I understand that I will never understand, But I Stand / Resources and other Important Information

I understand that I will never understand, but I stand. 

As a white person I understand my privilege. I understand that because I am white, I don't have to worry about police killing or racially profiling me because of my skin colour. I understand that I won't ever understand just how you, as a black person, feels. 

My duty is to educate myself and those around me, to learn as much as I can so that I can stand with those who's voices need to be heard. I am here to be a shield, to use my privilege, to be an ally, to actively call out racism, to stand up every single day and call out injustice. There are so many injustices in this world, and I'm not prepared to be silent about that, if we are silent, how are we helping? If we are saying all lives matter, that means BLACK LIVES MATTER, we cannot deny that. 

When someone says "but all lives should matter, why isn't there a hashtag for that?" it means that they do not understand that unless BLACK LIVES MATTER, not all lives matter. Ask yourself, how am I helping? How am I using my time and voice? am I sitting around doing nothing? Use your time wisely, educate yourself, speak up, do what you have to! 

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" 
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is the day after Black out Tuesday and I have a question, what have you done since yesterday apart from post a black square on your feed? We cannot slow down or stop talking about the injustice that is happening, and we cannot simply jump on a bandwagon because that's what others are doing, you have to actively educate yourself and keep fighting, when all the media coverage is gone, when these stories aren't being blasted everywhere, we must still be actively calling out racism. This is not a one time thing, it has to be a 365 days a year thing. It's not a trend, it's not a fad. 

So, what have I done? 

I have been asked a few times over the past 24 hours "What are you doing except from posting a black square?", so here's what I've been doing lately.

Educating myself on Black history, I have read countless posts about slavery, Philadelphia, Rosa Parks and more. I've also been reading up more information on white privilege, listening to Black peoples stories and more. I'm learning how to use my privilege to amplify the voices who need to be heard. I have binge watched When They See Us on Netflix and cried the whole way through, I am now onto Time: the Kalief Browder Story. I have donated to the split donation between multiple bail funds, I streamed the views for a vision YouTube video 6 times. I have also downloaded some of the free PDF books (resource below) and I am borrowing Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race, by Reni Eddo- Lodge from a friend. I also shared a ton of resources on Instagram and Twitter plus I signed countless petitions. Today I am continuing to learn, to educate those around me, to sign petitions and share information which I will keep doing.

With today's blog post I wanted to take the time to share some of the amazing resources that I have seen on social media, to compile them into one place for reference. With everything I am sharing, I am embedding where I originally saw the post so that you can go and give the views/engagement to the people who deserve it. A lot of people have taken the time to compile these resources and I think it's important that we give them credit for the work they do. 

I have started out with a list of Black content creators that I personally follow so that you can check them out, follow them and support them. Please click through to peoples blogs and socials, interact with their content, share their content directly from them, sign petitions, donate, protest, do what you can.

Black content creators

AurΓ©lie - @aurelie_ariel

Tamarah - @myownsenseoffashion
Blog: Myownsenseoffashion.com

Blog: Solelyliving.com

YouTubeChristina dot Nicole

Blog: https://nicole-eva.com/

Website: Maurachanz.com


Tinuke - @Tinukebernard
Blog: Tinukebernard.com

Danni - @Amapoundcake
Website: Amapoundcake.com

Debbreyonna - @Thevirtualmomco
Blog: Thevirtualmomco.com

Fatima Dedrickson - Instagram.com/stylefitfatty

Johnaé Elease - Instagram.com/justjohnae

Deseray Hamilton - Instagram.com/tlchealingco

Template to use to tag and share your favourite Black content creators on Instagram. Lift them up, share their work, support and engage with them. 

Black Content Creators to follow Instagram story template by Ofaglasgowgirl

Black owned businesses 

There are many threads available out there that have so many lists of Black owned businesses that YOU can support. Instead of listing them all down here, I am going to be linking to the threads where they have been made accessible, to credit the people who have done the work 


More listed below in caption and comments. Some brilliant black-owned businesses mostly from the UK that you can buy/follow right now. Compiled with help from resources online @ukjamii @blackwomensdirectory @IamKristabel πŸ™ please add anymore suggestions #supportblackbusiness Cookbooks 1. Original Flava @originalflava 2. Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen by @ghanakitchen 3. Hibiscus by Lopè Ariyo @lopeariyo 4. Ethiopia by Yohanis Gebreyesus @chef_yohanis 5. Belly Full by Riaz Phillips @Belly.full ✨ Food & Drink 1. Chikas snacks @chikasfoods 2. Grazing Boxes @berryandbrie 3. Yard Confectionary @yardconfectionery 4. Cabby’s Rum @cabbysrum 5. Cham Cham hot pepper sauce @nimsdin 6. @patandpinkys 7. @theblackfarmer 8. @thegymkitchen ✨ Beauty & Haircare Brands 1. Liha Beauty: skin oils, shea butters @LihaBeauty 2. BeautyStack: discover and book treatments @beautystack 3. Bouclème: afro and curly hair products @boucleme 4. Afrocenchix: Hair products @afrocenchix 5. The Afro Hair and Skin Company: shampoo bars, hair masks, face masks @afrohairandskinco 6. @radswan (launching soon) ✨ Fashion & Accessory brands 1. Wales Bonner: menswear and womenswear @walesbonner 2. Casely-Hayford: suits @caselyhayfordlondon 3. Daughter of a Bohemian: upcycled pieces and workshops @daughterofabohemian 4. Daily Paper: menswear and womenswear @dailypaper 5. Aaks: basket bags @a.a.k.s 6. Martine Rose @martine_rose 7. Nubian Skin @nubianskin 8. Sincerely Nude @sincerelynude ✨ Home & Lifestyle 1. Prick: cacti and plantcare @prickldn 2. Bespoke Binny @bespokebinny 3. New Beacon Books : Specialists in African and Caribbean Literature @newbeaconbooks 4. Bonita Vie Stationary @bonitaivieprints 5. Reset Travel @Resettravel ✨ Publications / Platforms @galdemzine @theirinjournal @womenwho @forworkingladies @thy.self @blackgirlfest @azeemamag @modernlit @prim.black
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Black bombshell yogi - @blackbombshellyogi

Eyoko Hair - @Eyokohair

Lotus & Lilies@lotusandliliesltd

Bixie Pots - @Bixiepots

Tribal Unicorn@Tribalunicornuk

Afrocenchix @Afrocenchix

Sarah Norah Skin@Sarahnorahskin

Berry and Brie Grazing@Berryandbrie

Template to use to tag and share your favourite Black owned businesses on Instagram. Lift them up, share their work, support and engage with them. 

Black owned businesses to follow Instagram story template by Ofaglasgowgirl

What to read, watch and listen to

List of FREE books, Link: Google Document filled with Free books 

Book: Don't Touch My Hair - By Emma Dabiri
20 Podcasts that Confront Racism in America, Link: bellocollective.com/20podcasts

Black Gals Livin': Play.acast.com/s/black-gals-livin

About Race: Aboutracepodcast.com

Ariana - Anchor.fm/ariana-arroyo

The Black Princess Diaries:

The Echo Chamber: 


Whole Snacks Podcast:

The Black Ladder Podcast:


Catch My Black and Gay

Martin Luther King JR Quote

A square image with a pale orange background with grey writing that has a Martin Luther King Jr quote



When They See Us - Netflix
Dear White People - Netflix
13th - Netflix
Orange is the new black - NetflixI Am Not Your Negro - Amazon’s Prime Video
Time: The Kalief Browder Story - Netflix
Philadelphia - Buy from YouTube/Amazon Prime Video
10 Years a Slave - Netflix
Get Out - Buy from Amazon Prime Video/ YouTube
The Hate U Give - Buy from Amazon Prime / YouTube

The Help - Buy from Amazon Prime Movie

Other Resources

There is a Google Document which is filled with amazing resources, petitions, where to donate, educational materials and more which you should definitely check out - Resources Google Document



Zoe Amira - "This video project was created to offer people a way to donate and financially contribute to #blacklivesmatter without having any actual money or going out to protest themselves."

Stream this YouTube video

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