July To Do

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Can you believe that we are halfway through 2020 already? In some respect I feel like we should still be in February, but I also feel like we should be waving bye bye to 2020 already because it’s been a year.

Although we are still in lock-down, even if it is easing up a little which I personally worry about and I'm convinced we will see a second wave sooner rather than later, my gran keeps saying "I feel it in my waters, a second wave is coming soon, I am still trying to find some sort of routine as well as a "new normal" because life is changing. I tried to stick to a to do list last month, but I just didn't stick to it. 

June was a hard month mental health wise, the 1-year anniversary of being in hospital and going through my surgeries hit and from then, I was a mess. My emotions were all over the place, I was constantly feeling like I was in a spiral, I didn't want to engage in conversations, I pulled away from everything and pushed people away and it honestly felt like I was in a different realm. But thankfully I got out of it, well, sort of, because I'm still finding it hard to engage in conversations or stay on top of social interactions such as messages, texts and DMs because I'm feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully this month can be different though, hopefully I can regain some sort of control.

And with that, I've put together a list of things to do in July to help me get some sort of routine back.

• Read two books - In June I read four books, yep, 4! I was very surprised because I have always put off reading, saying I don't have the time or energy, but reality was, I just wasn't feeling it because I could have made time for it. But thankfully I am reading again, and I am very happy about this, Queenie was the book that kick started my passion for it again, there is actually a review on the blog if you fancy a little look into what the story is about. So, this month I want to read a further two, if I can read more then even better but I find when I don't put a big number for these things, I do better. Also, if you fancy connecting on Goodreads, you can find me here - Goodreads.com/ofaglasgowgirl
• Get on top of my blog - My blog has SUFFERED, like, really suffered and I'm so annoyed with myself because I love my blog a lot and I want to get on top of it as I am hoping to make a part time job out of it right now, especially since life is the way it is for the foreseeable future. This month I want to write more, engage more, reply to comments, return comments, pick back up with SEO and updating old posts.

• Use my journal more - I've slipped when it comes to using my journal, when it was being used frequently I was able to get my thoughts and feeling out, write more poetry and take a step back from my life and evaluate where I'm at. But, the last couple of months I haven't been using it and I miss it, so the plan is to get back to using it.

• Become a Brunette - I have had black hair exclusively for at least 6 years, although throughout my life I've had black hair a lot paired with bright colours and doing quite bold things with it. I have a whole post coming on my hair journey on why I wanted to be Brunette so I won't explain too much, but basically I just wanted away from the black hair, although I LOVED it, it's just time for a change to compliment the change I am going through.

• Apply for more jobs - I feel like I've applied for so many jobs lately, granted there isn't much out there right now and if there is, they are getting thousands of applicants, but I need to keep trying. I am so worried because I have a little one, we have to survive and I'm terrified of universal credits, especially after reading all the horror stories on how unreliable it is. So, it's a lot of job hunting on the cards.

• Start decorating the hall - Our hall is so boring, it's been the same for years, about 8 or 9 and I'm sick of it if I'm honest. So, I've convinced my gran that it's time to decorate it and give it some life. We have ordered all of the materials and now they are here! I can't wait to get started on it.

And that's my July to do list, fingers crossed that I manage to get through it all and stick to them this month. 

Close up photo of a 2020 diary and a white tea cup on top on a white side table with a pink lamp and faux pink orchid in the background blurred.

Now it's time to take a look back at my June to do list and see what I did, if anything, manage to complete.

• Deep clean my room - Nope... wish I never even put this on my list because looking at it just made me even more annoyed that I didn't manage to get it done. I cleaned my room, lots of times, but didn't manage a deep clean.

• Get on top of blog work  - Yeah, that didn't happen. June was a strange month as I said, I just wasn't feeling right, I felt sad constantly, I didn't feel motivated and everything in my life suffered because of that.

• Submit the last of my college work - I got my college work completed and submitted. It felt strange... it's the last of college for me and my HND year definitely didn't go as planned. I felt robbed of the experience but I still got it done and I'm eagerly awaiting my results.

• Make sure I keep in touch with friends - I was so so with this one, because of how I was feeling throughout June, I was pulling away, shutting myself off and avoiding conversations. I wish I never, I wish things were different but we all go through ups and downs.

• Work on my business plan - I worked on my business plan a little, but as I said, June just wasn't the month for getting anything down. I've also had an extreme case of imposter syndrome. 

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  1. Hope that you get all your goals achieved in the next month :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  2. Added you on GoodReads :-) I also have to touch up my hair, I've had a split dye for about a year but it was time for a change so I died it back close to my natural color (brown) but now with all the swimming I've been doing it's washing out!

    Rachel || http://anotherstationanothermile.com

  3. It's horrible when you feel you can't interact isn't it. Anxiety gets me like that. I've been loving reading during lockdown. I've followed you on Goodreads :) I really need to set monthly goals like this. It makes you much more accountable, doesn't it x

    Helen | www.whathelenloves.com