Gus & Bella Summer Themed June Box Unboxing

Photo of Teddy, a ginger and white cat on a white bedside table rubbing against the blue gus & bella box

It's no secret that I am absolutely OBSESSED with cats, I've always been a cat person and it's a running joke among my friends that when I'm an old lady, I'll probably have about 30, which is a dream to be honest! I would LOVE to own a farm where I could take in rescue/ stray cats. So, when Gus and Bella got in touch and asked if I wanted to feature their June box, I couldn't resist. 
Please note that this box was sent to me by Gus and Bella for me to feature but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I was lucky enough to receive their Mother's day themed box back in March which I reviewed on the blog, you can check that post out here - Gus & Bella Subscription box review + Unboxing - I absolutely adored that box, it was a great way for Ted and I to enjoy something together which is why I truly love what Gus & Bella offer, so when I was asked if I wanted to feature their June box, I was over the moon! I know I've spoken about who they are and what they offer in my last post, but I just want to touch upon that again for anyone who may have not read it. 

Gus & Bella is a cat and human subscription and one off gift box, the most exciting way to treat yourself and your cat each month to new toys, treats and cat products. Their brand is inspired by two London born cats, Gus and Bella who captured the hearts of their purrents, Charlie and Emily. As indoor cats, Charlie and Emily were looking for ways to entertain and care for them, to make sure they were both happy and healthy. With the desire to help other cat owners find new ways to treat their fur babies and themselves, the Gus & Bella box was born. 

Their boxes offer a shared experience for cats and their owners, with their monthly boxes and gift boxes filled with items both can enjoy. Each box has a theme and is designed to surprise and delight you as well as including guidance on how to entertain and care for your little fur baby. They have three different options of subscription boxes, a monthly box, a bi-monthly box or a one off gift box so you can control when and how you receive your box. Plus, every month there is a box with a golden ticket inside which will entitle the winner to the prize of the month, June's prize is a personalised cat toy crate, by Vintage Crates which is Ideal for storing your cat's favourite toys. 

Both boxes that I have received from Gus & Bella have been filled with items that both myself and Teddy love. Getting a box that I can enjoy with him brings us a little closer and it's a great way to bond with my little baba more. My cat means the world to me, he's been by my side since I was 10, so for 18 years he's been my companion and I really couldn't imagine life without him. Now that he's getting older and I really don't know how much longer I have left with him, I want to make the time count and spoil him as much as possible, Gus & Bella allows me to do that as well as treating myself. Personal I feel like you can tell how much love and passion goes into this brand as each theme is executed purrfectly and the items you receive can be used with cats of all ages.

June's box is Summer themed, and I have to say, I am totally here for it! With the way the world is right now, it's brought some sunshine into Ted and I's life with treats for both of us. I was already excited to see what goodies awaited us when the box arrived as I remember the feeling of excitement I felt opening the March box, this time I sat on the bed with Teddy and already he was eager to see what was inside, he was rubbing up against the box like mad!

Inside the box was 10 items, yes, 10! I was blown away by the amount that fitted into the box, I definitely was not expecting that amount, and everything is a full sized/standard sized product which makes this great bang for your buck.

For cats 

For Teddy there were 3 food items from Lily’s Kitchen and Webbox, straight off the bat the cat was in about them! Teddy is a greedy wee thing and if I let him, he would probably eat 24/7. I don't know how he can eat so much, and he never puts on weight, it's a mystery to me (he gets regular health check-ups, and all is good, he's very healthy for his age).

The Lilys kitchen catch of the day food was the first one Ted tried, within minutes he had eaten the full thing and didn't moan for food until lunch time which makes me so happy because I've been looking for a new food brand from him to try as the stuff he eats at the moment never seems to fill him up and he meows constantly for food. For his lunch he had the Webbox premium natural turkey in Jelly which again, he lapped up. Not only has the Gus & Bella box opened us up to some new treats, it's helped me find food that stops him moaning for more 5 minutes after he has been fed.

We also got the Webbox lick-e-licious salmon cat treats which has 4 sachets in the pack, we haven't tried these yet, but I plan on giving him one between lunch and dinner to see how he likes them. There was also a bowl from Beco pets included which is a great size and its premium bowl made from degradable bamboo which lasts years in the home before it naturally breaks down once disposed of.

As well as food and a bowl, Teddy also received a rather smart looking bowtie from Paws up bowtique which I think he looks very dapper in. And he received a feather cat teaser by Cat 'n' Caboodle which is a colourful carnival themed teaser which is a great little toy for stimulating play. Teddy doesn't play as much as he used to, but we have been making good use of the teaser, especially when he's on the floor and I'm dangling it from the bed, it's so nice seeing him play and enjoying himself.

For Humans

In this month box I received a lovely little tumblr which was exclusively designed by Gus & Bella for their summer edition box. It's a stylish unbreakable glass, making it purrfect for outdoor use. There was also a beautiful little cat pin badge from Punky Pins included, when I saw this item, I swear my eyes turned into hearts like the emoji because I LOVE pin badges, and this is a new one to my collection. Then there were some mouth watering Tropical mango sweets from Candy Kittens to feed my sweet tooth. It's also worth noting that Candy Kittens are donating 10p from every sale to HEROS, an appeal set up by the NHS staff to help the frontline healthcare heroes. 

Then there was the bonus item which was an organic vegan soap bar from Beauty Kitchen which smells amazing! I am very excited to use it. 

Everything about the June box had me excited, all the items are truly amazing and I will definitely be using the tumblr when I'm lazing about in the garden in the nice weather with a lovely Pina Colada. 

To see all of the products straight out of the box, you can check out my Unboxing video which features my little helper, Teddy bear. 

It's an overall rating of 10 out of 10 from Ted and I on June's box, we really have enjoyed all the items and I'm still blown away by how many products there were. 

If you want to try out Gus & Bella, you can use code: GLASGOWGIRL25 for 25% off of your first subscription box. 

Or if your would rather the gift box, you can use code: GLASGOWGIRL10 for 10% off. 

*Not Affiliated. 

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*I was kindly sent this box from Gus & Bella but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. Wow, loved the video and the items. I want to try subscription boxes once, it's so fun!

  2. These are SO CUTE! I wish there was a local dog box for my puppers 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

  3. Oh my GOD, the bow tie! We got Biggie a bow tie years ago, he only ever let me put it on him once. But it was just as adorable.

    Lis | last year's girl x

  4. This is such a cute box! I loved your unboxing video, and Ted looks very handsome with his little bow tie!

    Em xx

  5. I absolutely love this idea; especially because there are things for both you and your cat!! That bow tie is bloody adorable on Ted, I'd never be able to get Mr Bear to wear one lol :) xx

    Holly |

  6. Absolutely love this post. I’m cat obsessed, I have 4 and I’d have more! My dream is to open a cattery one day! I really want to try this subscription it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing! Also, where did you get your bedding from? I love it x