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I am so excited to tell you all about RHA Audio today as they are a local computer which I really enjoy. I've had headphones from them previously which I will talk about in this post along with their TrueConnect wireless headphones. Just like the last pair I received from them, their TrueConnect ones are fabulous. 
Please note that both sets of headphones were sent to me by RHA but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I would not recommend a product that I don't wholeheartedly believe in.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to collaborating with RHA on a Fathers Day gift for my Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018. The product I featured was their their MA650 wireless headphones and I fell in love, they are perfect for anyone on the go as they are sweat proof & Water proof, power all day with 12 hours playback and come with a three year warranty among other cool features. I have used the MA650 headphones a lot, when I was going to the gym, out for walks, in college or just simply lazing around the house and I have LOVED them, I was using them right up until I received my new TrueConnect headphones. Unfortunately RHA don't have the MA650 headphones anymore on their site but they have an upgraded pair, the MA650i which are available for iPhone/iPad/iPod with a lightening connection. 

Anyway, onto the TrueConnect headphones I received. When I got the opportunity to try out the RHA TrueConnect wireless in ear headphones I was super excited! My previous pair are loved and I have kept them in great connection so they work just like they did on day one but I have always wanted a pair of wireless in ear headphones.

TrueConnect Features: 

The TrueConnect headphones haveFast-charging: 50% battery in just 15 minutes, have 25 hours combined battery; 5 hours from a single charge. They are Sweat-proof and weather resistant to an IPX5 standard, Have Bluetooth 5 with stem design for optimum call quality and come in a Durable aluminium charging case, I LOVE the charging case. The TrueConnect headphones also features intuitive device, voice assistant and call controls which make these perfect for those of us who are always on the go. They also have noise isolating, memory foam ear tips providing a secure fit. There is no need to worry about their in ear headphones falling out as they come with an array of silicone ear tips in the box so you can get the right size for your ears and I've never had to constantly put them back in which I've found has been a problem with other brand's I've tried, so you can rest easy that they won't be falling out all the time and running the risk of breaking.

Now onto my thoughts on the TrueConnect Headphones. I was really surprised how small the package was, a little box held everything that came with the earphones but I was very happy about it because it means no waste, not using more space than is necessary but still having a beautiful presented product. Inside the box you get the TrueConnect earphones, charging case, USB-A to USB-C charging cable, stainless steel ear tip holder, True Wireless silicone ear tips in sizes 2x small, 2x medium and 2x large plus Comply™ foam TrueGrip plus ear Tips - 1x small, 1x medium and 1x large. 

As you can see, the box packs everything that you will need to customise your TrueConnect wireless headphones to fit your ear perfectly and keep them safe plus charged. I love the look of the headphones, they are discreet, have a stylish design and have lot's of great features. The signature design maximises signal strength between your headphones and phone while the Bluetooth 5 connection allows full device and digital assistant control. At the touch of a button you have phone calls, music playback and connected smart functions available or you could use spoken command because they have mic and digital assistant controls. The TrueConnect headphones are Sweatproof and weather resistant which I mentioned in the features section, the are rated to an IPX5 standard which make them ideal for any active lifestyle, you can be rest assured that these headphones will keep pace for your whole activity and journey. 

The TrueConnect headphones also come in three different colours, black, white and blue so you can choose a design that fits with your life and your personality. I really like the white design I have, if you haven't been able to tell by now if you read my blog often or follow me on socials, I enjoy clean and simple designs and white plays a big role in my colour scheme. The headphones fit perfectly in my ear and I was able to choose the silicone ear buds that fit so that I don't have to worry about them falling out. I've had a play about with the headphones and I can connect them to my phone, iPad, laptop and iMac which make these a great all-rounder for me as I am usually switching between them a few times during the day. I actually used them whilst editing on premier pro and found that the were great quality for picking up on the little sounds that I needed to hear, they work fantastically. 

RHA aren't only an audio company that I enjoy products wise, they are also a local business which were established in Glasgow in 2011, so they have a special place in my heart as a local business and I think it's important to support local. They have shown me a few times now that you can get amazing quality products for a good price and from a local business, meaning you are supporting the community. 

All in all, I adore my RHA headphones, they are everything I need from headphone technology and I feel secure knowing that they are going to work when I need them.

For 50% off, yes, 50%!!! At rha-audio.com use code: LIFEOF50 at checkout. You could get the TrueConnect headphones for just £74.97!! or their MA650i which are made for iPhone/iPad/iPod with lightning connection for just £29.97! OR... get their MA390 Universal for just, wait for it...... £9.97. Use code: LIFEOF50 At checkout to grab yourself a banging bargain. Valid until 8th July 😊 

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*I was kindly sent the TrueConnect headphones from RHA but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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  1. These look fab! Ever since I've started my couch to 5k I've been really frustrated with my headphones. The wire just gets in the way and I have to hold it while I run which is kind of annoying, so I've been dabbling with the idea of wireless. These look perfect! Especially given the multiple buds to make sure you get the perfect fit as I have tiny ears!

    Thanks for a great review, and a fab discount code!

    Em xx