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Hello and welcome to my July advertisers post where I am featuring an array of awesome bloggers for you to check out. 

Please note that my Advertisers post is exactly what it says, advertising so these spots have been paid for. 

It's been a hot minute since I was doing advertising on my blog, in fact, it was June 2019 when I stopped due to lot's of personal circumstances but now that life is finally getting beck to "normal", you know, not busy 24/7 and no time for anything, it's finally time I opened up my advertising slots again. I initially opened up 4 spots to see how it would go and I was blown away by the demand there was so going into August I am going back to my 7 spaces, 3 moon, 3 Mermaid and 1 unicorn so if you fancy snapping up a space, check out my advertising page which has all the details - Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk/advertise

Anyway, now it's time to introduce my lovely July advertisers with you, 4 fabulous bloggers who each offer their own unique talents when it comes to blogging. Please take some time to get to know them, grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy some reading. 
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First up we have Em from Emsworldblog.com with me this month for advertising and I am so honoured to have Em with me. I would consider Em one of my friends at this point and I genuinely love reading her content because you can tell how much Em puts into her writing. One post that I would recommend from her blog is - No Flour Peanut Butter Cookies - because who doesn't love cookies? I enjoy making them with little bear and now I have a new recipe to try which is very handy since the shops seem to always be out of flour at the moment. 

A little about Emsworldblog:

"I'm Em, the mind behind all that is Em's World. That's exactly what this blog is about, a sneak peek into my little world, day to day life and interests. You’ll find a little of everything round here, from lifestyle to makeup, self-care to subscription boxes, from food to fitness and anything in-between that catches my interest."

Em's Links:

Insta: @Emsworldblog
Twitter: @Emsworldblog

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Next up we have Helen from Whathelenloves.com with me for advertising and I am so happy to see Helen with me again as Helen was a regular before when I was doing advertising and one of the last people to be featured, so it's lovely to have her with me once again with her new blog. I really enjoy Helen's content, learning to live a simpler and more intentional life and how to implement this. A post I really enjoyed from Helen recently is - 15 Super Simple Ways To Feel More Motivated - because I really need help in the motivation department because lately I just haven't been feeling it, regularly opting for watching a movie or series instead of tackling my to do list so it was great to read Helen's post and find new ways to try and get motivated.

A little about Whathelenloves:

"Hello there. My name is Helen, the person behind What Helen Loves. Thank you so much for stopping by! What Helen Loves is a wellbeing and lifestyle blog, all about inspiring you to live a more simple and intentional life and to live the life you love with less."

Helen's Links:

Twitter: @Whathelenloves
Instagram: @_whathelenloves
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Next up is Natasha from Agirlwithview.co.uk with me for July advertising and I am so honoured! It's been fun reading through Natasha's blog and getting totally hooked on her content, she has some fabulous posts on her blog which you should definitely binge on after this post. A post I really enjoyed from Natasha lately is - http://www.agirlwithview.co.uk/2020/06/6-simple-ways-to-transform-your-morning.html - because I really need to shake up my morning routine a little, it's been the same for so long and it's time to do things a little differently and I am thinking of adding in music because I always feel amazing after listening to good tunes, hopefully this will make my morning routine a bit more fun. If you are looking for ways to shake up your morning routine, check out Natasha's post. 

A Little about Agirlwithaview:

"This is my little piece of the internet where I talk about all kinds of things from books, travel, lifestyle, music, beauty and student life. I hope you find something that takes your fancy! I'm currently an English student at university with a love for all things literature, lifestyle and travel so you'll find a good mix of all those topics somewhere on this blog!"

Natasha's Links:

Blog: Agirlwithview.co.uk
Instagram: @Tash__evans
Twitter: @Tash__evans

Blog header for ongheu

Last but by no means least is Alice from Ongheu.blogspot.com who I have interacted with a lot on Instagram where I enjoy seeing the different comic style drawing that feature cats! yes, CATS! I adore cats, that's no surprise and I enjoy consuming all types of cat content. I love that Alice's content is different, it's not like anything I have came across before and I really do enjoy seeing her Instagram posts. Although her content is primarily in Italian, you can use the translator on google which will translate the whole site and allow you to enjoy her content, but, there is also Bilingual content from Alice and I have been told there is lots more coming in July which is perfect for you to indulge in! One of Alice's bilingual posts I really enjoyed was - Special Agent Nyx on the trail of a plot - The mysteries of the Vatican - which features a fabulous little comic strip of Special Agent Nyx at the Vatican. 

A Little about Ongheu:

In this blog you will find, Comic strips about our cat-life, some of them organised in Comic strip series. History, philosophy and books Parodies, Pictures and photo galleries of my Noble Cats. Fan arts and drawings

Alice's Links:

Twitter - @Ongheu
Instagram - @ilregnodellongheu

Thank you so much to my July Advertisers, it's a pleasure to feature you all and I am excited to keep up with your content. Each one brings something different to the table which makes this a great all round selection of bloggers who you can enjoy content from no matter what you are looking for. 

If you want to take out an advertising package for August then please check out my Advertisers page then get in touch as I already have quite a bit of interest already. 

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  1. So lovely you are doing these again! I will have to check out the other lovely bloggers and show them some love x

    Helen / https://www.whathelenloves.com