5 more blog posts so that I have content going out and my blog being updated regularly. 

• Update 10 blog posts - During April I managed to get on top of blog maintenance which was great, it feels good to finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my blog so I want to keep this up. My aim is to update at least 1p old blog posts by getting new photos for them, updating the writing and making sure the posts are SEO friendly. 

• Clear out little bears room - Little bear s room seems to be getting more and more cluttered by the day, I honestly have no idea where it's all coming from and why it's looking so messy! This is a big one on my list as I just want to get his room looking nice, I know it won't be kept spotless, he's a child, but if it's at least cleared out it won't look so bad. 

• Return blog comments - This was on my list last month and whilst I have managed to return a hell of a lot of comments, I'm still not 100% caught up. So, I am going to keep at this and make sure that this month I get on top of them. 

• Film a short film - My HND course comes to an end next month which is scaring the hell out of me and I would like to have at least one other short film made before it comes to an end. I've got a concept and script ready, a shot list started and it call all be done in my house, I really want to achieve this one and I think it's my number one task on my list. Fingers crossed I manage it! 

• Make a clear list of college work - I have been doing quite well when it comes to getting through college work and I only have a few things to get done, but I'm worried that I may have missed something or completely forgotten about work, So, I need to make a clear list of what I have done and what still needs to be done. 

• Take a batch of blog photos - I keep getting dangerously low of blog/Instagram photos and when I do manage to get some, they end up being used within a few day. This month I would like to have a couple of photo sessions in where I can take a big batch of photos that will last me a little longer. 

And that's my list for May. It feels like a lot, not going to lie, but I want to challenge myself and get onto of life so that I can finish up college knowing I done my best and also feel like I've accomplished something when it comes to my blog and the house. I really do home I manage to complete them all. 

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Now that I've spoken about this months list, let's take a look back at April's to do list.

• Get on top of blog maintenance - I managed to get on top of my blog maintenance which has been a big weight lifted if I'm honest! I got rid of broken links, updated image alt tags, updated some old blog posts, added in photos and deleted a bunch of old posts that I just wasn't happy with and couldn't salvage them by updating them, so I thought the best course of action was to just delete them. 

• Read more blogs and return comments - I've somewhat managed this, I have returned a hell of a lot of comments which I'm proud of because I was falling way behind with them, but I haven't managed to return all yet, I am however staying on this. 

• Have a fun easter week filled with activities - Easter was great, we done lots of activities, had a lot of fun and the highlight was definitely the easter egg hunt we had on easter Sunday. 

• Sort my college work - I've sort of accomplished this, I managed to get lots of new content written for my college blog - - I've came up with a short film idea that I can film in the house and I've made a plan to get on tip of some written work. 

• Clean out spare room drawers - I have been saying I'm going to get this done for what feels like forever and I finally managed it! Got rid of so much rubbish that I was holding onto for no good reason, feels nice knowing they are organised now.

• Create new sets of nails - I managed to get a few new sets created but I didn't do ones with different designs like I wanted to, I just never got in the creative mind set for it so hopefully I can make some this month, but at least I got some nails done. 

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  1. I'm not that organised yet to have a to-do list for May yet, hopefully I will get one :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  2. Well done on getting so much of your list clear! Staying busy and proactive is a great idea for keeping your mind busy and active. I am intrigued at your nail making, I'm terrible with mine so they are almost always bare and boring - what do you use to make nail sets?

    Good luck with your list for this month!

    Em x

  3. It's great that you got through most on your April list. I didn't think it was a thing to go through old blog post for maintenance, especially for broken links. Makes sense though and I totally agree the updating it for SEO. Looks like your doing well, good luck with the rest of your film course Jordanne : ) xo

  4. I love seeing the goals of other bloggers, as it always inspires me to be more productive! I really want to work on some of the older 6+ year old posts on my main blog as they've been neglected haha! Good luck with your to-do list lovely xo

    Makeup Muddle

  5. Hoping you would accomplish your to do list! <3 Good luck!

    Stay safe! :)